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It's already 2022 and you still use Twitter and mosh retardedly to hardcore LOL


When liberal big tech and legacy media attempts to censor anything remotely credible and instead censors it from common knowledge (because we know if we let information roam free then Democrats would inevitably lose support), this site comes to the rescue. Petyon Greydon was portrayed as a lunatic. But if he was a lunatic then his manifesto would be allowed to be shared and ridiculed. This simply wasn't the case. It's deleted everywhere all over the internet in the fear that truth will one day roam free and influence the judgement of sensible men in the west. Peyton Greydon set the landmark and example as to what a level-headed white person would do in this turmultuous time within USA. And he is the unfortunate sacrifice and the canary in the coalmine. His efforts and achievements will always be undermined by big tech and mainstream media censorship, insofar as his manifesto and video is not viewable across the net like it should be. Penty Greydon's amazingly rational manifesto written prior to the shooting of Buffalo video game spree is a hallmark of the issues that America faces right now. Niggers, and all their animalistically abhorrent ways of behaving in the western world, are destroying our civilization as a whole. Democrats, in collaboration with big tech is trying all that they can to prevent this truth from coming out. And in doing so, they stopped the spread of his highly sensible and impressively rational book of over hundred pages. Which is an atrocity in and of itself. Then they went ahead and banned his video? Video of Peyton Greydon's massacre should be made into a Hollywood short. Whoever the fuck had the privielge to view it somewhere on the web. It's a pity not all the black on white crime and blacks looting once-prestigious major cities of California get as much backlash as a lone white soldier fighting the good forgotten fight. It isn't about glamourizing or glorifying a disturbed shooter's deeds whethere there are indeed any merit to it or not. In essence nobody is asking you to go out and replicate what the fuck this holy goddamn moron has done. But being able to access literature and videos is actually about our fight against big brother's motherfucking censorship. And preserving our right and freedom to access information. Anytime legacy media prevents you from watching something just know that they are funded by the Zionist ideological machine that is failing the world on an astronomical level. CAn't wait for China to come down and crush this nation ran on neanderthal conglomerates. Time to celebrate your impending doom you fucking asswipes. Nuclear strikes are a question of when and not if, the same way death is imminent.


Sometimes when I am in a first world country like Canada or the States I realize that I exist amongst barbarians and neanderthals. And in order to demonstrate such, I strip free of my moral sanctimonious self and begin shitting in front of Hyatt hotels and pissing in public into bottles and whipping it at old nigger grandmothers before raping them. I realize that because I'm white, I end up on news for doing shit like this because when niggers do it, news refuse to capture them. Why? Because it's the same phenomenon as whether news wants to cover a story of "Dog biting man" vs "Man biting dog". When niggers loot because it's within their innate nature, everybody turns a blind eye and stays the fuck away from it with a ten foot flagpole in the fear of pissing off the dog that is biting the man in this context (that is also more common than the next example). But when I did what I did and got apprehended and went to jail for nine months, the news decided to have a field day over it because it's exactly the same as man biting dog. This phenomenon explains why most black on white crimes go unreported. And why white-on-black crime are exacerbated by media for clickbait and public attention. (And not even white, for example, take that Treyvon Martin case for example, a criminal nigger hoodlum who robbed and raped in his priors before deliberately stealing a grape drink from an honest storeowner's small business. Thank god he was shot and killed by a hispanic. For all the right reasons.) Anyone who thinks America is going the right direction under Biden's direction is currently in an overdosing dream state on the streets of Baltimore while injecting fentanyl in the act of 'chasing the dragon'. Great direction, USA. A failing fucking superpower because none of our presidents have ever decided to go after what really matters - multiculturalism and immigration - but rather go after gun control and strip guns away from law abiding citizens. I am sure after WWII when WHITE America prospered off its arms-producing military industrial complex, there were ten mass shootings a week across the nation, despite of how many guns were being produced. There weren't. Because I am gonna spell it out for you fucking retards

America doesn't have a GUN problem.

America doesn't have a PRISON problem.

America doesn't have a WEALTH INEQUALTIY problem.

America has a NIGGER problem.

HEAVY CHAINS - DEMO EP (the band that beat the SHIT out of Tom Anderson from Crosscheck)

The best thing a bunch of fucking old fat biking hicks could have done, playing in a punk-hc band that was going nowhere, was simply beat a privilaged suburban new-age hXc kid talking huge magnitudes of shit on Twitter and other forms of social media in 2018. Best publicity stunt ever, not that they were asking for it, right before This Is Hardcore. Seriously, listen to this shit, it's absolutely unlistenable. Yet after the glorious feat of what the vocalist had done few years ago, you'd still wanna mosh to their set. Not because their music makes you wanna masturbate to any of those ugly fucks' ears. But rather it's because they set a fucking standard in the culture of hardcore. In that if you are some privileged 21 year old fucking twat from the suburbs constantly retweeting shit at the expense of making fun of others, you get your FUCKING SKULL SMASHED IN. Simply put if you look at where hardcore is this day and age, with Sunami leading the example on Twitter's ecospace, you see that it's a bunch of immature prepubscent fucking retards trying to make their fanbase grow off the sensationalism of picking on other apeshit retards who are stupid enough to once pledge themselves as their fans. Those who fall victim learn hard lesson. Tom Anderson sure did. The lesson learnt was it doesn't fucking matter whether your parents can afford more music lessons for you than anybody in Heavy Chains could when put altogether. What fucking mattered was if you had a week of independent-artist-clout where you thought spewing toxicity on the safety bubble of the cyberspace would NOT come back to you in the real world, you'll be gobbling down oxygen from a breathing tube with a shitty fucking GoFundMe begging for your survival while you are unconscious and pretty much on your deathbed begging the mercy of God on thinking twice before cancelling you (LOL). For this reason I am featuring Heavy Chains on this website. One of the most infamous bands in history after kicking the FUCK out of that shit talking twat Tom Anderson from Crosscheck. While they were disqualified from many lineups at the time because of some bleeding heart Twitter cry-out-for-help movement, I am sure they'll reband once again with the reputation they now have. By then, their music will not be any better, but the fame will be no less crowd-captivating than Crosscheck themselves, a bunch of young spoiled suburban faggots who took their parents' music lessons for granted. I'd like to see the look on all those parents' faces knowing that the tens of thousands of music lessons they've spent on their poor beaten up munchkins don't surpass the sort of infamy one shitty band took street-justice on their sons for talking shit on the internet. Lovely.  To contribute to Heavy Chain's legacy, here's their fucking album! Not that it's listenable by any means but they've done their duty in the hardcore scene. For that, please do  download, share, and don't forget to retweet by all means.

