Because nowadays all we have is AIDS, crack and techno.

A horrible horrible hardcore/metalcore webzine.

It's almost 2020 and you still use Twitter and listen to hardcore LOL


When America celebrates its individual and libertarian values they probably never envisioned a society in such chaos. A whole cesspool of disenfranchised young people that's been product of being 'unique' 'different' and 'whoever the fuck you want to be'. They never thought that this sort of attitude would displace people rather than bind them. When modernity takes its toll on people it breeds insanity and mental illness. Then the pharmaceutical companies step in and try to relieve the same sort of problem that corporate entities and mainstream media is causing in the first place. Now we have younger generations of hypermodernized maniacs who are impulsively obsessed with vanity and immediate gratifications over life-long planning and spiritual well being. Then you wonder why kids are more disenfranchised and ostracized than ever in this day and age. Now give them the easy accessibility to firearms they go boom boom bang bang. Another school bites the dust. Another dozens of families ravaged and torn. Another society plunders within. Another empire inevitably falls. Do people still ask why? Take a good look at your failing selves and fucking thank your failures within.

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