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Reign Supreme - Sky Burial

Remember when Bernie Sanders tried to run his campaign a few years ago by saying America should be a socialist country like the utopia that was Venezuela? I wonder if that idiot has gotten a fucking stroke and died after learning the collapse of the oil-rich socialist country and the dire crisis that it's in. I love how young naive generation-Z idiots all fan-girl over everything this seventy-something communist fucking jew says because he idealizes a communist utopia that has singlehandedly failed the USSR, North Korea, Cuba, and every other state that has ever had a communist government. Socialist governing leaders are all power-hungry and manipulative pieces of shits that want to turn a prosperous place into a complete bankrupt disaster while pocketing the most out of everyone's money with the faulty lies of "redistributing to the poor". The only one caking the most of the net is themselves. That's why socialist governments want a huge state bureaucracy so that way they can control as many common people as they can. Yet everywhere in our university campuses we honestly have idiots preaching his manifesto on the hinge of political correctness not knowing how his country could be transforming into the next Kim dynasty of North Korea had his preferential candidate ever been elected. Look at this socialism-gone-amuck that has destroyed fucking Europe. Get lost. 

Plus doesn't it fucking piss you off every time this seventy-something year old retarded Jew opens up his aged & saggy fucking mouth? How long can you live to fulfill your four (or god-forbid, eight) years of service if your blood vessels look like they're gonna pop in your neck every time you passionately enunciate a word from your Cretaceous pre-evolutionary looking jaws? What does that say for someone who promises to serve the people of USA especially if he cannot even take care of his own health? Would you wanna be elected just to Expire a short time after you fucking idiot? Yeah, waste a shit load of taxpayers' money and die the next week so we have a re-election? Get sodomized by Fidel Castro your fucking political love-affair mate after sharing a coffin with him you fucking senile garbage try-hard.

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