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Defeater - Lost Ground

Defeater - Lost
Defeater - Lost
Defeater - Lost

Defeater requires no introductions. They are a hardcore outfit from Boston that writes deep concept albums of tragic subjects which the world would otherwise not give a fuck about whatsoever. This concept album is obviously about some war veteran who got drafted into a shit war for which he came out the only survivor in his wholeinfantry. As he returns back to this shitstain of a nation and labelled as an admirable hero, he sinks into depression, desolation and ultimately hopelessness. Well at least you didn't get post traumatic stress disorder you ungrateful retard. There are many of us who cannot drive on a narrow county road and not flip our vehicles upon the sight of a trash can. Instead of always wanting the urge of thrills and excitement of being shipped back to Afghanistan, why don't you goto your local bars and pick fights with your bouncers, you fucking pussy? Put some of that rabid energy into positive use, like stabbing a stool leg through the waitress's eyes for refusing service after you drank too many rounds of their whiskey. You goddamn alcoholic, go mosh in AA meetings.

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