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As Hope Dies - Birthplace And Burial Site

This was by far the best As Hope Dies release ever and it just happens to be their very first EP. Not that their sophomore completely sucked but this was better. Note to At The Gates rip-off's: break up after you release an EP. While it was acceptable what they did back in 2001, it definitely doesn't fly in this day and age. Check the calendar you fucking retards. Nobody wants another depressing Gothenburg metalcore project. I'm a church goer on Sundays and you're offending me with your depressive and sadistic outlook in life. And that pagan/viking culture metalheads apparently have a pretentious fascination in? Yeah, it fucking sucks. Go play with your figurines of dungeons and dragons in your basement all day. It's funny because they mock everything that questions masculinity but yet their stupid war figures resemble the plastic barbie-and-her-friends dolls my ten year old sister plays with all the time. And even then, her play sets are more creative than their collections... and their riffs, solos, albums, music, everything put together. Faggots.

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  1. IF Hope Dies from Syracuse, NY blew this band out of the water. We were signed to the same label as them(yes, the same shit label that dickface Trevor from Unearth operates; Ironclad/Metal Blade). He was the WORST label owner/operator I've ever worked with or even HEARD of. His idea of "good promotion" was a two by two inch ad in Decibel for ONE ISSUE. Wow...thanks for the great help and for the most idiotic/irresponsible/could give two shits about his bands tour manager possible. If you're in a band and you ever even hear the name THUNDERDOME is some free advice. DECLINE, DECLINE, DECLINE. Don't even let someone try to make you consider it. He made the mistake of booking the "Axis of Eden" tour for TODAY IS THE DAY and now I'm pretty sure Steve Austin wants to kill "Thunder Dan" and for good reason. He did jack shit for his promotion just like he did jack shit for every one he booked for us. Oh and one last thing, Today Is The Day is incredible and Steve Austin is one of the last guys I'd EVER fuck with. That dude could probably give a whole SWAT team a run for their money if necessary with the arsenal and ammunition he has in his home.