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American Standards - The Death of Rhythm and Blues

Here's some standards pertaining to American Standards for ya'll to ponder and think about. 

How do you improve the socio-economic conditions and lives of a "minority" group in a nationstate as a whole? Hmm, I think our previous scholars have definitely figured this one out, and it's quite simple. Systematically tell them in school that all their failures, shortcomings, and under-achievements are not any direct faults of their own, but rather it's because of the caste system in which their great-grandparents and beyond were subjected to hundreds of years ago. And that the only reason why they cannot get jobs and be well-adjusted and integrated human beings in the healthy fabric of society is because they're subject to racism, no matter how covert or blatantly obvious, regardless of true or false. Indoctrinate them with a sense that another group or party is guilty for their blatant incompetence and laziness, and that the only reason why they dropped out of school is because the dominant and successful group who worked hard enough for their success are pinning them down. So that as an ethnic and racial group of people, they can always scapegoat a faultless group of people for their own genetic and biological failures to assimilate into successful societies. Encourage them to drop out of schools at an early age, and their young men to leave their girlfriends pregnant with children that they won't attend to, so that children are born out of wedlocks and become society taxpayer's burdens. Those who manage to stay a few more years in school, make sure you ingrain them with a sense of entitlement that because their stupid fucking neanderthal ancestors were wronged in the past, that it's socially justifiable to tread on the people who basically feed them like animals (as they're incapable of feeding and taking care of themselves). Have the media blatantly ignore and cover up black on white violence which happens once every few minutes on a daily basis in the western world, while blatantly exaggerate the tiniest bit of white on black wrong-doings so they become national cahoots. Have the media act exceptionally sensitive to black plights and paint rosey pictures about their trials and tribulations as if it was the intended consequences of white oppressors. With a system like this built in place, obviously black people are going places in life. Obviously they're going to topple glass ceilings one day and overcome this supposed racial barrier, which for now we won't argue whether it's biological or socially programmed.

How the fuck are these people EVER going to go anywhere if all society ever does is just coddle them and tell them that whites are the fault for all their competence and shortcomings? How are they ever gonna lift a finger and better their own sake if society continues to pour this welfare pity-blanket over them?

Why do we reward failures? Why does society go the extra mile for vulnerable groups if all they ever do is just bite the hands that feed?

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