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Since The Flood - Valor and Vengeance

Since the flood of hurricane Katrina about a decade ago, I love how negroids, hispanics and other subhuman species tried to use it as an excuse for what they constitute as "state racism" as if they haven't been forewarned early enough to vacate the entire urban shithole they're in. But what's also curiously hilarious is the fact that other races, that are NON-BLACK AND HISPANIC received the broadcast weeks before the incident and vacated the whole barren wasteland before rush hour at five. So what is it? Oh you know, black panther conspiracy theorists and liberal bleeding hearts would accuse the Bush administration for allegations of "conspiracy" for not letting the unfortunate ethnics of people know before the weather conditions forecasted. Yet at the same time when reliefs were SENT by government agencies during the disaster you have these jungle primitives shooting at helicopters and sabotaging their support arteries whenever relief workers did come. Obviously the whole thing was an outcome of institutional racism and nothing to do with their civilization, right? Valor and vengeance my asshole, ladies and gentlemen.


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