Eighteen Visions – Yesterday Is Time Killed

Image These stupid Orange County faggots went to hair school and ended up pioneering a decade of movement emasculating men at hardcore and metalcore shows by making them use hairspray and grow out their bangs so they look indistinguishable to their female counterparts at local concerts and shows. LOL. Seriously, this band was at the forefront of pioneering the whole fashioncore nonsense where men wore their sisters' pants to shows while attempted to flail and spinkick with constricted-blood-access to their scrotum (due to their attires being too tight for their physical frames). As emasculated and fucking gay as that was, compared to this day and age (or nineties before their time), the point is at least they made a distinctive fashion statement.   It's one thing to all collectively look like metrosexual faggots, because that was the staple of their generation (which I found gay as h


Image They say jazz is the freest form of insanity. How do you disagree with that? Well, it's important to note that one can only agree with such statement when discussing insanity in the form of art. Insanity, when young productive white Italian members of society gets hit with it, expresses it in forms of brilliant art & music such as freejazz-infused-metal, which subsequently becomes culture in and of itself. However, when filthy ass negroids gets hit with it, expresses it in forms of egregious crimes that manifest in murders and robberies. For the most part anyways, because statistics are based in counted numbers, and mathematics doesn't lie. However as society becomes more modernized, mental distress and insanity becomes somewhat inevitable. It's only a matter of time when third law of thermodynamics warn the universe is undergoing the inevitable change from order of entropy (


Image Don't you love that nowadays with the advent of artificial intelligence that one no longer has to do his own homework when writing essays and articles? A computer website and API simply does it for you. Today I fuck around with Chat APT: Do Haitian people eat each other's shit for nutrition? This is a completely false and offensive stereotype about the people of Haiti. This rumor has been circulating for a long time and it is completely unfounded. It is not only deeply disrespectful to the people of Haiti, but it is also a form of racist and dehumanizing. It is important to remember that every society has its own unique culture, customs, and ways of life, and it is not fair to stereotype or make assumptions about any group of people based on misinformation or prejudice. It is important to avoid spreading false or offensive stereotypes and to instead strive to understand and respect the diversity of c

Expire - Pendulum Swings

Image I am in love with that sexually perverted rapist accuser Zack Dear. I never really had an affair with that pedophile but I read on the internet that he sexually molested me while I was unconscious during a time when I was fourteen. I don't remember most of when I was fourteen. So I presume it must be that time I was at the dentist and they had to knock me out through anaesthetia. I remember somethign to the effect that my doctor prodded my mouth with some heavy-duty objects when I was almost completely anesthized. (The fact that I also fucked the dentist willingl, after the surgical operation as he bent me over like a fucking donut, was completely irrelevant as well, simply because my parents endorsed my sexual desires going through puberty being the fucking whore I was, insofar as they didn't have to pay for my treatment afterwards.)  I was xSarahxSkankx, straight edge for a good we


Image  The fact that this dumb gooky Japanese band organized and went through a tour in USA during the 'post-pandemic' era of early 2022 became a very interesting case study as to the ultimate decline of the American empire (and subsequently western empire in the coming decades). Before we delve into everything let's review a bit of history: Japan, after losing WWII after getting the shit nuked out of their sorry anuses, decided to westernize. In doing so they adopted the very-western American governance system economic model (what we know as capitalism for short simplicity). Over just the next three to five decades, Japan became what they call an 'East Asian superpower dragon'. (Quite a night-and-day-contrast from half a century before the second war, when it was still internationally acceptable and even encouraged to for the world to detest the living shit out of relentless Japan


Image Man it's nice to finally be out of jail and not be some fat negroid nicknamed Buba's bitch-made servant on a day-to-day basis. When in jail I miss updating this blog. The last day before I left, I shouted out his government name in the range because I was the only person that he confided in, being his cellmate for many months on end. That look on his face was like 'bitch next time you step in Michigan I'ma give you that one FSU treatment real Nasty .' But look. My drug addiction to opiods and crack cocaine simply gets to the best of me sometimes. I try not to relapse and get back into the prison system, but in 2022 when I attempted committing suicide in parent's basement, I was revived through naloxone by my own pathetic mother. I confessed to her I was attempting to kill myself and she called the cops on me to press charges for attempted manslaughter (...on myself) . Not sure who's stupi


Image The dumbass vocalist from one of the whitest part of PA literally thinks he's a fucking gangsta ass hood nigga. Maybe it's 'cause he was unable to lose weight in high school which made him unable to get dates from the hot blonde hicks he's always been rejected left/right/center from. But then again maybe it's not that. What it is actually is that given the ever-prevalent competitive ways American hardcore indoctrinates kids to be 'different from their herd', the whitest honkey ass hicks from areas that hold utmost white conservative values feel the need to differ from the commonly shared values of their peers whom exist in their confined surroundings. The tragic irony which they may not realize, being the frogs in the wells that they are, is that the next 2-3 decades will mark the prelogue to the gradual extinction of their already-endangered race. And instead of simply