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xOne Fifthx - One Fifth (self titled)

No matter how far you rewind back throughout the golden era of hardcore, whether it be the early 2000's beginning, or mid-2000's metalcore, or the laughable 2012-onward hardstyle, there's one thing you cannot deny. It's that your hardcore scene back then, or what was your pitiful excuse of a scene thereof, was absolute dogshit and contained seeds to its own destruction. This subject has been discussed a painstaking amount of times before but I have to do it every time because you're fucking stupid as shit. Who would have thought a bunch of emo-ass "fashioncore till I die" retards with terrible haircuts and terribly skinny jeans would come to shape shitty metalcore and deathcore music as of what it is today." Then they get through college and realize they're unemployable and clutch on to the only scene they ever knew growing up in, only to realize the recurring shows of the old bands they listened to when young are phasing out and losing traction, and their lives basically suck ass because they've never been socialized in any other social circles other than with other middle class white privileged suburban idiots who play nothing but drop-tuned open chords. And then either you pick up a drug addiction and die of some sort of synthetic opiod or get married and be lame so you have children half as handicapped as you were when you threw down in the pit (and that's quite retarded by the way). Nonetheless, god bless! Keep on rocking in the free world and never accept the fact that your band people moshed to in 2007 will never draw more than three alcoholic middle-aged depressed has-been's every little town you book to play in. Have fun. Ladies and gentleman, may I present you xOne Fifthx.

Steel Nation - Forever Wounded

Forever wounded? Dawhhh you poor little fucking babies! Would you like a pacifier to suck on? Bet you $1000 bucks you are probably an active part of the #MeToo movement too aren't you guys? Speaking of which, the #MeToo movement is without doubt the singlehandedly most toxic social movement any self-victimizing politically correct leftist feminist twats can ever indulge themselves in. It's how they revert the blame to "patriarchal structure" because their whole entire lives they've been nothing but a bunch of skankwhore sluts who regrettably threw themselves at anything that was male testosterone driven. After chugging metric tons of collective semen from men who want nothing to do with their perversion they avert the blame from themselves and scapegoat the concept of men to make them feel better that their college liberal arts degree got them nowhere in a STEM and tech-driven society in our modern day and age. If women ran the earth we'd still be looking for the right way to friction tree barks to start a fire. Women are nothing but liabilities and plague on this earth whom without men they still wouldn't have survived defending themselves against a deer during days of hunting and gathering. You give them a single ounce of power in the (failed) practicing concept of "egalitarianism" and they want to bewitch you for everything you've done for them. Next time a stupid cuntwad posts a tweet about how they've been sexually victimized by an athletic jock whom left their worthless cum-storage physical body in a backalley because they all threw themselves at the same person in a club please kindly remind them that they ought to be gratefully thanking that cool dude for allowing them to live after-the-fact anyways. If it was up to worthless femmes to advance the world we woulda probably never been procreated beyond Adam and Eve seeing that bitches are too dumb to advance agriculture by mastering the science of planting seeds and feeding a village of growing population. Hungry you dumb cunts? Yeah, #metoo. Go cry wolf and bitch about how every men who has ever existed for the purpose of advancing human civilization was out to 'rape' you. Fuck off you valueless dumb subhuman cum-dumpsters.


If you want to look for a pitifully pathetic music subculture that has absolutely zero potential for growth and be taken seriously by big mainstream industry playersrest assured you'll have to look no further than the genre of hardcore. In every other scene even as crappy as raving EDM, crust punk, jazz, death metal, or bohemian fucking hippie fucking raggae you have promoters and bands working together alongside each other to support their growth. Promoters are not adversarial but rather they support their so-called 'competitors' hand-in-hand. Fans welcome newcomers and let them feel at ease when first being exposed to the music. Nobody judges and everybody is just there for a good fucking time. In hardcore the concept of people working together and welcoming new people in a non-judgmental paradigm is an absolute non-practicable concept despite of how much they vouch that it's somewhere mysteriously deep embedded in their roots and principles. There isn't a scene more hypocritical than your standard American hardcore. What is unity of out of towners come to a show and gets into pit beef with local crew members and then get told to leave after a parking lot beef escalation. Promoters working against each other with their shows as opposed to working together so that the scene grows stronger -- trying to fight for bands for their own towns instead of putting their efforts together so shows can be bigger and more fans can actually be united as opposed to divided. Kids talking shit about bands and each other over Lambgoat while hiding under anonymous facades (and dumbass webmaster doesn't do anything about this and actually allows it to happen because somehow his website claims to supports the industry and not just his own clickbait statistics). Bands skipping towns and even states because other crews do not welcome them playing there and their safety is at risk. Bands breaking up because of crew beef (we're also talking about crews that actually listen to the same genre of music LOL). Band chicks fucking every band member they can find and then incite drama over Facebook over allegations of rape after coming to terms with the realization that they've been fucking prostituting whore their whole entire adolescent lives. Dumb fucking attachment to socio-political ideologies that are actual nonsense in the practice of how a real world can work (i.e. respecting feminism, opening borders to migrants, animal liberation and the list goes on). All of this ultimately boils down to a zero-acceptance of outsiders and outside-views other than their own in what is somehow ironically a self-proclaimed most accepting music scene in the world. It is a wonder why nobody ever takes this scene seriously and hardcore itself contains the seeds to its own destruction. Ten or twenty years down the road these idiot promoters, crew leaders, and mosh-kings whose identity has been developed through their golden ages of the hardcore scene when they've yet to alienate everybody away from coming to their shows are left astray and wondering ... what the hell happened to their beloved and well-cherished scene they've apparently given everything to... when in reality the fact that "given everything" actually meant doing everything in their power to ostracize others and making it the most toxic environment in the world for anyone to continue supporting or simply taking interest in checking out. Look at all these bands that have been disbanded after three years due to non-business viability. Look at all these labels that go defunct because they cannot last. Look at all these festivals gone due to drama, bankruptcy, crew-beef and whatever. Look at all the venues elitists has destroyed. Look at the people split apart because little differences of one core genre differs from another core genre. Look at how crews pit themselves against one another and towns don't associate with other towns. Look at all these kids who can't grow up. Ladies and gentleman, here we present you hardcore music in a nutshell.


