Because nowadays all we have is AIDS, crack and techno.

A horrible horrible hardcore/metalcore webzine.

It's almost 2020 and you still use Twitter and listen to hardcore LOL

Crowd Deterrent - Show of Supreme Force 2009 - 2012

I am sick of reading others rant and rave about how stupid they are on the internet, so I'll post a magnificent praise of the highly respectable individuals involved in this project.

When I was young and eating Kellog's rice krispies growing up, my mother warned me about growing up not manly enough to join in an awesome face-tattooed gang that did little with their lives other than having face tattoos and operating white trash suburban bars and clerked gas stations where no vehicles frequented for hours on end. I was sick of getting my ass kicked by Hell's Angels and Bandito's for owing pot money while growing up that I had to join a band that covered early Hatebreed and Slayer and played breakdowns to protect myself. I figured there was really no point getting a college diploma when I can be a lifelong bar back for a crew-affiliated diner. Therefore I was honorably an SOSF member, and stayed a loyal member for three years. Had everything to prove it, from a neck tattoo to even branded shoelaces. I had no desire to leave until the AIDS and HIV started setting in. They told me the exit rites of passage was a satanic ritual in a basement where naked hate mosh involved double whammy sandwich squeezes and pile-driving body slamming combinations. As my asshole stretched loser over the years, out came the dildo's I've crammed within my rectal tube for years that I've been smuggling made-in-mexico merchandises for the bands at shows. The fact that we saw some FSU members stealing our merch and using these sexual contraptions on their own crew (without our involvement) is what made shit turn sour. That's why we had that serious feud that ended up getting all those fuck-boys jailed in northern Ohio. Fuck Death Before Dishonor. There are already talks about conjugal visits with those prison boys where we're gonna officially establish truce and party. Meanwhile in suburban America we're gonna continuously pound back those burgers at our associated bars to Showoff Our Supreme Fat. Come get some of this, masculine dudes! Free face-tattoo for every pledge.

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