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Hundredth - When Will We Surrender

hundreth - when will we
hundreth - when will we
hundreth - when will we

This band fucking sucks because the vocalist has a despicable neck tattoo. Goddamn it looks absolutely horrid. Whoever designed and tattooed his neck must have been responsible for their merch as well. If your band sounds relatively decent but have shitty fucking tattoos and merch, then you're automatically a shit band. I once paid $20 to see them play only to be disappointed by their performance because of that grotesque piece of art on the guy's neck. Is it some sort of parasitic birth defect or did his birth marks just spread all over his body like some weird form of cancer? Either way, I feel bad for him. Maybe these physical ailments are what's producing the symptoms of him screaming in blood mudkips. Either way, I will be sure to donate to charity today for the abnormal medical condition I've once witnessed on his unfortunate self.

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