When the failed paradigm of liberal education led by our pro-marxist multicultural globalists has taught you that you could be anything when you were young, God-forbid they meant you could be an overweight sex-changed transvestite nig-nig parading the streets of San Francisco; or an AIDS-stricken Hispanic illegal alien homelessly sleeping outside of safe-injection sites during late hours withdrawing from his heroin habits. Or a filthy Muslim terrorist destroying a once-white neighbourhood by building mosques in Deerham Michigan and plotting the next mass massacre (one that CNN will once again attempt to convince you as an 'unique and isolated' incident). It is a wonder how our mindless post-millenial generation who are captivated by their smartphones and social media will unlearn everything they've ever been given and taught in our contemporary this day and age and what will happen once they -- gasp -- reproduce and have kids of their own. These globalists, liberals, and technocrats fail to see the consequences of their own actions and bury their heads in the sand so they can willfully be blind of where they are driving human civilization to a place of its ultimate irreversible doom. But it's okay. Because at least worldstar hiphop will serve to comatose you while you are disconnected with what's happening around you. And bhad barbie has a new rap video for all you closet pedophiles to secretly masturbate to. What a fucking age we live in. What a joke.


The democrats and the criminal Obama and Clinton administration would love to turn this country into nothing more than a third world country. Oh welcome to America. The next Mexico and Middle East. Meanwhile look at what post-apartheid era has done to Zimbabwe and is on the verge of doing to South Africa now that land is being expropriated back in the hands of the negroes at the expense of white farmer's safety and lives. Absolute atrocity what all these inferior races are turning our once-prospering western nations into. Ethnic minorities incompatible with acclimating to capitalist societies crying for political correctness: the most failed framework and experiment that defies all common sense in terms of what common sense is. Funny how album's titled Old World Harm when the New World is the actual threat. California is being turned into a fucking slum with this multicultural floodgate of illegal aliens and migrants destroying what's left of the once a first-world American dream. Amazing work. This is the liberal paradise you live in. And it's definitely gonna get better over time when the liberals and democratic oligarchs continue to have their way with our western world.


Want to know what the answer to this parasitic muslim infestation of the western world is? Very obviously all one's gotta do is seal up the borders and deport all the muslimes themselves. But of course the liberal braindead retards are trying to make you do some mental gymnastics into repetitively attempting to convince you that those failure-of-westernized-barbarians aren't the real problem but rather shit that has to do with mental health and gun control are. Rather than exercising the occam's razor and point to the most obvious and in-your-face explanation which points at the fact that these people are unadaptable subhuman neanderthals they want you to believe every other reason but. And then you have some terrorist named Faisal Hussain shooting at a restaurant in Toronto's Greektown and then his family and the media doing everything they can to cover up his al qaeda involvement meanwhile he's obviously pledged allegiance and sympathy with its radical elements and even have ties in movements in Pakistan. But nope of course it's all mental health in the end. Love how his family has the say to make a first statement to get us to sympathize with them before the 15 victims' families did. One of the casualties was a ten year old and the other was an eighteen year old nurse student and both females. Of course he was a victim of mental health though. Because I bet nothing in the Quran and Mohammed the prophet's life suggests that the religion and culture itself is the most inhumane and oppressive doctrine to females. Toronto. What a liberal cuckland full of leftists and vile terrorist sympathizers. You can definitely thank Trudeau of that too. What a fucking day and age the west lives in. Watch these parasites establish jihadland in your homeland and brutalize your wives and daughters while the media convinces you that it's your own fault because being white is the worst crime of all.


I refuse to acknowledge the one of your 1000 apparently existing gender pronouns you stupid filthy degenerate homosexual transvestites. Not even if you sliced off your already-microscopic with a cleaver and stapled the void with a slab of meat which you label as your clitoris. This is the problem with giving these so-called "minorities" a voice when they attempt to overthrow patriarchal traditions. They turn the fucking world into a mess and ruin academia and all that's good with it. It's about time we put a stop to this retarded non-sensible crap. Gender may not be binary but you're either a fucking male or a female because that's how biology has programmed us and if you want to argue with science then go live in your own virtual reality and off yourself from this planet. Homophobia and transphobia my ass. Go prosthetically sew yourself another genitalia and fuck yourself with it so you can procreate asexually you backward subhuman apes. Jordan Peterson - a university professor in Canada - was the best as stirring a controversy among academics by vehemently refusing to accept or even acknowledge this liberal non-binary crap that's turning our enlightenment age into a cesspool of disinformation and mess. Get the fuck out of here and slowly die of AIDS as you all ought to do in your safe injection clinics. What a fucking bunch of vile atrocities among our existence. I would like to do nothing more than castrate each and every single one of these species (below even animals because even animals are sensible of what sex they are) and hang their organs on display in a museum of liberal paradise and let people know what their awesome generation has become. Wake the fuck up you stupid delusional faggots. Or you don't and simply let another chancellor like Angela Merkel destroy your country like she has perfectly done to Germany and Europe that will soon implode within.


When America celebrates its individual and libertarian values they probably never envisioned a society in such chaos. A whole cesspool of disenfranchised young people that's been product of being 'unique' 'different' and 'whoever the fuck you want to be'. They never thought that this sort of attitude would displace people rather than bind them. When modernity takes its toll on people it breeds insanity and mental illness. Then the pharmaceutical companies step in and try to relieve the same sort of problem that corporate entities and mainstream media is causing in the first place. Now we have younger generations of hypermodernized maniacs who are impulsively obsessed with vanity and immediate gratifications over life-long planning and spiritual well being. Then you wonder why kids are more disenfranchised and ostracized than ever in this day and age. Now give them the easy accessibility to firearms they go boom boom bang bang. Another school bites the dust. Another dozens of families ravaged and torn. Another society plunders within. Another empire inevitably falls. Do people still ask why? Take a good look at your failing selves and fucking thank your failures within.


Eighteen Visions wrote this album twenty years ago in 1998 (yes I'm an old fart I know) and it was a serious premonition of the future of North America and the western world. Mass school shootings an average of once a week. Deadly opiod/fentanyl pandemic roaming wild in every urban and suburban towns. Black Lives Matter. Unfettered immigration and liberal cucks wanting to poke more holes in our southern border to let more parasitic MS-13 affiliated gang members in. Hollywood banking off decadence and moral decay. Nine year old female hip hop and trap artists breeding pedophilia and banking off adult generations. Radically fat and hideous feminist twats convincing you that sex is apparently fluid and one can have over one hundred genders contrary to concrete mathematics and science. School system failing each and every child at an astronomical rate. Multiculturalism running amuck and open border policies are literally allowing terrorists to destroy what were once-safe neighbouhoods where doors needn't be locked. Liberal biased politicians and press coverage convincing you this is a good thing. People still literally still believe there's no difference between race and sexual genders like they're boxed in and completely deprived of common sense. Oh lifeless America (and perhaps Canada on a worse level with their floodgate of immigration). Our land of the free.


