Because nowadays all we have is AIDS, crack and techno.

A horrible horrible hardcore/metalcore webzine.

It's almost 2020 and you still use Twitter and listen to hardcore LOL

Steel Nation - Forever Wounded

Forever wounded? Dawhhh you poor little fucking babies! Would you like a pacifier to suck on? Bet you $1000 bucks you are probably an active part of the #MeToo movement too aren't you guys? Speaking of which, the #MeToo movement is without doubt the singlehandedly most toxic social movement any self-victimizing politically correct leftist feminist twats can ever indulge themselves in. It's how they revert the blame to "patriarchal structure" because their whole entire lives they've been nothing but a bunch of skankwhore sluts who regrettably threw themselves at anything that was male testosterone driven. After chugging metric tons of collective semen from men who want nothing to do with their perversion they avert the blame from themselves and scapegoat the concept of men to make them feel better that their college liberal arts degree got them nowhere in a STEM and tech-driven society in our modern day and age. If women ran the earth we'd still be looking for the right way to friction tree barks to start a fire. Women are nothing but liabilities and plague on this earth whom without men they still wouldn't have survived defending themselves against a deer during days of hunting and gathering. You give them a single ounce of power in the (failed) practicing concept of "egalitarianism" and they want to bewitch you for everything you've done for them. Next time a stupid cuntwad posts a tweet about how they've been sexually victimized by an athletic jock whom left their worthless cum-storage physical body in a backalley because they all threw themselves at the same person in a club please kindly remind them that they ought to be gratefully thanking that cool dude for allowing them to live after-the-fact anyways. If it was up to worthless femmes to advance the world we woulda probably never been procreated beyond Adam and Eve seeing that bitches are too dumb to advance agriculture by mastering the science of planting seeds and feeding a village of growing population. Hungry you dumb cunts? Yeah, #metoo. Go cry wolf and bitch about how every men who has ever existed for the purpose of advancing human civilization was out to 'rape' you. Fuck off you valueless dumb subhuman cum-dumpsters.

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