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Hamartia - To Play The Part

When the Sri Lankan bombing happened just yesterday during the Easter time of Asia, it was laughably painful to watch mainstream coverage news outlets cower and duck the issue of blatant radical Islam. "Oh, CNN is confused, because admittingly, this is a blatant attack towards Christians... but we don't know why radical Islamists (sorry, as we term FREEDOM FIGHTERS here in our press) would attack here, so we are looking for reasons to say it's not them..." These fucking mainstream cowards always try their best to detract you from the blatant fact that these attacks are repeatedly orchastrated by Muslims running amuck when they practice their 'religion of peace'. Now the streets of Sri Lanka will forever be flooded with bloods of not just their stupid fucking people, but also tourists, many of them European and American. Why in the flying fuck would anyone ever wanna visit there is absolutely beyond me. But a tragedy occurs, time and time again, and mainstream media tries to conceal and undermine the fact that they are blatant practices of Muslim terrorism. So they make excuses and say that it's an isolated incident, again, every month of the year when it happens elsewhere, while the readers are silenced and morally shamed in not saying anything under the pretense that Muslims are still the victims and a tribe of 'misunderstood and oppressed people'. The nation of Islam is probably rolling in their desert caves and dying of laughter at the world's idiocy because we enable this to happen.

Then I love it when these social justice morons on Facebook starts sharing the war-stricken streets of Palestine and go "well why aren't anyone praying for these neanderthal children?" I have a great explanation for you morons. Because the world doesn't give a shit about anarchic, pre-evolved subhuman apes who cannot be civilized for a day in a year to not bomb the shit out of each other in over-stretched territories plagued with civil strife. They've been doing the same shit to each other since thousands of years ago BC. There's no indication these ape monkeys will ever acclimate to our level of civilization, where disputes are mediated through civil tribunals. Their culture is simply not afraid of death. Then we have idiot politicians who are puppets for global elites (Angela Merkel) with shit for brains who manually open up their borders to invite these primal beasts into our civilized countries so they can all rape and copulate with our women against consent. So the same shit can happen over and over again with concert massacres and truck rages like it did in France. And so German women can get raped over and over again in Cologne. How much more can they take of airstrikes is exactly how much more we can take of their primordial beastlihood. 

Finally I love it when people ask "why are billionaires and those with power/influence pumping in a shit ton more money into the reconstruction of Notre Dame than money into say, Flint Michigan or Syria?" Well, morons, because based on the aforementioned paragraphs above, people tend to want to put money into things that resonate with civilization and culture. Because those things, believe it or not, take cooperation and real work and philanthropy to do. Not just factions of people forming stupid militias killing each other since the beginning of time over sand, cacti, and hideous ragheaded bitches.

Religion of Peace my left fucking nut.

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