There is a large concentration of suburban white Americans with mixed opinions on guns. Not all of them are redneck pro-gun NRA supporting hicks like the leftist media would like to portray them as. Nor are they extremely 'distrustful' of government per-se because unless you're the Clinton administration there is no way a government body would fully act against the interest of the citizens and expect to survive their length of power whether guns are involved or not. There is a more BASIC and FUNDAMENTAL reason as to why white America needs to bear arms: To fend off uncivilized and savagely filthy spics and niggers that would otherwise overdominate and annihilate them. Thanks to their open border policies for the past eight years of Obama's failed administration more white American population from suburban and rural regions are becoming survivalists than ever. Knowing that one day there will be a civil race war between the fucking black lives matter apes (a movement with absolutely zero substance) where under-evolved negroids with genetic handicaps will run buck and rape and pillage the last bits of what were once the western frontier. White America initially civilized by protestant ethics and good Samaritan nature has been forced to stockpile weapons and prepare to live off grid in case the inferior but aggressive hispanics and Africoons invade into their rightful pieces of lands. So in technicality do they appreciate mass school shootings? Nope. This is a byproduct of owning things necessary for self-defence in a country ravaged by multicultural failures and minorities being parasites and causing the decline of the western nation. So it's quite easy for other countries to denounce their pro-gun amendment as if most other countries has a much of a nigger-running-buck problem to deal with. Any country viewing this issue from a third party perspective can easily see this. But your Jewish-ran pro-Black-Lives-Matter media will tell you it'd be best if you give up your guns. So that the white race can be pillaged and exterminated in a genocidal bloodbath one day at the hands of biologically and genetically backward ape niggers. Let this go on ladies and gentleman. Continue to fund Obamacare outta taxpayers' pockets. Welcome to America -- a fifth world nation in less than a century from now.


I can't get over how funny dumb igloo dwelling Canuck fucks are. Instead of talking about this band let's talk about that ridiculously stupid subarctic territory which its polar bears are probably smarter than its people. 

Evidence for my claim? 

Let's take a look at the recent case of Alek Minnasian. That stupid fucking dumb piece of shit Arab looking terrorist that mowed down over 16 people in Toronto is apparently a sexually deprived virgin who worshiped Elliot Rodgers because of a Facebook post? LOL. Great. Now the media can attack men furthermore and enforce radical feminism without tackling the real root of the fucking issue. Want to know something about filthy arabs? They have been acclaimed throughout their cultural history for oppressing and slaughtering women for any little ounce of disobedience shown to men. Moreover their peoples have been slaughtering and massacring and genociding each other since the fucking dawn of time before Christ was even conceived because of their genetic failure to mark themselves as civilized people. None of this is ever blamed upon themselves which is the most obvious and sensible explanation. Instead people attack Christianity for their "crusades" which was utter nonsense as well because the crusades were done in self-defense because Europe back then didn't wanna holster a Shariah flag like they suicidally do now. None of this has ever been talked about in our biased media that practices censorship. So instead of tackling the real issue of immigration and refugees and Arabic takeover of the western states (and the harm they do to our people within), the media puts a spin that it's all about chauvanism and alienated men becoming radicalized. The real radicalization is still what's deeply inherent within Muslim Arabic men but of course their citizens refuse to believe that and their ball-less mainstream press wouldn't touch it with a ten foot Muslim dick. But yup, thanks to a fuckin trivial post on his account that meant nothing (nothing more than a joke according to anyone's basic understanding), the media centers "INCELS" around a fake reason to detract us from the real issue that is Muslim people ruining lives in the west. So hey liberal bleeding hearts and dumb fucking social justice warriors and femme-twats, want to fight patriarchy and justice for female rights? How about getting your deadbeat ladyboy prime minister Trudeau to shut off the border to all Muslim and refugee migration you fucking soft ass spineless pussy. But he'll never lift a finger to do anything to protect your national sovereignty because he's a fucking emasculated birth-defected "pretty-boy" with the brain of a single celled amoeba. Next time a radical muslim shoots up a mall or a school I can't wait till the liberal Canadian media scapegoating another problem. Such as ... oh, this guy is somehow an opponent of technology therefore we need to ban all technology that enforces free speech. Good one you fucking dumbass tools. Your rhetoric and politics make a whole lotta sense. Enjoy the decline of your laughable excuse of a country you miserably suicidal policy-making twats.


Doesn't it suck when you're like in your thirties and still have no idea what you're doing with your life? Well I bet that wasn't a problem for Erik Ellison who was sentenced for racketeering and gang related activities who has to spend over twenty years in prison LOL. Perhaps when your stupid ass 2000's era moshcore-metalcore garbage doesn't sell then you ought to resort to something else to make ends meet. Didn't he want to release a recorded album from deeply entrenched hellhole that is his sausage-fest jailhouse as well? I can just imagine three hundred heavy built and overweight niggers going buck over generic breakdowns and stage diving onto each other in the shower room over his generic open chord breakdowns that he plays as an under talented guitarist. This 'musician' definitely picked the right route to go in life during his twenties. Proud parents must have gloated to their neighbours about their angelic son "making a living off being a talented musician". Oh well. Sometimes I'll be honest. When hardcore kids who are in their thirties now look at where they are in life perhaps there are a few who honestly wish they went down that path as well. For drug dealing home invasions racketeering and weapon smuggling would be far more lucrative and worthy in the end than the deadbeat factory jobs they are stuck with now. At least there's THIS IS HARDCORE 2018 to look forward to where people feel united in a scene when women fouly cry sexual assault and lie straight out from their teeth. What a fucking pathetic state hardcore is in today. Get killed.


Liferuiner (aka xLiferuinerx before they dropped the faulty edge bracket for being nothing but absolute POSERS throughout their entire career) is the biggest fucking joke in the era of 00's hardcore. Fat fuck chef Jonny OC none other than a pretentious faux-edge pedo who got his ass kicked every single fucking show in the States that they unfortunately had the courage to travel to but never enough balls to fight. Once they fucking pussied out of continuing their tours one they got replaced with a new Liferuiner outfit from the States with some hilarious face-tattooed Asian ape. LOL. Anyone RECOGNIZE this atrocity? Absolute fat fuck didn't even hold enough dignity to continue playing their own music that they got their ass handed to them each and every city. Perhaps if that dipshit (original) vocalist of theirs didn't pretend to be edge and (apparently) played at gay clubs in his home town while barely held up a cooking job and spiked his food and drinks to intoxicate young girls twenty years younger than he is then they wouldn't have met their fate. Look at this fucking album cover. They think they're bikers. Dont' forget to attach your training wheels while wearing pads because you might get hurt worse than your shows back in Indiana and Ohio you absolute fucking pathetic jokes. Come back anytime for round #7433235. The States is ready to well-receive the shit EP's you've been released after wrongfully choosing to not end your try-hard-hxc-now-turned-shitty-melodic-metalcore pussy-ass musical career.

