Because nowadays all we have is AIDS, crack and techno.

A horrible horrible hardcore/metalcore webzine.

It's almost 2020 and you still use Twitter and listen to hardcore LOL

Ringworm - Hammer of the Witch

Oh shit look what time it is. Time to retire you fucking fat imbeciles. I mean, I'm no clock maker or watchman. But I look up the constellation of time like the Mayan barbarians do on some nights and go "damn, people who are still aspiring to be rock stars past the age of 40 should really give it up before their alcoholism gets to the best of 'em anyways." I don't care if you think you're some sort of goddamn classic legendary act of some niche scene with a fan base of 1000 nationwide. You will never make ends meet. And those nineties riff sound obsolete and terrible.

Quote me like the moron I am you fucking idiots! Oh shit I better watch out for crews everywhere I go now hehe

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