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Across Five Aprils - Life Underwater


Across Five Aprils is fucking dope. It's one of those post hardcore bands whose sing-alongs I never minded. Contrary to many others, I like bands with names of references to months because it emits an allegorical image of how visually beautiful certain seasons are, and how easily overlooked some of the fine little things in life can be. I do understand how tiresome the names have become a cliche over the past decade, like August Burns Red, Winter Solstice, My Autumn, etc etc the list goes on. But the feeling of going to a show during the summer as the sun sets is close to me touching myself in recluse at a public park. Which is exactly what I do... from spring into the summer all across five Aprils. I don't get this album title though. Life Underwater ... what do they think we are? Fucking mermaids? Those would be sexy if I could fornicate them. Anyways, I wonder where they've been. I assume broken up or some shit. Oh well, for every legendary hardcore band that disassembles, rest assured ten other generic deathcore bands will take over. What a profound generation we are in.

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