EXPIRE - With Regret

The recent Tumblr shenanigan of stupid scene-sluts-turned-feminist-social-justice-twats calling out that fuckboy Zach Dear from Expire is one of the myriad of examples over the past few years telling us one thing: the hardcore community as a whole really isn't a healthy community. Why nobody in the big music industry take this scene seriously is a wonder for anyone with two strands of brain cells.

Members of these jocky tough-guy bands, during their rise to affluence in their local community, gain the confidence to become chauvinistic and promiscuous pigs, and exploit their local groupie-whores at any rate they can. And the fangirls, because they are fucking whores themselves during their teenagehood, would throw themselves at these assholes at blink of eye. These pathetic fucking sluts and tramps have issues closing their legs to especially the biggest douchebags of the scene with the hopes that one day they'll be acknowledged on stage when the bands get signed. But that doesn't happen because since most of them are throwing themselves at the same few dudes, they get used and disposed quicker than a cum-rag gets tossed in garbage. Fast track five years down the road when the band gains recognition on an international scale, these women realize they've been forgotten miserably by the band members whom they offered to be cum-buckets to while they were young. Instead of facing the music and acknowledge they are all filthy whores, they graduate from their local community colleges with a useless "liberal arts" degree (LOL) and begin espousing liberal values on the internet. Crying out loud as an "oppressed sexual gender" they decry about nonsense like institutional patriarchy and sexual abuse of men. This helps them cope with the fact that they've been rampantly slutty when they were young (something they still refuse to admit). Empowered by cringe-worthy social media platforms like tumblr and twitter, they create this toxic "call-out culture" that consists of screen capturing other people's messages and posts to 'publicly shame' them. Women  in general, especially those in the hardcore scene, are toxic dramatic freaks and love to get attention and praise at other people's expense and misery. When they are miserable, watch out, because they'll bring you down to their level. Which is why there's been at least a thousand cases like this. Stupid bitches who partake in gossiping and sensationalism and cry wolf about being sexually abused when they were young slutty fourteen year olds. But it's all hearsay accusation that will NEVER have a single ounce of merit in court. No evidence, no proof, no burden of anything, just words proliferated by femmes. If women ran the earth we'd still be fucking looking for the wheel. And now that technology gives everyone an equal voice to proliferate their bullshit, it sucks that the stupidest bunch of femme twats get the same amount of attention as famous writers and technological whitepaper writers and researchers who are actually writing to change the world and not bring others down in allegations that doesn't have a molecule of substance of evidence. If I fucked half the band fuckboys in my town till my mid-twenties and realized I've been a disposable piece of trash of course I'd feel pathetic and worthless enough to make a tumblr page about a guy who's fucked me over 'cause he wouldn't give me backstage passes after the 10,000th fellatio given. How unfortunate you dumb skanks. Rather than wake up and smell the coffee you have to join some social-justice bandwagon and call out "rapists" when you were more than probably the person who initiated the sexual contact in the first place. Get off the high moral pedastal. Anyone with half a brain can see that you were once a whore (and probably still are but just practicing more cautiously and discreetly).

As for the band members exploiting women for their own sexual gratification. You don't think all this would tumble down one day, do you. How can it? I mean you are the lead singer and representative of the hardcore scene of your town with the population of 2000. You're invincible. I met Expire and had the displeasure of talking to them on numerous occasions. They are a bunch of holier-than-thou and self-entitled assholes who do not think their own shit smells like, well, shit. That pretentious introvert lead singer who pretends like he's tough is a faggot (that's right I said F-A-G-G-O-T). It's the same guys who preach about what real hardcore is on stage when they profitably tour with bands like Senses Fail (yes this actually happened). The same sort of hypocritical asswipes who contradict themselves by preaching and espousing sanctimonious values of altruism and progressive principles and virtues and at the same time degrade women and treat their fanbase like shit. They talk and write like they're saints meanwhile it's not hard to see just like everything else in hardcore it is just a facade because they're shitty fucking people that made a career out of teaching kids how to be shitty to one another. And now it's finally backfired. Congratulations twats. Lay in your own bed of nails.

Also, before I sign off today, lemme ask you guys something. Have you guys wondered why this hardly ever happens in the juggalo scene? Street punk scene? Or even the hiphop scene? Most of these artists acknowledge they are fucking scumbags of life and sing and play like they're scumbags. So nobody really raise an eyebrow when they're slimy enough to sleep with underaged females or engage in questionably degenerate acts. But when your whole scene supposedly bases itself off principles of loving thy neighbours, loving your life, becoming a better person, being all inclusive and not exclusive, treating people of all genders and colours like actual people and not animals, the fact that you act completely the opposite of such makes your musical career and your scene even MORE of a despicable cesspool. How many more of this episodes must occur with other tough guy hardcore bands before a scene halts to a grinding death? Save yourself the possibility of a ruined reputation before it's too late: Disband immediately.

Safe space my left fucking nut.

Before I Had Wings - Dethroned

I love how when that dipshit Lil Peep drops dead from the face of the earth due to a drug overdose (a foreseeable consequence by his manager at least half a year prior to the incident as Twitter indicated) there's a movement of eighteen year old social justice warriors trying to justify his death as a form of "mental illness and addiction" and that such debilitating illnesses shouldn't be trivialized or discriminated against. I'm sorry you dumb drug abusing twats. But when you make a career with music videos and lyrical content glamorizing drug abuse and influencing countless amount of younger generation kids who don't know any better and look at you as an influential god-like icon and cannot think for themselves then you technically have blood on your hands for leading them to live that way. It sucks that your own death is one thing but imagine the countless others who will eventually live a life of addiction and overdose while they are trying to be like you. If you are an artist then perhaps you want to think about using your voice and platform to disseminate positive values and positive ways of living life. Instead of being a drug addicted piece of shit whose death ultimately spoke more volume about how our generation ought to live their lives instead. Pathetic how he never preached better while he was alive and it was through his fatality did he send a message to his endearing fans worldwide. I also love how he is eulogized as some sort of saint or God when behind the shadows of all the fad and glamour he's nothing but a drug addicted piece of shit singing shitty auto-tuned tunes that turn other fans into drug-addicted pieces of shit. Sure, drug addiction and mental conditions are no laughing matter. But when you show no accountability as a pop culture idol and influence younger generation into living a life of debauchery as you do then perhaps it's time to cease and desist... with your career, I mean. But I guess in the end it turned out pretty predictable anyways.


