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So I got fired from my work today by a text message at 7:00 AM when my faggot boss wrote to me "You don't need to come into work today. I'll prepare your final cheque by next week". Thanks, asshole. Scared to say it to my face that it has to be executed over text messaging. What a real pro. Oh, reason? Because I threatened to fight him and rocked his shit last night. I'm sorry broski but last month of working in your nasty ass disorganized piece of shit firm was totally unbearable. I was followed around and micro-managed by a bald headed chink who can barely speak English, the easiest language to ever master (because understandably westerners / white people are also idiots in primitive standards). I'm sorry Mr. Duong you see, I am a man of high moral integrity and very well disciplined. I do as I am told, and follow orders from superiors without questions or second guesses. I complete tasks on time and always abide by deadlines. However with that being said, if you are going to micromanage me and follow me around all day like a fucking twat while yelling at me in broken English, please expect me to fry your fucking rice and piss on your great wall of China. Funny how he was so pissed off that his face turned red and picked up a whole box of papers before slamming it to the ground. Yeah you go twinkle, show that fucking pile of paper who's the boss. The same person that runs this stupid ass company that produce printing media of the kind of quality to wipe my diarrhea with. Thanks you cockmongering piece of shit.

P.S. Your office smells like ESL.

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