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It's almost 2020 and you still use Twitter and listen to hardcore LOL

Plus Minus - Progression Through Ignorance

So I heard baton rouge is definitely the place to be right now. Three more cops gunned down and many more wounded. And then you have that faggot nigger Boosie opening up his mouth speaking about human rights. What the fuck does an ape like this care about humanitarian dignity? Look at these ape monkeys chasing after crack and women like monkeys do with banana's. The only solution to this serious race issue in america, is that if the blacks want their own state to govern after themselves, then they can move over to that state and have full autonomy over it. Call it a confederation or whatever, but move all the goddamn niggaz over to their own place, and watch it "succeed" & "prosper" like south Africa and Zimbabwe did after the apartheid. But they'll never make it on their own. It will be a fucking slum. But of course nobody has the balls to and their own white leftist traitors will seethe and lose brain cells over what is common sense as usual. 
Congratulations America. You've officially become a third world nation by giving these abhorrent parasites a chance to "integrate and acclimate" into your system. I hope all the policymakers sleep well with this at night.

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