You know what's fucking funny about this whole mania with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies all of a sudden? It's completely obvious that nobody has faith in central banking or any of the previous Jewish-lead institutions anymore. The same group of criminal elites that created the whole terrorism fiasco by destabalizing the middle east and creating Isis. The same group of criminals that advocate for "democratic liberal reform" and opening up our borders that allow these culturally-incompatible parasites in and having our women raped (is Europe not a good canary in the coalmine for us to take in yet)? The same fucking group of idiots that tell us multiculturalism is a good thing when everything we've experienced is the opposite. The same group of media moguls that portrait inane groups with no substance such as Black Lives Matter in a positive narrative as if they are not vandals and terrorists but wronged victims of this social injustice that we can't find anywhere this day and age. People are waking up to what their education system has informed them and they are deprogramming themselves now. Not just white America (as if who said I am even white myself?) but the whole western empire that's about to fall and crumble. While it is gonna get far worse before it gets better one thing is for certain and that is the common people are not going to stand for what these criminal elites have posed for us anymore. Back to bitcoin though, look at the devaluation of our fiat currency. While Wall Street can decry cryptocurrencies as a ponzi scheme at first, but look at what they are doing now? Adopting onto it. Major investment companies are buying these coins at an ludicrously astronomical price. Look at what we've become. If there's any light at the end of the tunnel we can only pray the direction we are going will create an eventual revolution in which we no longer have to rely on the dysfunctional ecosystems these major global institutional monopolies have created for us.


In retrospect when you look at these shitty prog-metalcore bands from 2009 to 2014 you must first figure out some of the following questions -- (1) what the fuck do their names even mean; (2) why are they not around anymore; and last but not least (3) why are some of the most prominent booking and tour agencies not around anymore, such as Warped Tour, which is now scheduling its last run next year in 2018. There are many more questions a semi-intelligent scene kid in their 20's may ask but for simplicity's sake we'll omit those questions.

The answers to the aforementioned three questions are relatively simple for anyone with half a brain. (1) They never fucking mean anything other than an artsy-fartsy literary play of words; (2) because band members are fucking each others' underaged girlfriends and realizing they needed a skilled professional designation from college in their twenties after making no ends with failed music careers; and (3) promoters never work together to make scenes thrive but instead work against each other in something destined to fail. It simply doesn't help that many of those then-high-school slut whores who used to sleep with their pedophile rock star idols now grew to their twenties and got a lousy liberal arts degree in feminism or international studies (LOL) realized they whored themselves to rock stars who didn't give a rat's ass about them. Unable to appreciate the fact that they're still nobodies, they use tumblr as a "female empowering" tool to decry against their former affair band members sexual assault because they once fucked after an all-ages show.

This fucking scene was never destined to go anywhere. This industry was condemned to fail. All these privileged suburban upper-middle-class tattooed-whores are what is causing the declination of this music community and ultimately the western empire. They are unable to compete with the fact that other genres, some as gay as dubstep and drum and bass actually, use internet to empower their scene and let people in. And that people actually go to shows elsewhere in the city and NOT feel a sense of discomfort from twitters and tumblr shit-talkers and ex's who are fucking others' ex's. You probably can't deal with the fact that other genres are actually communities with fans who genuniely appreciate each other and not grown-ass femme-children who decry band members for "sexual assault" the minute they turn 22 because they regret whoring themselves back in middle school. (And it's just as ironic as these women gradually grow out of the hardcore scene ironically they are simply doing the same to DJ's and touring personalities at trance and house clubs).

Grow up you fucking idiots. Enjoy the decline of the metalcore/hardcore fad that was never meant to be. Maybe when your families' mutual fund runs out you'll actually struggle to work to make a living and realize what it's actually like to establish real relationships and act like real fucking human being. Meanwhile enjoy the free album piracy because I love contributing to artists making no money off their shitty work.

Close Grip - In Memory of Brad & Demo 2014

Isn't it hilarious and insulting how they dedicate a bunch of nu-metal tracks to their ex jock-vocalist who got shot outside a fucking show in Utah for being a buck white trash nig and antagonizing the wrong people from the wrong part of town. Not trying to be insensitive but isn't that ridiculous. I guess Brad has nu-metal in his eulogy now just like this shitty nu-metal band. I don't mean to dis a dead dude in poor taste, but when you are crowd killing and starting fights because you think you run shit in your local scene, and then pushing fights outside to the parking lot and threatening people while holding weapons, expect to get your fucking ass knocked out. It's just too tragic this guy didn't deserve the severity of the outcome. But this illustrates a serious issue with suburban hardcore scenes raising paper-tiger alpha male gimps: plenty of these dumbass upper middle class thugs think they're able to prove their strength and self-worth by biting off more than what they can chew. And when something happens to them and their scene because of a confrontation with a real hood nigga from a totally different level of neighbourhood and socio-economic stratification it demonstrates just how OF OUT TOUCH these ex-scene-kids-turned-jock-thugs are with reality. Real niggers will come and slaughter you gimps in a second, fuckbois. Real drug dealers will kill YOU for wearing that KILL YOUR LOCAL DRUG DEALER shirt. Yet at the same time these unfortunately privileged little white twats flaunt their tough guy gangster persona's like they actually have an ounce of convict nigger-like mentality within them. Way to shoot yourselves in the foot, fools. Look at the demo album on the top compared to the rest in peace commemoration album below it. First one shows some buck wild bank robber guy in a ski-mask which is no doubt what this Brad guy is trying to pose off as, until he unfortunately got shot and had the second memorial album dedicated to his life with a eulogizing photo of his innocent "passion about music" and "was a good dad" looking face.

Soul Search - Bury The Blame

This lead singer's name is Omar and he looks like a fat fucking Arab LOL enough fucking said. I hope Al Jazeera gives them a review and zero fucking stars as the Arab-centric press shows no aptitude of understanding western culture and only support the acts of Islamic terrorism that marks the inevitable decline of the west. Anyone with half a brain has already realized that multiculturalism is the biggest curse and failed experiment of the twenty-first fucking century. Rome has collapsed in the past and it wouldn't take long for the western empire to abolish itself with its pitiful liberal policies and Shariah Law to take place soon enough without wait.