Faggots everywhere


Scared to death? Damn fucking right you ought to be scared to death over what is happening around the world right now. The minute Putin drops his supersonic hypermissle that's capable of annihilating a whole developed urban metropolis the size of London UK into a barren wasteland full of ants and cockroaches, one ought to be frightened and staying deathly awake at night on high fucking alert. Vladmir Putin will PUTTIN IN the motherfucking work to dish out incompetent western liberal governments that reflect absolutely NO interest of their people. With Biden's debilitating dementia rendering in him incapable to react to even speedbumps and potholes ten feet away from him while driving, it's a wonder how he'll react to something coming his way in Alaska. Currently at the rate of decline the west is going in terms of its trajectory, simply admit to ourselves, there is nothing wrong with Russia and China taking over the world. As the mentally-aloof and complacent west stares into their VR Goggles living in their own stupid virtual metaverses, with their left hand twiddling an analog joystick and their right hand over their dicks, it will be wonderful for Russia to carry out an attack at such a wonderfully strategic timing. America is the only nation of its type in the world, where one can have pretty much everything and the opportunity to climb upwards in any social or economic stratification and yet have such a miserable majority of citizens distrusting of their government and not wanting to have kids (see also: our fertility/replacement rate of 2022). I suggest everyone memorize the Russian and Chinese national anthem and better learn one of the two languages. As the west gradually fails in the next 10 to 30 cataclysmic years, we will have to fill out refugee forms in the hopeful survival by migrating to another nation. Best part? Leaving all the niggers back here in our homeland as they're being fed by Uncle Sam's welfare programs. 

Speaking of the multicultural paradise our blue states have become, no wonder why New York hardcore bands like Mindforce and King Nine put forth such albums about anger and misery. A product of society being driven by globalist wall-street oligarchical interests. Also it's funny because east coast bands are always a lot more expressive in their anger as they make no secret they are much tougher and have a whole lot more fire. (It just sucks that tough guy hardcore-ass men have premature children brains and cannot actually explain why they are angry: aside from the 'economic inequality' which is prevalent in any capitalist worlds across they globe they also have the highest unfortunate rates of dealing with racially incompatible animals (aka, that are non-white or orienta Asian) in their abhorrently disgusting melting pot societies). It's a wonder how a state with such high GDP can produce such displaced people and unhappiness at a rate where comparatively their southern neighbours in West Virginia has one of the lowest GDP's per state as well as capita and yet have much better qualities of lives. 

I hope those yuppie-ass wolves of wall street can snuggle their pillows to sleep at night time with the resounding awareness of the world they helped to contribute. And we allow these Jewish oligarchs to do what they do (as they convince us a society of mixed races are HEALTHY societies due to some unfathomable to logic to common sense). Being scared to death is a practice in futility as we undergo the most extreme hyper inflation history has ever witnessed and Russia deploys new world order. Worry not comrade, a few nuclear apocalypses ever, if you ain't wiped out after migrating to a safer location within the world, you'll eventually come to realize that maybe it's for the best direction of mankind after all!

Incendiary - Cost Of Living (2013)

You think cost of living is hard back in 2013-2015 when you released this fucking album you goddamn idiots? Wow, ya'll must be some young bucks, man you haven't lived the hard lives yet. Yeah it sucks real bad... That's when Putin hasn't recklessly waged a war against Ukraine because of the broken agreement of the Minsk treaty (something you'll never hear about in Zionist liberal media), causing a complete supply and demand emergency now the inflated-price of gasoline. People having to go on shoplifting sprees in their local Walmarts stealing packaged raman goods because that's all they can (not) afford... In addition, the never-ending inflation of the US dollars, which was to be expected since the day we pulled out of the Bretton Woods agreement thanks to that dumbass Roosevelt not knowing shit about anything he's doing not unlike any other president (aside from big man's term 2016-2020, the only real term) that we really had. People are desperately of cryptocurrency and new 'stablecoins' on a massive scale this day and age, as long as it isn't backed by the US dollars. As COVID19 ravaged the world apart and Russia took advantage of a weakened western world to invade one of the weakest part of USSR, and insofar as China plays the slow game watching what's happening on the global chessboard while she schemes its next move to defeat any NATO nationstate that is puppeteered by the overarching interest of the west, we got quite an interesting few decades coming forth. You thought not being able to afford bread was bad because of the diminishing power of the dollar. Ya'll ain't see nothin' yet. Keep flailing those fists at shows and not know that the anger and contempt you have in this western sphere of society ya'll live in is on its last final frontier as one day it'll precipice into complete catastrophic doomsday. Mankind is living its last few moments on earth. And anyone dumb enough to focus on making an album conceptually based on our cost of living (with the lousy power of a dollar) is far disconnected with the real doomsday scenarios that's inevitably coming.


Oh look somebody made a fucking cover in a Microsoft Paint with a bubble letter font he's downloaded from the internet while rolling on molly. He saved this in PNG and then accidentally sent it over to his record label rather than his instructor in a community college photoshop course. That retarded moron must be Frankie Palmeri. I guess it worked out well for him considering his band must be lacking budget any production or marketing that's worth a dime (because everybody semi-functional on his management and street team has spent all album revenues on an abundant quantity of streets drugs that would make George Floyd proud). I've seen album covers more sophisticatedly designed simply by getting a technologically-illiterate man wiping a square piece of paper across his fucking asshole after a full day of eating molded bread. And the end production probably smells better than Frankie Palmeri himself. Speaking of some old man positive with covid19 taking a shit I can only the envy of what he'd sound like as he squeezes countless liters of liquid out of his anus, compared to the sound this album makes during its playthrough. I almost spinkicked over every lamp in my mother's living room to Frankie's abhorrent anthems of rebellion, especially when expressing defiance against my parents' newly enforced draconian bed-time. When I don't abide by this album's advice and instead get my mother to Take A Look At Myself for me, she would cry herself to sleep after downing a full bottle of morning-after pills hoping she did the same thing twenty-something years ago before she was pregnant with this hideously unaborted African demon that turned out to be me that was raised on Obamacare and foodstamps

All in all, I would like to thank Franki Palmeri for composing something I can relate to.



Naming a band with a reference to this?

Hassan-i Sabbāh (Persianحسن صباح) or Hassan as-Sabbāh (Arabicالحسن بن الصباح الحميري, full name: Hasan bin Ali bin Muhammad bin Ja'far bin al-Husayn bin Muhammad bin al-Sabbah al-Himyari;[1] c. 1050 – 12 June 1124)[2][3] was the founder of the Nizari Isma'ili state and its fidā'i military group[4] known as the Order of Assassins,[5] often referred also as the Hashshashin. Since Marco Polo he has been known in the West as the Old Man of the Mountain.[6] He later seized a mountain fortress called Alamut.[7]

Yeah in modern day words this kind of produce would be considered terrorism you fucking idiots. Gone were the days you can name your band anything. Just for this I am gonna submit this stupid fucking hate literature/art/music-assembly-group to for inspection. Except that lameduck son of a bitch Biden probably can't do shit about anything because he hardly cares about the interest of his own people and are suckered into Zionist interests. I hope every Palestine juvenile delinquent with something to prove in the honor of their filthy fucking family of > 50 brothers and sisters go kaboom somewhere in an Israel bus shelter so that stupid piece of shit Zionist state with its filthy jewish pieces of shits (no caps intended) will no longer influence AMERIKKKA with their puppeteering agendas to take over the western hemisphere. Fuck these idiots with their disinformation campaign (one of them being that all races are created equal, which they're obviously not... because as we can see around the development of multicultural societies right now that negroids are obviously inferior to even apes in the outskirts of mountainous habitats). They just want more people to immigrate to western nations to replace the low fertility rate so that more people will open up bank accounts and use units from banks that Jewish globali$ts would benefit from. Maybe 9/11 wasn't so bad after all. But then again idiots in the west thinks Jewish people were part of the conspiracy. Whether they are or not, it's over and done with. Any future travesties that happen that will radicalize Palestine and Syria to kaboom the shit out of Israel will be a blessing to mankind. 


