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Crowpath - Old Cuts And Blunt Knives

Crowpath - Old Cuts And Blunt
Crowpath - Old Cuts And Blunt
Crowpath - Old Cuts And Blunt

Just about thirty minutes of pure Swedish metallic hardcore / metallic metalcore insanity. Some Eurotrash faggots are certainly capable of outdoing Americans, shamelessly. It's about time something came out of Sweden that isn't annoying nerdy faggotry like Dark Tranquillity or Arch Enemy, or At The Gay's (which supposedly help mould American metalcore, who the fuck knows). Regardless that whole Gothenburg bullshit is annoying as fuck and needs to die like all metalheads especially in Europe. I love collecting these old digital records that barely anyone has ever heard of. Europe needs to murder those fucking church-burning idiots associated with crap acts like Burzum, Satyricon, and Impaled Nazarene bullshit that has given metal a horrible name throughout the past decades. But then again why is it any of my fucking business whether metal receives a positive rep or not... I fucking hate metal. I mean this shit is okay because it ain't the typical power-metal scaled riffs Children of Boredom would play, but to base your musical career around promoting some sort of dark anti-Christ and Pagan gimmickry is nothing short of pathetic. And if your life is so sorrowful and depressed, you fucking metalheads should just kill yourselves by tying a noose with your eighteen inch hair and somehow manage to asphyxiate to death by hanging. But knowing how pathetic most of you are, you'll fail at the attempt. Looks like you guys can't do anything right. Have fun living a vain and meaningless life you pitiful laughingstocks. 

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