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It Dies Today - Forever Scorned

So I was posting albums today and in complete oblivion that it was valentines day. That was until I logged onto Facebook, and realized what bitter fucks all the lonely souls are because they bitch about what they don't have on this specific corporate hallmark trademarked day. Meh, i can say I'm probably a forever alone kind of guy as well (no shit, I mean have you fucking read anything else I've ever written anywhere?) But rather being disgruntled about it and feeling sorry for yourself, I can honestly say I don't care. Some days when i listen to this album I do feel like I miss the old days when getting girls were so fucking easy because everyone were underaged bitties and you didn't even have to try to have them ending up in your bed. But you obviously took it for granted because you were too young to cherish the advantages you had with your looks and youthful vitality. That shit doesn't last forever you fucking stupid young brats. Embrace it and learn to treat women right unlike what your webmaster here has done all his stupid faggot life. Once you're past a certain age, even something as simple as making friends seem like an uphill climb. With all this bullshit being said, I'd like to dedicate this album to valentines day. I don't think it's depressing or morbid at all. I had some damn good times back in those days, the days when a relationships would mean impending cheating opportunities, and breakups would just mean "okay, next in rotation!" and if you don't have much luck with woman, just remember what this album teaches you... That dead girls never say no and necrophilia will always work out in the end. Fuck yeah, so hot i think i'll just masturbate my way all through valentines day. What a miserable fat fool I am.

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