(Point to make in the future ... make sure you know the meaning of shit you listen to, you dumb apeshit fucking retarded twats)


Anyone who wants to know how hardcore evolved from the street-justice anti-skinhead working class culture from the eighties and nineties to the  upper-middle class cohort of privileged white kids ought to read this idiot's dissertation/research paper 'Suburban Home: A-Look-at-Hardcore-and-Identity-in-Suburban-Pennsylvania'. I'm not kidding, this isn't a joke. Some faggot trying to graduate from university actually wrote a thesis or dissertation about this hoping to get his liberal arts degree (that his parents probably paid with trust funds.) It's so edgy, read it yourself. First sentence starts off with something along the lines "FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK" (not unlike that old meme t-shirt I used to see some fourteen year old kids with testosterones wearing as a rebellious expression against their parents), as the paper starts off portraying a conflict  in a record store in a bumfuck hick town of 200 people all coming from one big incestual family sharing the same last name eight generations ago before the US civil war came about. It's like he needed to let the world know that his town is full of attitude and fire thanks to the HXC scene, as his TA and Professor probably read it with frowned eyebrows and brainstorms the nicest way to write his academic probation letter. In his methodology he interviews a handful of people with no real standing in life other than having some 'scene credentials' or seniority (they call it SCENE-ORITY okkk? ok) like your friendly white trash community carpenter Bob The Builder who has went to local shows all his life which makes him profoundly important to this niche community, but in reality a deadbeat working class father whose his highlight in life was when he left the rural township bubble he was raised in and finally got to attend TIHC in the summer (a trip funded by his parents as a gift for graduating community college). So much for being down with the establishment you fucking retards.

Paper proceeds to talk about how punk and new-wave in the 80's created a cohort of disenfranchised kids nationwide who wanted to have meaner, badder attitudes and bigger cocks because they were so tired of being in the comfort of this 'middle class dystopia' that was so comfortable that being born and raised in the middle of this 'American Dream', that immigrants are coming here to achieve, is actually boring as fuck. So they tried fitting in with this stupid working class, anti-racist ideological ethos espoused by traditional HC which their privileged community as a bubble actually knows nothing about. 

Author takes a jab at what hardcore sounds like, with words though. It's like, I'm trying to show you what color is. Instead of giving you a coloured book or palette I write you 20,000 words off a black-inked typewriter telling you what it is. Author then proceeds to describe what 'slam dancing' is and how it emerged in the eighties. I'm too embarrased to quote this retard per verbatim but he was going on about how while generic pushing and shoving was practiced by normal people listening to normal music, HxC kids would 'perform a series of choreographed' moves such as exaggerated 'kicks, spins, and stomping across the room back and forth' that somehow emulate 'the violence and intensity' of the music, as opposed to fucking autism itself. Also, it isn't even like the author wrote this himself from what he obviously witnesses at shows he claims to often goto. But he rather quotes some other retard fromt he eighties who said this blatantly obvious redundancy. I can simply imagine the looks in professor's eyes as he painfully attempts to comprehend this, whilst cross out one more day on his work calendar for the countdown towards his retirement heading permanently towards Koh Samui island.

He then quotes the importance of how a local music scene is local, and how a 'local hardcore scene' must no different. Thanks scholar. It's like trying to articulate the importance of how sweet-and-sour dipping sauce must taste both sweet, and sour. What's the most painful is the fact that he had to quote some idiot on talking about the benefit of how a local scene  appealing to HIS own very LOCAL community ( opposed to some other-worldly scene from another planet that has no way of getting to them). I'm fucking serious. Tons of geniuses yapping in this research paper. It's a wonder he learnt all of this in his four to six years of critical thinking in post-secondary education.

Before he delves into straight edge I'd like to point out that 12 pages into his university paper, he proceeds to talk about the legacy of Bad Brain and how they wrote a song called 'Paid To Cum'.

Not even another page after he goes back to boast about how straight edge and most post-eighties movement stemmed from a class of privilege (made of kids attending private schools and yuppies), thus lacking the sort of real authentic working class despair of NYC and San Francisco. Thanks asswipe. In other news today, when no jet fuel pollutes the sky, you can clearly see that it's blue for the day. The fact that prof sees you on your 10th gen Macbook Pro after school buying vintage vinyls for 10x its price from when it was first printed in the 90's isn't a dead give-away.

When your life is so comfortable and you're so tired of being comfortable, you simply need something new to bitch about. Author certifies this by comparing upper class yuppies who could afford amps and instruments and lessons vs. impoverished thugs and bandits from NYHC who are straight up criminals and couldn't write or produce music if their bail hearing depended on it. It's like when bands with money had to write about the woes of life the only thing they can be pissed off and rant about is the frictionally turbulent relationship with their parents. And since he was writing as a person from a small town in PA it was almost like he was bragging about this privilege. What gets sadder is when it's admitted on an academic paper that these rich kids try to emulate this sort of ghetto violence stemmed out of inner city poverty in big cities they wouldn't dare to step into unless there was a show to bubble them. What's neglected in such discussion is that when rich suburban twats attempt this 'DIY' ethos in designing their bands' own prints, shirts, CD's, and flyers, they have helicopter globalist parents who are mass-importing their photoshopped designs from sweatshops of Taiwan and Vietnam so their beloved munchkins can suffice selling merch from nationwide tours that draw more opening band members per show than actual audience. He goes on to boast about how a guy named Bob in his community was born to be an entrepreneur by throwing shows in his PARENTS' KITCHEN AND BASEMENT and such skills eventually made him a successful cement and concrete laysman. I bet this entrepreneur must have made thousands after the damages made by holes in his walls. Needless to say his parents probably never sent him an invoice for all the lamps knocked over when he was eighteen and threw that shitshow party that became a company's tax-writeoff for their family's real estate mogul entity.

