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It's almost 2020 and you still use Twitter and listen to hardcore LOL


Most international travelers and expats are always breaking boundaries of what’s around them. Ascertaining wisdom and experience for never-ending self-growth. Always curious and thirsty for new knowledge. That person is certainly not me. I’m still addicted to squat toilet humour fod God’s sakes. And I mean, the only thing I fricking learned from this trip thus far is um maybe the world is actually flat? I dunno. Galileo was the biggest fraud in the academic history of the past millennium and Christopher Columbus is a shady cartographer. Both of them are probably members of the the Illuminati secret society along with modern reptile shapeshifters like JFK, George W Bush Jr and Obama. They’re all a part of an overarching, holistically encompassing international conspiracy to eradicate national sovereignty for a New World Order that’s working with international banking elites to turn your dollars into a global cryptocurrency that you can only use to buy propane, genetically modified food, and kit-kats. The lunar landing was staged because there’s no moon it’s only a lamp controlled by HAARP in Alaska. There’s no civilization in Hawaii just a secret alien colony. Gravity is a fucking lie because the force is actually really weak (thanks Higgs Boson for ruining the universe for us). Tupac ain’t dead because I saw a black person in Taiwan. I don’t know what I’m teaching my children here, but I’m glad they don’t speak my language. Not that I speak my own language either because what the fuck did i just say? Yolo. The government here must think I’m legally retarded thus not a threat to homeland security.

This post doesn’t even make any sense.

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