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Coalesce - Ox

I know they taught you in high school to never judge a book by its cover. But that's what my fucking website's all about and if you keep coming back then i must be doing at least something right. With that being said, this album art is as fucking ugly as sin. So it speaks a great volume about the music on the CD. Although i failed every grade in high school, it wasn't difficult for me to pick up a protractor and pin it to the middle of the paper before going apeshit with drawing circles. This is essentially what this band did with their album design. That's amazing you fucking handicaps. They must have taught y'all well in special ed. It's funny because if you read the poster, you can tell there's a six day delay between the album's release nationally and internationally. It must be 'cause it took extra time for the customs at the shipping and receiving borders to stare into the mesmerizing symbol as they try to de-encrypt the Mayan-like symbol for any potential Illuminati significance which may threaten national security. Awesome coalesce, I never knew you guys were terrorists. I'm reporting your shit band to united nations for an Interpol investigation.

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