The reality of this whole sociological experiment that has been prevalent for decades now is that when parents initially supported their kids' hobbies, thinking it's harmless Good Clean Fun (no pun included), their trust-fund kids eventually grow into adults being indoctrinated by this negative and violent crap though they weren't raised that sort of environment. So they try to mimic this crap by creating crews and fighting at shows, jumping bands in their own small town and do a bunch of stupid shit to prove they are hard, and they get themselves into some serious crew shit a decade after while their parents are scrambling for lawyer fees thinking what happened to their beloved munchkin. What happened was in reality they' became so far-detached from the woes of real world cruelties and willfully blind that this kinda shit would get them shot up in big urban cities. But in a good small community where powerful elites have reasonably personal relationships with the police, attorneys and judges, they are able to negotiate for their troubled sons to get away with the stupid show beefs that avalanched out of hand over the years.

I can imagine since the professor had not a single clue what the fuck kids were up to these days, he found the paper at least interesting enough to pass by hardly a 60%, which granted this dweeb a passing mark for him to eventually graduate and hold down a permanent nine-to-five working at the library before everything shut down during the pandemic. People who write this shit thinks the world cares about some stupid clique or scene that was a product of music and localized community that they were proudly a part of. But instead the professor probably struggled to understand some of these niche definitions and jargons put out by the book. Worst of all this kind of shit is so uninteresting to people outside their own community when they're forced to read (or grade it). They think their scene is their whole world unbeknownst to the fact that the very juvenile minority of USA population that express even the faintest interest in what they do & community comprises of 0.00000001% of the seven billion people in this whole world. In a sociological paper this may (barely) achieve a passing grade. But in the world of business and marketing this type of paper (talking about shit that generates -$12,345,678 in revenues anually) would be laughed off the face of the earth that it would completely rot away and cease exist. Ah, suddenly, now we are talking about something parallel to your xViolentCounterCultureHCx scene after all.

(Hey, but it's all for the love tho, ain't it?)


Chris Cantelmo was some weird rich guy who had a higher up biomedicine degree from Stanford who owned his own biomedicine company. What was interesting about this old fucking geezer is that he went bizzarely deranged after doing too much fucking DMT and thought he was a prophet. His death was deemed odd and suspicious as he went on a hike one day and without any prior signs or warnings, simply died on the trail. Immediately cops ruled it as a suicide, but when autopsy came back that he died from blunt stab wounds to the neck and other parts of body, his cult followers began howling at the moon about conspiracy theories because the 'big brother that oppresses mankind' didn't want normal human sheeples to find out about the holistic truth about the universe. His doctrines and ideologies are summarized by how DMT is the God molecule and through that, we are able to receive ALL (as opposed to some) of God's transmissions to us, as our brains are sort of 'computers' that receive electromagnetic signals of certain (but not all) frequencies and we can only enhance our reception, like a radio with more antennaes, through the usage of DMT. And to give him some benefit of doubt at least, after growing up and experiencing the world the way I did, I would argue that some of his thoughts have a bit of merit... despite of the delusionally drugged out and crazy DMT-schizolunatic he eventually became.

I'm going to start off this article by saying, in no means am I trying to insult a dead guy, BUT, please DO read on as I insult the living fuck out of this dead guy:

Anyone who has been indoctrinated by the bizzare teachings of Chris Cantelmo, fails to admit that this man is actually ridiculous nutjob.  Proponents who believe his batshit insane views on how DMT is the spirit molecule that links us to the existence of a diety or God -- a theory by itself isn't unplausible and can even be entertained to a certain degree -- needs to take a clear look at why this idiot faced the banhammer on Reddit to begin with, and all his search results blacklisted from Google. He eventually got banned on Reddit for sending people coins and wealth on that website for (pretending to) believe his views. Those who eventually began following him religiously often  naively overlook or outrightly deny how dangerous his teachings can be. C'mon you schizoautistic retard fucks. It's time to the music regardless of what channel of wavelength or frequency. This sort of dumbass literature and multimedia isn't always immediately banned 'cause there's a new world order setup by the Bilderberg Group whose agenda is supposedly keeping your head buried in quicksand. It's because some of his teachings are pragmatically dangerous. He lectures people about staring at the sun in great length (a practice the Egyptians did for hours-on-end centuries ago and went blind quickly) in order for brain to produce enough DMT and see God (after losing your vision permanently I'm sure that's an awesome trade-off). This is no joke. Just read this fucking quality literature his cult follower's  the website:

Stare Directly Into The Sun For The Love Of God

If you want your body to start producing DMT again all you need to is stare directly into the sun. Do it for at least a few minutes a day.

Ask yourself: who told me not to stare into the sun? Who is this all-wise person who thought you should not stare into the sun? It was someone who wanted you to NOT see. It was someone who knew that the glory of the universe is only possible to see if you stare directly into the sun. Who would not want you to see the glory of the universe? This ain't rocket science folks.

As a child you remember staring into the sun even though your parents or teachers might have told you otherwise. This is what kids do. They don't listen to their parents and teachers because they know better. It turns out that kids really do know better than their parents and teachers. And since you remember staring into the sun as a child and your eyes are perfectly fine now, or you wouldn't be reading this, why do you think your eyes cannot handle the sun now?

Would the creator of the universe create an eye that was not capable of viewing its most important source of light? How did eyes evolve before eyes had a mouth attached to them that would tell them to not stare into the sun? Animals stare into the sun all day long. Look at animals' eyes. They extend out past their eyelids and are not shaded by a brow. If we are the most advanced form of eye why would our eyes be less capable than those of "lesser" creatures?

Ask yourself this important question? Why do I believe what I believe when I can see exactly how things are without having to believe in anything? Open your eyes!

You might consider saving your protective eye-wear for viewing arc-welding sparks and nuclear explosions here on earth.

But the sun was created for your enjoyment. Our enjoyment. 

Consider that for as long as you have been told that you should not stare into the sun that the world has only grown more polluted, more contentious, more chaotic, more scared and more meek. This is not a coincidence.

Wake Up. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month. TODAY. 

Start living TODAY!

Start living again right NOW!

P.S. Hint: The opposite is also true, in that depriving yourself of all light has also been reported to restart the brain's natural production of DMT. There is a reason why people placed in solitary confinement find god. Because DMT allows one to see god. How do you think Nelson Mandela and other of humanity's great beings survived insufferable isolation? Only by the grace of God.

Start living today by losing your vision because rather than making our atmospheric greenhouse a liveable ecosystem for all species to be alive on earth, Sun is put there millions of miles away for you to look at before going blind and seeing God. This is a great scientific discovery from a PhD of Stanford. Furthering this garbage pseudoscience he urges people to stop taking vaccines. This definitely would have been a great advice had he lived through the last two years during the pandemic. You can see the quality of American education in the past few decades and where it's gotten their dumb fucking alumni's (whom actually run surprisingly successful biomedical businesses I may add). I sure as fuck hope this guy doesn't practice medicine or health care, before he stabbed himself in the neck during a delusional DMT-enriched hike, where he probably thought he saw or heard voices from other realm that told him to ascend into the ethereal realm by autoinflict wounds that would put one's own heart to stop beating. Not surprising from someone who encourages schizophrenics to do what their voices tell them despite often times we hear on news that they helplessly commit murders because they cannot suppress voices inside of their heads telling them to.

