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Weekend Nachos - Bleed (EP)

Weekend nachos must taste like absolute fucking shit if it's as dirty, rough and sludgy as this fucking band. But I guess I'm not really complaining in this sense. While they make nasty ass nachos, they don't sound so bad when these adjectives are used to describe their music. It just baffles me how far along Boston MA has come when it comes to genres encompassed in the 'hardcore scene'. Shit like this played by hardcore kids were simply unimaginable before 2008. I guess kids got sick of their open chord progressions and breakdown beats that they went ahead to take over other communities in their neighbouring sludge and power-violence circles. Realistically, this music really isn't anything new. It's just new to what traditional hardcore had been throughout the past two decades. And isn't this band edge or something? I love how these stupid ass kids always name their straight-edge band with a really trivial name to demonstrate that they enjoy the small trivial minutiae pleasures in life, and don't need drugs and alcohol to stimulate their appreciations in living. See the only irony with this is that the rest of the world, who doesn't understand straight edge culture, fails to catch on to your message. So fuck off you pretentious twats.

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