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Zann - Three Years In The Desert

Three years in the desert from a German hardcore band? Yeah fucking right, maybe a desert full of snow with the climate up there you goddamn Aryan fucks. That's quite the tour there given that your band sucked ass and the only audience that would entertain your stage presence and noise are a bunch of sharp cactus. But I don't think there are any deserts up there at all? Correct me if I'm wrong but it's cold as fuck up there and I think we're closer to the Siberian wilderness than anything close to a desert. I could be wrong though, after all I am simply a fat and ignorant American with no geographical knowledge whatsoever. Last time I pointed my own country out on a map was entirely by accident when playing darts blindfolded at a fat ass birthday party full of cakes and fast food. Fight me faggots. I'll squash any of you. Unless you're a cactus of course. Imagine we can make a mosh warrior out of a cactus. I'm shitting my pants right now holy fuck.

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