Embrace Today - We Are The Enemy

The biggest disease we have in hardcore this day and age is the "politically correct" climate accentuated by faggot bands like TURNSTILE and retarded feminazi-social-justice-warrior platforms like Tumblr that proliferates its cancer. Whatever happened to just believing whatever the fuck you want without conforming to what is "socially justifiable"? Whatever happened to being buck wild and violent without wanting to change the world, one stupid unisex washroom and wheelchair accessible venue installed at a time? What the fuck is wrong with you stupid emasculated men who aren't beating up women standing by the circumference of pits nowadays like ya'll did in 2005? Whatever happened to just taking shit a ton of drugs and stop pretending to the world that you're not down with recreational alcoholic consumption (meanwhile we all know the real reason for your abstinence is simply because your social anxiety medication doesn't mix well with booze you fucking pussy). I will not ask for your pronoun before I call you a HE-SHE-FAGGOT. And if you have autism or is on the spectrum I won't hesitate to refer to you as a grade A retard. Get a fucking life or jump off a cliff. The choice is yours. Trump era is a dawning of a new millennium and we've had it with all you stupid fucking retarded sexually confused and castrated weaboo homosexual twats.

Ghost x Ship - I Still Believe

Another terrorist attack in town (London Bridge, Manchester, wherever, you fucking name it...) and another day where the libtards are telling us it's only an isolated incident. Have you looked at Japan or South Korea? None of the most prosperously functioning first world countries would ever accept accept the migrant nonsense the way westerners would. And at the same time nobody ever critiques them for being backwards because they're admired for the quality of societies and cohesiveness. While we sit back and hate ourselves for our western values that made us who we are, we can take in comfort that there will be others in our society who will destroy it for us. I don't Still Believe in this day and age. I believe in nothing but our untimely destruction (which of course we only have ourselves responsible to blame for). Bring on the motherfucking entropy and let's party!

Empire of Rats - No Peace EP

The real empire of rats in the western society are all the migrants that you bleeding heart fucking liberals are fighting so hard to keep in despite of the fact that they're single handedly ruining your country. How do you tolerate intolerance? And deal with people who have nothing but contempt for your nations and culture. Every time they come out and massacre your people, the media as well as you stupid ass white guilters say apparently it's an isolated incident, and that your society well deserves the reign of terror these radical hate groups exercising upon your people, because your 'government administration' has done imperial campaigns upon those shitskins' middle east territories. Not only your people are getting slaughtered left right and center, you're still supporting an endlessly open floodgate for these parasites to rape and murder your women and children. Look at some of the most flourishing capitalist countries in East Asia that's a paradise for all people to want to travel and live in. None of these nations by any policy will put up with that whatsofuckingever. But only the inevitable decline of the west will accelerate at the pace its going so now because your liberal/democrat leaders are too much of lameducks to want to take rigorous actions to stamp them out. When a president, like Trump, is audacious enough to want to finally act upon something, he's framed as the devil's disciple. Ask yourself how much longer your society can put up with. Ask yourself how much more you can take of this before your collective existence is wiped out by these subhuman parasites. Ask yourself how long you can wait and let this all happen before the Empire of Rats finally take its dominance in the great west that's now being pummeled into oblivion.

Years Spent Cold - Moving Heaven to Hell

An old classic of Philly's FSU bands. I remember when these guys were put on a tour with Liferuiner back in the late 2000's and they immediately responded with hostile complication, which then resulted in a very short blunt statement of "WE ARE NOT FUCKING TOURING WITH LIFERUINER" and dropping out of the touring ensemble. Absolutely fucking hilarious. Or should I say, xLIFERUINERx. Jonny OC, what a fat fucking low life pedophile hitting on underaged women at shows while claiming false edge. Now he's a chef apparently, and a father. Guess those two interests still keep him from retiring from loving young meat. It'd be nice to see Years Spent Cold play more shows again. I'll personally be in the east coast to stir up an absolute shitstorm.

Plus Minus - Progression Through Ignorance

So I heard Baton Rouge is definitely the place to be right now. Three more cops gunned down and many more wounded. And then you have that faggot nigger Boosie opening up his mouth speaking about human rights. What the fuck does an ape like this care about humanitarian dignity? Look at these ape monkeys chasing after crack and women like monkeys do with banana's. The only solution to this serious race issue in America, is that if the blacks want their own state to govern after themselves, then they can move over to that state and have full autonomy over it. Call it a confederation or whatever, but move all the goddamn niggaz over to their own place, and watch it "succeed" & "prosper" like South Africa and Zimbabwe did after the apartheid. But they'll never make it on their own. It will be a fucking slum. Congratulations America. You've officially become a third world nation by giving these abhorrent parasites a chance to "integrate and acclimate" into your system. I hope all the policymakers sleep well with this at night.

More Than Life - Love Let Me Go

France is officially in a state of emergency after a truck drove into Bastille Day festival eight months after the Paris attack. Of course, they're only in a state of emergency NOW as opposed to eight months ago. Of course Obama still refuses to speculate what may be the cause (as press is probably gonna spin it off as radical far-right groups). Of course it's the fault of western imperialism as per usual. Of course opening up the borders more is the only answer as those all TERRORISTS can only be tamed by unconditional love into countries with values that they grew up loathing. Of course ten lives in a developed nation isn't worth a single sand nigger out in the desert who had his house torn apart when the States were trying to disarm Saddam (who was actually brutalizing his own people worse than any intervention in history). Ask yourself, you fucking leftists, liberals, and white apologists. How much more of this can we take as a western alliance? How many more innocents will die before we finally flight back to what was a declaration of war scores ago? How many more white apologist articles need to be written convincing us that this is all well deserved? How many more times are we going to tell them that it's okay, and we're all gonna bend over like little bitches?

Ask yourself that before you goto sleep tonight under the security of your own roof and assume you'll always have the luxury of your cities uninvaded by those who despise you. Keep having venomous snakes inside of your house under the pretense that not all of them are bad and never get bitten. 

Exit the fucking union you fucking worthless pussies.

