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Change of Loyalty - Two Steps To Her Bed

This band's catchy as fuck but you can tell they are extremely foreign. Looks like in Soviet Russia, band instruments play YOU. You can hear the thick accent that comes out of this band's sixteen to eighteen year old teenagers when they attempt to scream in English. What an utter fail. Not only they cannot speak properly, I don't understand what the fuck "Change of Loyalty" means but it's obvious English is their second language. Furthermore, the EP's titled is called "two steps to her bed"... Now excuse me for being completely oblivious but is that some sort of corny hardcore kid's meme to having promiscuous sex with a girl? Because if I was a girl and some retarded Russian scene kid tries to two-step towards me while taking off his pants, I'd grab a pair of nutcrackers and cut his fucking dick off. Don't windmill in my face when you're having an orgasm, buster. Look at the album design though, it's pretty cool. It looks like an episode of Spongebob Squarepants gone horribly wrong. No doubt it's an invitation for parents to bring their fourteen year old kids to local hardcore shows and watch their proud angels pick up pennies to this band. Go figure.

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