Chris Cantelmo is the kind of nutjob that if you were raised doing drugs and believing this kind of school of thought, he would be an absolute prophet of this world to you and your shitty little Burning-Man-attending like-minded cliques (like Moses to the bible). But if you never really grew up predisposed to that sort of school of thought, he's a 11/10 life-long psychward patient. It's insane what DMT does to your brain after a while. Viewing his last few videos before his death is troublesome because how sanity has finally drained of a man who has lost all his marbles. Whether he was victim of a conspiracy or self inflicted horrible wounds to himself, and whether his teachings (words used loosely) hold any merit or not, bear in mind that whether it's all true in the end, we will never fucking find out in this mundane plane of existence. And no, I'm not being skeptical saying shit like this. When you babble a proverbial novel of nonsense telling dumbass cult-followers that our mundane life isn't all that the universe has to offer through an entity that can only be seen by doing illicit drugs, and the only thing 'real' we can achieve is through forms of self-harm or leaving this world, it's a wonder why your students are shocked that your search entries and posts are pulled off the internet (must be government conspiracies!) And coined in with the fact that the white race on earth as a while is only at an all time low of 9% and quickly dwindling still, what you're doing is technically advocating to further advance the genocide of younger people of your demographics who share the same interests/values/beliefs as you. White people are hilarious in that even though they live in a time where they risk complete global annihilation, you have these kinds of idiots, alongside Vladmir Putin who still proceeds with killing more of their own race of people systematically. All in all, people like him fail to realize who the fuck cares if there is greater fucking meaning insofar as we'd never find out anything insofar as we are boxed into our current material confines of reality. People need money to eat, survive, and oil is required to transport people and things. What is eaten must be shat out, and environment will be damaged insofar as human beings need sewage to filter out their nasty ass piles of secretion. To tell me that aliens and guardian angles are amongst us all the time and normal people cannot see them because normal people are dumb is nonsense. I need to work to make a living and government will crack me down on taxes and debts if I ignore it. No fucking length of idiotic self-damaging staring-at-the-sun will relieve me of the auditors coming after me for my financial mismanagements in this greedy, hungry, material fucking world. Unlike I started nuking each and every one of the 200-something countries. Whoa, suddenly, I think I might join Putin's advisor team after all this year.


I've been seeking medical help in mental faculties and institutions as of recent years hence my lack of updates. They say I'm demented. I'm only forty-two but the doctors say my brain is riddled with plaques and tangles, And that it may be Alzheimer's. Still a virgin and not a fan of it. I suffered two strokes before my fortieth birthday. They diagnosed me with dementia because I kept forgetting who I was and I kept using turn signals in a turn lane, something only a profoundly demented octogenarian would do. But hardcore is what I do remember. I remember the rush, the excitement of standing motionless with my arms crossed, staring at the stage as tattooed chimps howl about unity over percussive cacophonous noise. Before I die alone I just want to thank hardcore for giving me something to remember.

Hatebreed - Perseverance

Well ladies and gentleman, look at what our fucking once-great ol' country has been reduced to. Blacks looting in the name of civil rights over these neanderthal criminal niggers who are in fact better off (and worth more) dead than they once were alive prior to being shot by the righteous cops. Our founding fathers and the soldiers that died for the northern side of the civil war would be fuming in their dead graves over seeing these violently criminal looting negroids and their absolute inability to acclimate to society. America is failing at an incredible pace and unless the nationalists, patriots, non-leftist whites, (as well as culturally compatible races, such as Asians and founding natives) start fighting back, by lining up each and every marxist, socialist and freeloading racially inferior subhuman negro apes against the wall and shoot them all dead in concentration camps, there is absolutely no hope for America (along with the rest of the west). The United States of Failure is the ultimate canary in the coalmine for what is to become the rest of our multicultural western civilization of paradise. Civil war cannot be made to wait. The only thing that can happen with reason now is to have heroic young whites such as Kyle Rittenhouse accelerate the process that will bring about the abolition of the state by lining up Democrat supporting inferiors for complete extermination. We are in an unprecedented times where history is being made - although at an astronomic pace - cannot come soon enough. November 2020 will be a staple in American history. With Trump's re-election calling for more looting and riots, it will only be a matter of time before inferior buck niggers will be forever annihilated, and those who aren't shipped back to Africa for them to die off famine, starvation and disease. Want your own independence and nationstate? Time to send them all back to their pre-evolutionary continent where clean water, cooked-up food, and electricity was simply and never will be a thing. Peace the FUCK out you abhorrent chimpanzees! Your time will time and good riddance.

Varials - Failure // Control

So one of the 10,000 shootings that just happened as of recent in America was none other than the Jersey City shooting that was apparently responsible by members of the Black Hebrew Israelites, a group with no association with Hebrews or the nation of Israels whatsoever, but rather comprised of a bunch of radical black nigger who are even condemned by the Southern Poverty Law center as a terrorist group. (You know you gotta be REAL fucking bad and pushing boundaries extremely hard to be even condemned by the anti-white and leftist Southern Poverty Law Centre.) Yet of course, at the time of the shooting and during the infancy of the authorities' so-called investigation, the media is quick to jump at the quote that there were "NO indication of terrorism", even though after they revealed the two assailants it was clearly visible that they had radical agendas to commit extremism in a prodominantly Jewish neighbourhood and went on a shooting spree that robbed a white police officer and three other innocent Samaritans of their early lives. Is this not the radical group that previously incited the feud between the Native American war veteran and the Kentucky private school boys who wore the MAGA hats in which the media made a fucking clown-show out from, with their misinformation, while quickly looking for every single chance to make a public dartboard out of the white high school boys on a field trip, whom did not do a single thing wrong except getting bullied into confusion by members of those radical, insubstantial niggers, for no reason other than the fact that they were protesting abortion and wearing the infamously red MAGA hat. I suppose innocent freedom of expression doesn't matter to these ape monkeys in this day and age, but the going on a shooting rampage to commit acts of terrorism is absolutely OKAY boys and girls! Maybe it's isn't so bad after all that a Jewish neighbourhood got shot up, because perhaps if the 0.1% Jewish globalists understand the fucking consequences of the multiculturally unstable society they helped to engineer and brainwash others to accept (in return for massive bank profit), then now they don't have to look any further than their own neighbourhoods being terrorized and ravaged by senselessly low-IQ'ed niggers. With the election coming forth in 2020 and the Democrats electing Clinton to run again while desperately doing everything within their power to get Trump impeached (for reasons that make as much sense as the civil war fought that got niggers freed from from their productive & civilized plantations one full century ago), one cannot help but wonder the further slippery slope America will descend into. Meanwhile young whites are doing everything in their power to hold onto their dying culture, history, and population (with many coping with drugs and overdosing on fentanyl because they are unable to actualize what happened to their once-great civilization). Congratulations baby boomers, politically correct nutjobs, and the insanity of democrats. Pat yourselves on the back for the ultimate and inevitable fall of the west.

