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It's almost 2020 and you still use Twitter and listen to hardcore LOL

Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold

Remember that one controversy throughout this terribly cliche hardcore band's tough guy career when their fucking faggot lead singer (who goes by the laughably macho name of JUSTICE) sucker punched their European fan and broke his jaw, when the poor unsuspecting guy was piling up and stealing the microphone to sing? And Justice justified his action by saying "I AM NOT A SUPERMAN, OK?" ... umm, okay you holy fucking pathetic retard. Takes a real rock star and justice fighter to punch out their fan, you fucking dumbass. I'm sorry not every Eurofag is ghetto enough to pretend to grow up in Baltimore and pretend to be crack baby conceived by a mother with addiction issues, you stupid faggot. Except you only wish you were so you can justify your pretentious music videos as well. Truth is all you fucking retarded tough guy musicians are from the suburbs miles away from the actual inner city itself, and you flaunt that city jersey as if you're some real shit. So ultimately the real pussies ya'll end up picking on are the faggot European sissies who don't have an ounce of manlihood in their scrotum. The same retards who let in millions after millions of sand nigger migrants from the middle east and pretend like they're able to co-exist with that atrocity altogether because everybody is too pussy to do anything about it. Leave it to a fucking retard named Justice to let you all know he's not a superhero after breaking a poor kid's jaw. Of course you ain't a superhero, Justice. Those are benevolent and like to improve on people's lives by doing what's right, and don't need the ego of a frontman for a shitcore band to compensate for the lack in life. It's funny because he can obviously only pull this sort of shtick on stage because it's the only bubble where these sheltered twats to go buck wild without fearing repercussions. But if you put them anywhere else in society or real life where a challenge is presented (i.e. being confronted by ugly hormonal migrants who are trying to grope their women), their masculinity is nowhere in sight.

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