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The Carrier - Blind To What Is Right

The Carrier honestly kicks so much fucking ass it's not funny. Coming straight out of North Shore, Boston, these guys play some furious straight up melodic hardcore. Last time they toured with Comeback Kid, I recall the whole venue being a complete shitshow. With that being said, it's a pity that this band's on a 'final tour' prior to breaking up. It seems like all half decent bands are doing it these days just to deliberately let down their fans after working for years to establish the fan base itself. And they all attribute it to stupid reasons that could be easily overcome by getting a label that has its shit together. All the bullshit you read about their vans breaking down, merch debts, tour money issues, simply requires the resolution skills of a superior management company. So with that being said, it's reasonable to accuse Deathwish Inc of not doing fucking shit for them thus provoking these avoidable outcomes. Get yourself a better record company and save up some money, idiots. Real hardcore kids have day jobs too you know. You can't do this AS a living but you CAN do this FOR a living. Learn the difference and walk in between the fine lines. I hope to expect another album for this band despite of their announced break-up. Don't fucking let me down.

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