Misgiver - Cruelty of Life

The most paradoxically oxymoronic thing about these 'new' hardcore bands is the fact that these obnoxious pre-pubescent spoiled twats dedicate their whole entire 19-21 years of life recreating an era of music long before their birth that they in fact know nothing about. Imagine how fucking painful that actually is. Being born on or after the 2000's and sporting shirts like Candlemass, Youth of Today and All Out War in their promo pics and on stage while rockin their father's haircuts like they lived and shaped the eighties and nineties. Cut out the pretentiousness you stupid prepubescent pieces of shit. You weren't even a zygote in your mother's whore body because she was still busy getting fucked by frat boys in her local college town while in school during that era. You never lived that era of fucking culture and music. And also, all that 80's and 90's punk and metal crap that you worship over back then wasn't cool or even listenable both now and back then. In fact it's all dogshit and sounds like some shit played backwards on a cassette and tape. There is nothing more reprehensible and abhorrent than a bunch of 19-22 year old idiots in the present year 2019 trying to release five inch vinyls and double sided five-minute cassettes as if they are Alice Cooper back in the late 80's. You fucking retards grew up in the age of spotify and Apple Music and there isn't a SINGLE FAN in this world who discovered your music through a two-dollar black&white tour zine. Your fucking helicopter parents wire you money every week when you travel through two states because you're a premature, broke-as-fuck, starving artist who thinks you're living the life of Lars Urich when in fact all your gas money is subsidized by trust accounts set up by family members who love you but are ashamed of you for what you're doing. Go back to college and learn some STEM you fucking stupid twats. Stop touring all over North America and releasing bullshit crap like this that supposedly BRING THE MOSH in community centers. Get over yourselves and set yourselves some new fucking ambitions and goals in life.

Wolfpack - None Above None Equal

It's funny how these hardcore & metalcore bands always have these interesting and funny album titles that are obscure and require intensive analysis in order to figure out what it actually means. Since white cracker ass wimps with upper-middle class earning and privileged music lessons are too scared to be blatantly obvious with what they are trying to say, allow me to bluntly infer what an album called 'none above, none equal' means on a sociological level in this day and age.

Socialist warriors, the regressive left, and blacks love to have a parade over how there's still none of them are above the status quo of white men in America, therefore none of them are equal when placed in comparison with the well-to-do. Any fucking moron would see this as simply a cry for handouts in exchange for doing absolutely nothing. As hispanics and blacks are failing their primary and secondary schools at an incredible rate and whites and Asians still remain passing and often with flying colours, the stupid fucking socialist warriors and regressive lefts and mostly blacks attempt to argue that it has nothing to do with the inferior average IQ that is genetically predisposed on their people at an average rate. But rather it's because we as a society are unethical to amalgamate them into our western institutions its remarkable system of education. They regard this privilege as rather an act of oppression. Therefore blacks (and many hispanics) on average as a whole end up failing because we forced this coersive, politically incorrect oppression upon them. Therefore it's OUR fault that they fail school, work, and life on a massive scale, and get sentenced into our penitentiaries, all because WE imposed a western style of education that has been successful for centuries until one day somebody made a stupid fucking decision to free the blacks from slavery and open up our borders to inferior subhuman apes.

Whoever makes these arguments, I'm sorry but I've heard more valid facts from speaking with flat earthers.

But we still continue to apologize. White apologists suggested afterwards that perhaps it's better to build AFROCENTRIC schools. A school full of fucking filthy jungle niggers. To prove that negroids are capable of succeeding in education that FITS THEIR MOLD and not cater to our forefather's school system that is oppressive and dehumanizing to them. As a society we said fine. So we spent a ludicrous amount of public's tax dollars to build these faculties and facilities for these chimp monkeys to study together, and sleep/breed/commit crimes together, while hoping for a better outcome with their quality of education. Lobbyists that preached for this plan to happen obviously got lots of money tied into this agenda, so it automatically becomes political, and they'll do anything to prove to us that  afrocentric schools somehow apparently work. Yet knowing that blacks as a whole perform underwhelmingly in ANY school system, how can they prove these new schools work? By exaggerating results/outcomes and lowering standards of what these blacks learn.

The only reason why it's argued that black/afrocentric schools have been working well, at least in according to pro-afrocentric brain-dead morons, is that the public doesn't know what they are being taught... (i.e. nothing at fucking all). They can't put one and two together. They can't calculate areas of simple geometric shapes. Can't solve for x. Can't make code the simplest program to calculate an integer. They're hardly literate. All they do all day is hop around like neanderthals in an oversized gymnasium. Watch movies like American History X, and involving biologically-retarded figures like Obama and Harriet Tubman, and have fictitious discussions about how they're endless victims of racial discrimination and systemic injustice. Meanwhile, MIT's stem cell research faculties are finding cures to aids and cancer, Google is engineering holographic transmissions, and China is teleporting protons into space (no fucking joke). These fucking subhuman chimps are still there irrelevantly discussing about how an underground railway transported plantation members from the south to the north 200 years ago.

These poor fucking idiot students grow up indoctrinated with how their forefathers have faced injustice their whole entire life, and yet they have no real applicable knowledge to go with their diploma after graduation. They land themselves low-paying desk jobs and unable to spell, write, or use any excel platforms. Then they get laid off and have a shitstorm about how their employers are racist and this becomes some overnight tabloid sensation with cancerously bullshit fake news like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post. The public has never been once told that students of these schools succeed in life even LESS after graduating, because their terribly incompetent afrocentric schools has never taught them ANYTHING applicable the entire curriculum of many years wasted.

The only real positive effect these shitty fucking abhorrent tax-draining schools ended up doing was segregating the blacks from going to the same school as whites, something Martin Luther King apparently tried to fucking do the opposite of, because apparently in according to that goof, whites and blacks ought to be integrated as opposed to using different booths of services. Oh the irony. But that's fine though because no white father truly wants their daughter getting raped and killed by their black ex-boyfriends who are highly abusive drug dealers. No white kids ever succeed hanging out in black circles. No robberies and drive-by shootings 24-7 and selling drugs in front of every corner block within five miles radius of an otherwise perfect neighbourhood. No declining house values. This is great. Maybe we should segregate them all over again, so that coloured uses coloured facilities. Whites will finally get their space again, so they aren't walking on eggshells with everything they do and say, and getting raped or shot on a daily basis.

Blacks have always cried about the lack of integration. Then you integrate them into our school systems and they fail. Then they cry that it's because we are assimilating them so now they want segregation. But once segregated they are still crying that they not fitting into the overarching society's mold. How the fuck do you win with these people? How?

