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Being As An Ocean - Dear G-d

Of course white privilege doesn't exist, says the Jewish controlled media and every other race benefiting off the triumph of what the Europeans have built in their nationstates through the past 400 years. But when you step foot into very international eastern Asian countries you'll see a lot of white people here who actually have no intention of going back. The reason with that is because they feel so disenfranchised and undervalued in their own home countries that they really don't see a fucking future for themselves living there. With the homegrown terrorism in the UK everywhere you go in Beijing is practically another British guy teaching English and living there permanently because even despite of the authoritarian government and lack of language and cultural understanding their quality of life is still better than back in the west where the cesspool of multiculturalism has become a crisis (that nobody wants to talk about). They feel taken advantage of and victimized. Apartheid may have never been established in South Africa with the best intentions, but after crime going rampant post 1994, the world has never witnessed a white flight as fucking desperate as flies in an oven. Media refuses to address the fact that some civilizations and ethnicities are inherently incompatible with one another. And whites are always being blamed for fleeing due to ignorance. Well congrats. People wonder why brain drain happens to countries. Thank your Marxist policy makers for making your civilizations so incompatible with those who previously built it. Keep burning the bridges behind you and see where society goes in the not so distant future. Angela Merkel ain't the only white nigga doin' that.

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