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Waking Judea - The Desolate

Oh, the good ol' days when metalcore didn't sound so fucking contrived, generic, and fucking watered down from each other. Where have you gone. Introducing Waking Judea, a band from that very era. But I guess I'm only saying that because they never released a sophomore album. But imagine if they did, they would be Through The Eyes Of The Dead II and that would fucking suck so much ass. This is what all metalcore and death metalcore bands should do: compose one EP that's relatively decent and then follow it up with an LP that is nothing short of epic. Go tour around the world and gather some attention, sell some merch and CD's. Once the tour's done, announce you are back in studio to write the second album but break the fuck up midway (and even secretly release some snippets of your newer studio songs and claim it was an accident). That way, your first album will forever be commemorated as the best piece of work your band holds as legacy (before your "unfortunate breakup"). See, disbandment is good at this stage. Because if you proceed to write a second album, it will suck and sound like the first one if not worse. Even if it's good, barely anyone would care to listen and your past fans will tell you it sucks and rather prefer the first one. That's how a band dies out. If Emmure broke up after their first LP and never got back together again, that first album would have been forever remembered as legendary. But they kept on releasing all these horrible albums that sounded like the cornerstone of 21st century nu-metal and no wonder why they're getting such bad publicity. Take notes you idiots: the gimmick nowadays is to release an album or two, tour around the world, then be ordered to "break up" by your music label. Then get back together ten years later and release a new album so that your old school fans may rejoice. Hell, it would even help your merch sales ten years down the road. But if you insist on staying together for years on end, fans will get bored of your new releases and not listen. Stage a break up already you fucking idiots, it's no doubt the marketing gimmick of the new era aside from posting nudes on

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