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More Than Life - Love Let Me Go

France is officially in a state of emergency after a truck drove into Bastille Day festival eight months after the Paris attack. Of course, they're only in a state of emergency NOW as opposed to eight months ago. Of course Obama still refuses to speculate what may be the cause (as press is probably gonna spin it off as radical far-right groups). Of course it's the fault of western imperialism as per usual. Of course opening up the borders more is the only answer as those all TERRORISTS can only be tamed by unconditional love into countries with values that they grew up loathing. Of course ten lives in a developed nation isn't worth a single sand nigger out in the desert who had his house torn apart when the States were trying to disarm Saddam (who was actually brutalizing his own people worse than any intervention in history). Ask yourself, you fucking leftists, liberals, and white apologists. How much more of this can we take as a western alliance? How many more innocents will die before we finally flight back to what was a declaration of war scores ago? How many more white apologist articles need to be written convincing us that this is all well deserved? How many more times are we going to tell them that it's okay, and we're all gonna bend over like little bitches?

Ask yourself that before you goto sleep tonight under the security of your own roof and assume you'll always have the luxury of your cities uninvaded by those who despise you. Keep having venomous snakes inside of your house under the pretense that not all of them are bad and never get bitten. 

Exit the fucking union you fucking worthless pussies.

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