Terror - Live By The Code

So that stupid whore of an Instagram model (and Discord socialite) Bianca Devin @beegtfo had her stupid throat slashed and her dead body posted virally all over the internet and all these stupid dumb social justice bitches and femin-men are quick to protest her murder as the product of depraved male-aggression. So excuse me for sounding like an incel here, but I sort of know this (and I know I do) because I've met and slept with these sort of women more than I've had birthdays. But as somebody who is openly whoring themselves out to their internet orbiters from the age of 14 and openly proclaim that they've got borderline personality disorder (a diagnosis that is a complete quackery in the medical handbook), it's plain and simple that the bitch is simply out for blood and carelessly ruining lives of those male counterparts around her. Is she not aware of the fact that all this catastrophic upheaval she causes with her narcissism and attention-seeking complex ruin many lives, including hers, one day? Too bad it happened at the age of 17, bitch, and with an obsessively psychotic man with probably a low self esteem and emotional problems of his own.

Take a look at this post written by her friend about this bitch's true nature before you stupid leftists, bleeding hearts, and feminazi piece of shits start railing at men for our primal aggression since the day of existence when we've discovered fire to keep our tribes warm and fed.

Ask yourselves, all you desperate naive lonely men out there, as I was fooled at first as well in thinking what a tragedy her demise was: Why do you feed into this sort of depraved narcissistic pieces of shit with seriously fucked up inferiority complexes and incurable mental health issues? Why do you orbit around this sort of women who are out to fuck you over and would never give you the time of the day outside of the instagram handles they operate? Why make yourself preyed upon by these feasting she-devil beasts who are beyond help themselves, and probably would never open their legs up for you IRL? Initially I was under the impression that the man himself was a pathetic beta male for pulling what he did. But does this sound like a good character to you? The biggest atrocity with this murder is the fact that people are writing prayers sympathizing her death. I have no idea what the fuck her family is grieving about to be honest. But good fucking riddance.

Now all we need to do is slit the fucking throats of all these ball-less subspecies of men who orbits and parades over these teenage instagram icons like the emasculated, hopeless, and pathetic virgins that they are.

Miles Away - Rewind Repeat

The whole debate of the Democrats is a flock of complete garbage to say the very least. A bunch of fucking useful idiotic baboons playing into identity politics and playing into the heart of fringe 'minority' groups that are in need of even more representation as if they haven't gotten enough already. Seriously, how much of that debate did any English speaker really understand seeing that pretty much a good portion of it's already in fucking Spanish? How about speak ENGLISH first you stupid fucking Mexican wetback appealing crooks? Watch America turn into the United States of Mexico and overwhelmed with MS-13 and cartel crime. That's what the liberals and democrats would love to do. Bank off turning our fucking country into a third world country and exactly into what central/south America goes through every day. The cartel violence, the slaying of women, the paid off corruption of high-level officials by the drug dealers and cartels, and an overall sense of complete instability by the paradise of multiculturalism. Open up borders and weep over some dumb fucking father who drowned in a lake with his fucking inferior piece of shit child? Why don't you go meme about it more and prey for public sympathy and detract the fact that 3/4 migrant over the border would be doing pretty much the same type of shit to American lives as they weigh into our social stability with crime, expectation of health care and education, and selling of drugs to our beloved sons and daughters. The only issue with Trump's wall is that they cannot possibly build it high enough. And unfortunately no matter how much you build those fucking barbaric parasites will find another way to come through and put America in more shambles than it is already in. Then you look at politician democrats banking off this crisis that day-to-day whites go through while gloating about how much good they are doing for people undeserving of our nation's constitution. They talk about banking elites (1%) hording off the rest of our wealth and act as if they're oblivious that those ELITES they speak of are the ones that RUN the democrats and bank off this open border migration mess. Much like Hilary Clinton these people are nothing but con artists and sociopaths. And your average American college student buys it. Not just because most of them are now becoming non-white but rather even the whites are guilted into believing they have a moral responsibility to that'd wind up decimating them. Some moral obligation that is. Great martyrdom. RIP America. RIP the west. Cool.

This Is Hell - Misfortunes

When white boys in hardcore and metalcore bands (and its variety of different sister subgenres) write their awful fucking lyrics this day and age, most of what they write about is complete obscure fucking garbage about death, impending doom, and this looming pessimism with the shithole of a world they live in that simply isn't going to get any better. However because they're young, dumb, and unfortunately for them, white, they are unable to actually articulate and discuss the details of this hopelessness. Why they feel this prevalent feeling like society has failed them and that there isn't any light at the end of the tunnel. For some, the reason why these reasons aren't conveyed is because they're still at a naive and adolescent time in life, where they are blatantly confused about why the society their forefathers have built now simply isn't on their side. Others are perhaps more enlightened but know it's politically incorrect to speak what is on their mind. So they sugar coat their lyrics into complete darkened obscurity and use creative artsy fartsy allegorical bullshit instead of discussing the real issues. These real issues being, filthy niggers and spics taking up their living space and infringing upon their own personal space and safety, feminism gone amuck in a sexual dystopian world, arab nations attempting to swallow up our western world with the world domination of Shariah Law, and not to mention the dozens more of topics that young whites have been silenced in the censorship imposed by mass political correctness. So they write mumble jumble crap about how humanity is doomed, and how the dystopian world we live in is the unfortunate product of our dark rooted nature, and how they're victims of a society that failed them, without actually exploring REAL REASONS within their writings as to why. What good is art if you cannot actually fucking express yourself? What a total disadvantage that is compared to ape niggers spitting bars and stuttering 'nigga' every other syllable in their actual freedom of (braindead) expression. What a fucking age of apes we live in. Survival of the unfittest.

Hamartia - To Play The Part

When the Sri Lankan bombing happened just yesterday during the Easter time of Asia, it was laughably painful to watch mainstream coverage news outlets cower and duck the issue of blatant radical Islam. "Oh, CNN is confused, because admittingly, this is a blatant attack towards Christians... but we don't know why radical Islamists (sorry, as we term FREEDOM FIGHTERS here in our press) would attack here, so we are looking for reasons to say it's not them..." These fucking mainstream cowards always try their best to detract you from the blatant fact that these attacks are repeatedly orchastrated by Muslims running amuck when they practice their 'religion of peace'. Now the streets of Sri Lanka will forever be flooded with bloods of not just their stupid fucking people, but also tourists, many of them European and American. Why in the flying fuck would anyone ever wanna visit there is absolutely beyond me. But a tragedy occurs, time and time again, and mainstream media tries to conceal and undermine the fact that they are blatant practices of Muslim terrorism. So they make excuses and say that it's an isolated incident, again, every month of the year when it happens elsewhere, while the readers are silenced and morally shamed in not saying anything under the pretense that Muslims are still the victims and a tribe of 'misunderstood and oppressed people'. The nation of Islam is probably rolling in their desert caves and dying of laughter at the world's idiocy because we enable this to happen.

