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It's almost 2020 and you still use Twitter and listen to hardcore LOL

xRepresentx - Dead City Hardcore


This is some ridiculous militant straight edge band from reno, nevada. Maybe not as militant as their allies xBarcadiax but still cynical as fuck. Most angry straight edge bands would deny that they're militant but then one glimpse into their lyrics, myspace, and their bullshit preaching at shows would suggest you the complete contrary. Dead city hardcore? Yeah, no shit, but that's not because everyone who you're surrounded with are getting drunk at bars and casinos where they snort lines of coke on top of the toilet cover, you retards. It's because you're from the desert of absolute fucking nowhere that is reno, nevada. What the fuck is there to do anyways? Hunting for cactus in a goddamn desert? It's funny because when there's absolutely nothing to do in a suburban whitelandia town, kids feel the need to prove/”represent” something in order to validate their identity/existence. Especially in this day and age where violence and glory is depicted as admirable through mainstream outlets. So i hear horror stories about how these kids beat norcal kids with brass knuckles and baseball bats over something as ridiculous as how other parties mosh. Give me a fucking break. I know this isn't directly connected to straight edge, and that's fine. But i'm just saying why don't all you stupid spoiled brats go back to your old privileged suburban ways and play video games in your single family four bedroom mansions. And chill the fuck out and get stoned and hit up some lsd and experience the perks of the sixties peace movement. Because least heroin addicted hippies weren't beating each other to death with crowbars (even over drugs)! And it's so awesome to claim edge when you're having rabid promiscuous sex with minors everywhere broski's, as long as you're off the intoxicants i swear, ian mckay agrees that it's completely fine. It's only a decade until you down every single cent of your last saving drinking your forties away with a divorced wife and no legal custody to your drug-addicted daughter who is probably a billion times cooler than you.

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