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Means - Sending You Strength

I really need to learn how to stop relying on Mediafire. I was a loyal client of theirs since 2007 until I realized my gigabytes of storage that has served over thousands and thousands of music enthusiasts got erased overnight. I don't recall ever making any DMCA infringements either, because most of the albums I had were rarities of the old school hardcore and metalcore scene that no other blogs have shared. Pitiful that it's all gone, because some of those records are probably gone forever in the virtual internet community, considering barely anyone holds the antique physical recording themselves. Being once a paid customer, I thought Mediafire would make a reliable backup drive but obviously, as any cloud storage services, they were scared off by the arrest of that morbidly obese Kim Dotcom asshole. Which I suspect their arrest is obviously a conspiracy because less than a month ago, Megaupload did announce the upcoming release of an innovative program that will render the current mega billion record companies complete obsolete. Obviously the State's Columbian tied corporations did not like what they heard and felt threatened enough to arrest Dotcom under frivolous grounds of "copyright infringement" which is something every other cloud sharing website is doing nowadays anyways. So really I don't know which party's a bigger asshole in the end. But I do applaud Kim Dotcom for being a big asshole, he would do some sick mosh at shows in Australia. I wonder if Deez Nuts have ever seen him breaking faces. Regardless Kim Dotcom, I dedicate this album to you. I'm sending you strength on behalf of the hardcore scene. If it weren't for your service prior to its shut down, I wouldn't have leeched over 100,000 albums free of charge.

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