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It's almost 2020 and you still use Twitter and listen to hardcore LOL

Structures - All of the Above EP

Structures - All of the Above -
Structures - All of the Above -
Structures - All of the Above -

It's hilarious how I can make a blog ripping on all these terrible bands and then post a link to Structures like it's endorsed on my blog. Well guess what you dumbass ex-scene kids, I don't endorse music I post on here. If anything, my judgement contradicts what is considered good taste. So if you faggots want what's widely accepted by the common consensus out there, then you wouldn't be coming to my website and reading my verbal diarrhea. Although there is something completely undeniably hypocritical with some of you straight up hardcore kids: can any of you stuck-up assholes honestly deny ever liking metalcore at a certain stage in your life? Are you faggots honestly lookin' me straight in the eyes and tellin' me that you never started off this music journey by going to either a Devil Wears Prada or Holly Springs Disaster show? Have you never been to an Emmure show and observed the other kids picking up the pennies and windmilling counter clockwise? I ain't saying all of you got into your Negative Approach and Harm's Way through that path, but I can say probably for 80% of you, that if it weren't for the trendy metalcore outfits touring your town via Warped Tour or Sounds of  the Underground, you wouldn't have ever been the person you are today. So stop denying the fact that you once enjoyed generic pentatonic scaled riffs and chugga chugga breakdowns, and stop thinking you're so much better than the newer generation of fashioncore kids. You aren't better than them, you're simply just over that phase in your life. And just because you shaved your head doesn't mean they cannot do it and look exactly like you too. Just give 'em another year. You'll notice, trust me.

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