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Recon - Welcome To Viper City

Breakdown after breakdown after breakdown after breakdown. What a great fucking album. Too bad the one time that I accidentally left the first track playing on repeat I never noticed a single difference from all the other times when the album streamed through. Kinda makes you wonder why they sat in that gay studio for so long. Probably group masturbation because that's the only kind of shit available to do for fun in Reno, Nevada. "Thirteen" isn't a bad song because the drop in the intro's so fucking heavy it killed three senior members of my family and now Recon is banned everywhere in the retirement home. Didn't they also have to cancel some tours because the drummer apparently keeps on ending up in jail? Rumour has it that it's because of weapon charges or something. Well, that's fucking great pal. Good that you guys don't tamper with drugs but you fuck around with guns. Pure brodown, BRO. Burn my penis to the ground.

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