American Standards - Still Life

The only legitimate black rights movements are the radical separatist movements. They believe that black people can never achieve freedom and happiness insofar as they're submissively "dominated" by the current system. I'm not sure whether that's true or not, but if by what they're saying, they want a Separate Nation For All Blacks then sure, let 'em have it. Let's make and sacrifice one state a confederate and move 'em all there. I vow for somewhere in the south that nobody cares about, like perhaps Florida (since it's gone to shit due to their migratory influence anyways). Make the borders patrolled from the rest of the goddamn states and watch 'em live long and prosper there. But is it ever gonna happen? Have we seen what happened with Zimbabwe and South Africa over the past two decades? You don't have to establish a black independence wherever domain you're at, nigga! White flight's already one step ahead of you because the ones running away are the ones capable of thinking about THEIR quality of living. Whenever the separatists get their own agendas honored, then perhaps one day we'll be living the real American Standards. Until then, keep shooting officers and adding to the deadly racial tension the nation has been suffering the worst of since the sixties. And you can thank your monkey president Obama for doin' all he could to preach equality and making America better by bringing the "changes" promised since 2008.

Constraints - Self Titled

Don't you love running into faggy little suburban twats at shows in suburban community centers in the summer and have them telling you that they grew up listening to Bad Brains and Minor Threat while trying to throw in a few converge albums to make it seem like their claim of scene credibility legitimate? And then make a pop punk band years after realizing that their hardcore bandwagon has sailed past its hipster era? Awful, awful generation of self titled mutual fund babies who tries to make their irrelevant presence on earth influential.

This fucking faggotry is so bad I had to put a bullet to my head while listening just to stop the pain from surging in my brain.

Champion - Promises Kept

I have one thing to say about that pedophile Jim who is apparently being accused by some fat tattooed feminist bitch who regretted being a fucking slut at the age of fourteen for the sake of having her fat hideous ass accepted into the hardcore scene.


My experience with women are that they're simply sluts, period. Though I've been on the benefiting end, I'm not dumb enough to let my pleasure receiving side blind me from realizing what they actually are. They don't just want any guys, they want a handful of THOSE guys. Those guys, reputably stacked up in full confidence because of the countless amount of women they slept with, is exactly what makes other girls lust for them. Despite the fact that females claim they don't like guys who are chauvinistic player pigs, their subconscious and desire are making them do the complete opposite of that claim. An explanation for this is deep rooted in animal biology, where the females of the herds usually have a propensity to go for the the flashiest and the most rabid animal of the herd. So the alpha male of the group who's seen engaging in the most reproduction will always have more females thrown at him. But another explanation for this stupid phenomena is that women are whores and they're constantly at war with each other thus feels the need to compete. Which is why even in philanthropic movements like feminism there's so many fragmented divisions because these dumb liberal art scholars who spent decades in their flakey "academia studies" cannot even agree or make a clear cut definition on what their values are.

Which leads us to this stupid fat bitch who used to fuck around with band members ten years ago when she was a little fat ugly self-conscious and insecure teenager. She was yearning for acceptance from dominant males in the hardcore scene because of course she never had any traits for her to belong in any contemporary/popular groups. And of course, sleeping with band members and older men in the hardcore scene has NEVER been an isolated phenomenon anywhere. It goes from the US to Poland to even fucking South Korea and Japan. Not even exclusively in hardcore for god's sakes. When a group of relatively young, and attractive (not used to describe this hideous bitch of course) are put together in a social clique together it often becomes incestuous and unhealthy after a while. Back to the story though. This status-seeking bitch was obviously trying to make something out of herself, but of course, it went unrecognized because not every man who's thrown with a lot of girls want anything to do with most of them. Especially one that looks like her.

Eight years later, the constant misery and dejection felt by this poor lonesome girl turns her into a fat woman-studies advocating bitch, who starts blaming men for her plights in life. She flips through a few books of sociology and feminism and now thinks she's a fucking scholar and game changer. Still full of baggage from being fucked and chucked and unable to reconcile with the fact that she's simply a fucking whore, she feels the need to use Tumblr and Facebook as voice to call out those who's fucked her over previously in life and start a whole internet sensationalism about it. Being heard makes her feel important. In a superficial world where nobody really gives a shit if you're ugly, not even if you slept with the lead singer of a straight edge band years ago.

The reason why this handful of alpha males in every hardcore/metalcore scene continues to do this kinda shit is not because they intentionally wanna fuck over every woman they meet. It's because they have no conscience of what they're doing is wrong because society (and especially women) has never programmed it in for them throughout their upbringing. They constantly get showered with attention of women who are desperately competing to sleep with them, so they think it's a dime a dozen. They may have a faint idea that there's something not right about this but at the end of the day it's not enough to substantiate any care. Why would you care as well? If you had dozens of bitches tossing themselves at you weekly are you not gonna exercise your rights to practice hedonism at their expense? They may not even understand they're ultimately hurting people. If anything they think they're being heroes for giving their fans the time of day.

Then, may I ask, who is exactly to blame for this type of behaviour? Of course men would take the flack for the wrongdoings. Because though brain-dead feminist twats are claiming to voice for gender equality, what they're actually doing is the opposite. They say women should have the right to dress however slutty they want, and be the proprietary agents to sleep with whoever they want, but then the minute they feel like they're fucked over by men who are unfazed by their pitiful presence, all of a sudden they cry abuse and oppression. Patriarchy is really the source of your problems you stupid bitch? Go contact the obama administration and change the constitution and place a vote for Hilary  this year you stupid bitch (and by golly you probably will).

It certainly doesn't help nowadays that with platforms like Tumblr and "politically correct hardcore" that social justice warriors (who are fed up with the world because of their own specific personal shortcomings) now have a voice to challenge the hypocrisy of their scene. On one hand they say they stand against shit like that but on the other hand they're out doing exactly just that. If you're out there doing just that, then may I ask, why the fuck are you instilling values in the younger generation to voice against it? If your messages were more like hip hop, like fuck bitches and make money, then go ahead... but why be a part of a scene where everybody goes out and pisses in a pool while wearing bathing suits that says "don't piss in the pool"?

