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It's almost 2020 and you still use Twitter and listen to hardcore LOL


The best rhetoric to use when debating a pussy ass liberal politically correct social justice warrior is to ultimately use their own arguments against them. They stress equality and diversity to accept people of all colour, culture and sexuality, but yet at the same time they cannot explain how to reconcile the fact that a Muslim majority cannot accept the open gay community. Oh, it's inhumane to shut the borders to a bunch of mudslimes who have no respect for our society and wants to exploit it and kill everyone within for the establishment of Sharia Law? Okay then let's let them in. Oh it's wrong to hate gays? Okay then, live and let live. But none of these shortwired imbeciles who preach for this sort of human rights could explain why a gunman would shoot up a gay club because he cannot co-exist in a society with homosexuals. You fucking faggots wanna rally on open acceptance for immigration and refugees? Wait until they start affecting your quality of life and have you realize what a paradoxical awkward situation you're put in when the people you campaign to let in will not tolerate your own very ways of living. This is only the beginning, you stupid minions. Can't wait till the west crumbles because a bunch of bleeding hearts are thinking with their heart and hormones and not their fucking heads.

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