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Caligari - Self Titled

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This band's like at least one or two decades old. Whether they're still alive or not is subject to debate but definitely not a subject of my care. Nonetheless I have decided to resort to Russian hosting services because everybody does it better in Russia. Even though there's some waiting time and a shit load of banners, I can ensure that my cloud file sharing library won't be eradicated anytime soon like it suddenly happened with Mediafire. Fucking losers. See, in Soviet Union, illegal file sharing sites sue YOU for your copyrights. Which is funny because in a way, they beg you to upload the mainstream copyrighted shit in order to help them generate more revenue. But that definitely doesn't apply to this piece of shit and defunct metalcore band. What a pity. You can also find this album on Grooveshark, but nobody knows what the fuck that is anyways. Which is quite amazing because it's a wonder how Grooveshark stood strong while Megaupload's fat asses got put in jail. This is some serious District of Columbian conspiracy.

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