Because nowadays all we have is AIDS, crack and techno.

A horrible horrible hardcore/metalcore webzine.

It's almost 2020 and you still use Twitter and listen to hardcore LOL

Casey Jones - I Hope We're Not The Last

Yes, we fucking get it. You're still straight edge, four albums and ten years later. I'll drink to that. Cheers assholes. Mind if I lace your vitamin water with some LSD? Maybe it will open your eyes beyond all this stubbornness and cynicism that you uphold as values to your life. Will you kick my ass still? Because we all know it's unacceptable to meddle with chemicals and prescriptions but absolutely a-okay to crack someone's skull open with a baseball bat. Let's party sober and be awkward fucks around the room with no idea how to mingle with anyone whatsoever because you're nowhere on the same level. Anyways... last time I opposed to all alcohol, drugs and prescriptions, I was a Scientologist. That was until Xenu raped my bum-bum with an asteroid (and now since I always got something up my ass, I'm officially a hardline hXc kid). 

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