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Benumb & Pig Destroyer [Split]


Nobody has ever understood why there was a time and age when this shit was actually considered good. It sounds like some fucking stupid ass kid having a seizure on his pots and pans in which his parents assembled on a stage for an elementary school showcase featuring proud autistic kids. Yes while I am glad you managed to pay $59.99 for this album in vinyl, it fucking sucks. I can scratch your vinyl to a completely fucking damaged beyond repair condition and you still won't notice any difference to this record because it's originally just noise anyways. Generally speaking if you are going to release a CD, you know it has the capacity for 79 minutes right? So why is it that both of your bullshit music lasts no more than ten minutes? What a waste of CD, productions, and ultimately the environment and my sanity. So fuck off and stop headbanging with no rhythm because no, you don't look evil or metal. Instead you look like an absolutely fucking atrocious idiot.

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