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Animosity - Animal

Animosity? More like ANIMALSHITTY. Hahahahaa. There, just had to throw that one in there for you clever old time folks. There's nothing phenomenal about this album on top of the shitty title name either... except I think you gotta be a bunch of real animals to beat up those straight edge douchebag xAFBx from Reno. Doesn't that Reno crew think they run the whole dirty west? That's quite a heavy claim from a buncha goofs who grew up in sand castles in the desert alongside few casinos and lots of cactus. That whole Reno/NorCal beef was as ridiculous as it could be in retrospect, and I think there are other ways to relieve all that pent up testosterone such as hunting animals in the dry summer heaps. Animosity has always been interesting though, in that they tried to do the whole wigger slam style with technical death metal (which was a direction the band ended up going in as opposed to the beatdown prototype they initially started off with). But of course that whole tech shit lost its relevance in the next decade starting 2010 thanks to stupid shit like Animal As Leaders and the newer generation of BTBAM oversaturing the scene. How crew are you tough guys now? Go play me a sweep while beating up straight edgers again, dumbasses.

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  1. This album is amazing, and an incredible swan song from the epic Animosity. This reviewer sounds like a pissed off, delusional teenager. Album still rips over 14 years later, and is harder and more creative than a lot of shit released in the last decade. Don't take the chode reviewers words to heart, because you'll miss out on one of the best metal albums ever put out.