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7 Angels 7 Plagues - Jhazmyne´s Lullaby

There are many early twenty-first century bands that I believe were the full-frontiers and pioneers of influencing many years of metalcore after them. It was no doubt that this 2001 release by 7 Angels 7 Plagues from Wisconsin was one of them. Everything about this record was phenomenal in every way possible. It was as heavy as it was melodic. This is another band that had affiliations with Misery Signals, Dead to Fall, Racetraitor, Martyr AD and Fall Out Boy those fucking faggots. Yet at the same time it seemed like they disbanded as fast as they were being signed to a major label and rising to the top. I guess they all went to play in Misery Signals and went famous in that direction or something. A worthwhile trade I suppose, but MS can never carry the legacy of 7A7P. Just look at this band's fucking name, you pussies. Holy fucking bad ass. It's like my childhood on nostalgic replay, all over again baby. If they ever played a "reunion show" even as a stunt I bet all the older kids would go completely apeshit. But that seems rather unlikely, so someone buy me a fucking time machine.

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