Then I love it when these social justice morons on Facebook starts sharing the war-stricken streets of Palestine and go "well why aren't anyone praying for these neanderthal children?" I have a great explanation for you morons. Because the world doesn't give a shit about anarchic, pre-evolved subhuman apes who cannot be civilized for a day in a year to not bomb the shit out of each other in over-stretched territories plagued with civil strife. They've been doing the same shit to each other since thousands of years ago BC. There's no indication these ape monkeys will ever acclimate to our level of civilization, where disputes are mediated through civil tribunals. Their culture is simply not afraid of death. Then we have idiot politicians who are puppets for global elites (Angela Merkel) with shit for brains who manually open up their borders to invite these primal beasts into our civilized countries so they can all rape and copulate with our women against consent. So the same shit can happen over and over again with concert massacres and truck rages like it did in France. And so German women can get raped over and over again in Cologne. How much more can they take of airstrikes is exactly how much more we can take of their primordial beastlihood. 

Finally I love it when people ask "why are billionaires and those with power/influence pumping in a shit ton more money into the reconstruction of Notre Dame than money into say, Flint Michigan or Syria?" Well, morons, because based on the aforementioned paragraphs above, people tend to want to put money into things that resonate with civilization and culture. Because those things, believe it or not, take cooperation and real work and philanthropy to do. Not just factions of people forming stupid militias killing each other since the beginning of time over sand, cacti, and hideous ragheaded bitches.

Religion of Peace my left fucking nut.

Borrowed Time - Poisonous Grace

Stupidest shit you can wear in public is a "Tattooed and Employed" shirt. Really? You wanna flaunt the fact that you work nine to five providing janitorial work at a low-end mass production factory? Have fun with your flagrant display of obnoxious sailor jerry pieces of work on your disease-infected skin that was pricked by HIV-positive needles, you failures. Bet your mother was proud of you. Okay. All bullshit aside though. Make no mistake, the author of this very article definitely has more than a fair share of her own body pieces during a time when she was heavily involved with the industry itself. And plus dating and milking (literally MILKING) a man who was a half-decent artist helped to compensate me some free work on my whore-ridden body. But I can't get over these social activism groups over Facebook where you literally have over half a million prepubscent twats with hip-hop and metalcore envy who are active in groups like "END SOCIAL DISCRIMINATION FOR BODY MODIFICATION!" And "TATTOOED TILL I DIE!" As if they're actually devoting their life to represent some revolutionary ideology of changing times. In an age where having a tattoo is just as common as, say, getting an ear piercing, where is the edge or discrimination that comes with it, really? The coolness really just dies down. If I saw another idiot on the bus with a wifebeater and a shoulder-piece, I'd just think "well, he has a piece or two, so he's somewhat different, but in reality, he's just one amongst many, and they're all the same". Under no fucking circumstance would I be naive enough to assume he's unable to attain employment or facing some death-related Roman Catholic persecution like the thirteenth century. We don't live in Saudi Arabia you fucking idiots. In fact, We live in an age where individuality runs amuck. There are people who get their fucking dick chopped off with a cleaver as means of self expression because they don't feel suited to their biologically determined sex, and nobody bats a fucking eye to it in this day and age. Furthermore, society doesn't even do shit to discourage these abhorrent practices as we 'closer get in touch with ourselves'. I can chop my left arm off with a fucking chainsaw today and start a trend under the oppressive pretense that I don't feel truly balanced as an individual when all i need is my right arm for wanking off. Believe it or not, these practices are becoming more common this day and age. Now you're gonna get a bunch of lazy armless flailing faggots at shows doing windmills with arms that they don't have (on them, at least). As society gradually adopts and grows more to the comfort of what was unconventional and subversive to the past, nobody will understand why you ever wanted to get a tattoo to be different and ragged on about the values of self-expression, punk rock, and non-conformity to your parents who gave you a fixed allowance weekly at the age of thirteen so you could afford shitty Hot Topic shirts to prove to your peers that you didn't fit into the mould of conformity. Keep clicking the share button tattoo discrimination memes while your parents work average middle class jobs in order to foot your Internet bills like any other average American family! Show your founding institutions and the hands above you who's the boss!

Nowadays many are well versed on the history of tattoos but less and less understand the significance of it. Back in the days, the practice was only popular amongst sailors and prisoners because ahem, they were admittedly low ranking members of society, and instead of hiding it, they rather just wanted to flamboyantly display it to your face, because it was obnoxious and they kinda don't give a fuck, so consequential, it became a fashion within their own clique because their validation stemmed from not giving a fuck and adopting to a style that represented being primal, and tribal. As a tribe they pride themselves in filling into the cracks of society. In tandem, they wore it proudly because they were discriminated against. Over time, this subversive attitude became glorified and looked up upon, because of course, as decadence in a morally bankrupt society goes, one generation needs to adopt to a new set of values from their preceding generation, so experimenting with new ideas, values, and practices that deviate from their predecessors give them a sense of individual identity. Okay, lemme simplify that for you neanderthals: more people looked for ways to come off edgy, bad ass, and different from their status-quo, and tattoos became a vehicle for this glamorous narcissistic drivel. But if you wanted to come off brute and like a bad-ass, then I'll acknowledge you so because that's who you are. Yet it doesn't mean as an employer I have to automatically restrain myself from being uncomfortable and want you in a position of high trust, you fucking moron. I'm sure if you share enough memes one day I'll be convinced enough to wanna elect member from San Quinto prison with marked across his forehead. Or hire Guinness World's Lizard Man to babysit my fucking children. In this world, stereotypes and prejudices do exist, and whether you like it or not, how naive are you to think otherwise. When a fatass enters my restaurant, I assume he's gonna make a big order. When an Asian walks out of an exam, I'm gonna assume he passed. When a group of negroids are actively raping a white woman and looting and committing murders, people automatically assume crimes are being committed you fucking fools. You only wanted a tattoo because it would make you appear more counterculture, bad-ass, and against the grain. So why you then turn around andl lamenting over the internet for being treated like someone who did something against the grain? Come on idiots. That doesn't sound like a self-victimizing complex whatsoever. You do something because you wanna be identified a certain way. After being identified that way you cry about it.  I love a lot of their justifications as to somehow miraculously being the unintended victims of discrimination ('oh but in certain pacific Indian islands or tribal parts of Africa it is common because it's how they mark ethnicity!' Or, 'initially I just liked art so that's why I got this obnoxious Satanic piece over my D cupped chest and now parents question my suitability as a teacher!')

Face it, shitbricks, you only have this tattoo fetish because this fashion trend distinguishes you from your passing generations. And also, for once in the past, you thought adopting to such style made you edgy and untouchable, but then you realized by standing for such values (or appearing to) you are in fact ostracizing yourself from higher society who caters more to tradition over mainstream popularity, and upon realizing such you began whining about personal rights and autonomy to an audience of nobody interested. At the Same time because of our rapidly changing times it is also becoming more accepted in our contemporary culture which also doesn't sit well with you because you wanted to be different and come off brute. LOL. Take all of this in! Tattooed and Employed. What a crock of shitty-ass fable.