To decry men for doing what they do is an outlet for women all over the world nowadays, and it's a powerful one. It creates a checks and balance system for people, like Jim Hesketh, to stop continuing his exploitative charades of younger women. But still, to denounce men for doing what they are biologically programmed to do because of your obnoxious "feminist gender-equality values" is a betrayal to human fucking nature through the evolutionary ladders. I will leave this funny excerpt I found somewhere on the internet that depicted this scandal in full details.
Since the beginning of human history males (Neanderthals to early humans) have evolved for one purpose: reproduce. When we crawled out of caves during the ice age searching to roaming the plains of Africa most of us didn't survive past 20 years old. Sexual maturation set us on the path for one purpose and that was to spread our seed as far and as wide as we could. In the pre-modern/ancient era the Greeks & Romans developed what came to be known as civilization and we began to live longer and with more ease relative to our origins. The drive for sex and reproduction continued. Men subjugated this drive by having sex with one another. In fact it was celebrated and revered as a stage those men inhabited until they were of age to have a spouse and passing on their family's blood line and property. That was until Constantine forced Rome to convert to a Jewish cult that came to be known as Christianity. The peculiar mores of this new cult replaced the lives of the Romans and suddenly the natural instincts of humans, particularly males, was deemed evil and corrupt. To the women, I'm sorry you've been lied to. From your religion to entertainment,you've been served an image of emasculated men who have no sex drive & who mirrors yourself & your desires. Men are brutes. That is what they were created for. From the hair they grow to their stout, erect cocks, men were created to breed. It's in their blood. Any man who will tell you that they can't understand how Jim could do what he's been accused of here are lying to you or worse, lying to themselves. It is time we throw off these shackles that over 2,000 years ago were placed on our minds and our bodies. We are sexual beings created to f*ck. This notion that the genders are all equal has led to further frustration. Men & women are wonderfully different. It's time to recognize that. 

To the men, do not deny your sexuality. Every pore is screaming to breed. It is what you were created for. You were able to have an erection in your mother's womb. Puberty invades your brain & body before you're even a teenager. To deny this is to deny your own physiology. The choice you have is how you express that. As the shackles of Christendom eventually subside in our culture & the taboos around homo-sex dry up with it, only then will men be free to be what they were created for. Despite of the age of the politically correct Tumblr social justice campaigns emasculating you by pixels of your computer screen.

This is not a legal case and there are no charges. It's a bunch of hearsay nonsense projected by a bunch of women who used to throw themselves at a guy who wanted nothing to do with them. Keep every ounce of fluid that comes out of your vile vagina to yourself and stop stuffing your obnoxious views into other people's throats by playing the victim card you fucking grotesquely hideous and worthless femme. Keep howling at the moon like the boy who cried wolf... well, worse, The Girl Who Cried Rape.

Remember: Feminists, liberal social justice warriors HATE free speech (despite of going contrary to their self-asserted fundamental values). They will try to get posts like this "taken from the internet for the sake of their victims" and post ludicrous comments saying "this is why victims are so shamed and afraid that they aren't brave enough to come forward". They act as if words would sabotage and hurt them most vulnerably, yet at the same time, they go around and ruin other men's lives with allegations that were once deep rooted in what they caused and/or chose to be compliant with.

Denouncer - Separation

Of course everybody is mourning over the death of fifty something fags in a gay club but nobody is citing radical Islam as the obvious issue except that fucking half-wit Trump (whom is unfortunately the best selection we have on the roster). Let me tell you something about radical Islam you should all know. Recent years in China these radicals would go on stabbing rampages for the sake of a killing spree. On an Egypt airline they detonated a plane and took everyone under. Don't get me started on what they do with explosives in the middle east every month. They've been doing this kind of shit before Christ was even born. Yes, in the BC's, before paper was even discovered let alone gun powder. So believe me when I say the problem isn't really "gun control" like the media detracts you from seeing the elephant in the living room. For the sake of our survival it's about time society begin calling a spade a spade, as oppose of coming off 'politically correct' and 'agreeable'. But it's NOT radical Islam, right? It's anything BUT radical Islam, right? Because I am the radical one, right? No worries though because I'm sure the minute you elect Bernie Sanders he'll fix everything for you.

You fucking idiots will witness the decline of the west.


The best rhetoric to use when debating a pussy ass liberal politically correct social justice warrior is to ultimately use their own arguments against them. They stress equality and diversity to accept people of all colour, culture and sexuality, but yet at the same time they cannot explain how to reconcile the fact that a Muslim majority cannot accept the open gay community. Oh, it's inhumane to shut the borders to a bunch of mudslimes who have no respect for our society and wants to exploit it and kill everyone within for the establishment of Sharia Law? Okay then let's let them in. Oh it's wrong to hate gays? Okay then, live and let live. But none of these shortwired imbeciles who preach for this sort of human rights could explain why a gunman would shoot up a gay club because he cannot co-exist in a society with homosexuals. You fucking faggots wanna rally on open acceptance for immigration and refugees? Wait until they start affecting your quality of life and have you realize what a paradoxical awkward situation you're put in when the people you campaign to let in will not tolerate your own very ways of living. This is only the beginning, you stupid minions. Can't wait till the west crumbles because a bunch of bleeding hearts are thinking with their heart and hormones and not their fucking heads.

Congratulations to the END Ep.

Ringworm - Hammer of the Witch

Oh shit look what time it is. Time to retire you fucking fat imbeciles. I mean, I'm no clock maker or watchman. But I look up the constellation of time like the Mayan barbarians do on some nights and go "damn, people who are still aspiring to be rock stars past the age of 40 should really give it up before their alcoholism gets to the best of 'em anyways." I don't care if you think you're some sort of goddamn classic legendary act of some niche scene with a fan base of 1000 nationwide. You will never make ends meet. And those nineties riff sound obsolete and terrible.

Quote me like the moron I am you fucking idiots! Oh shit I better watch out for crews everywhere I go now hehe

Enabler - All Hail The Void

So apparently this main faggot of this shitty band is the ex-prodigy of Harlots which was a phenomenal tech metal band back in early 2000's and way ahead of its time. Roughly ten years down the road this asshole became a woman beater with temper tantrum issues and too much for his own band members to handle. Details surrounding the controversy was his wife was in this band whom he viciously abused on a physical and emotional level (to the point that his band members couldn't take it anymore either. Then he did some half-assed interview after a terrible break-up about how much he grew as an individual from those adversities (LOL) and his bitch-hag of an ex quoted him line after line on her Tumblr with comebacks and retorts. And because this sorry unfortunate bitch is a woman, the Tumblr social justice warriors immediately jumped into that slut's pussy and sang her hymns denouncing men. Congratulations you buttfuck woman-beating sissy, just what those hideously fat feminist social justice warriors need. More ammunition and justifications to their bitching. You are a low-life sorry piece of shit. And then he has the audacity to make himself seem like a victim after the whole cahoot and claimed that "Enabler is over". Yeah? So you can continue devoting your most precious time to beating women and giving feminists problems to gain weight over you pathetic fucking gimp? Congrats. But almost as soon as he made that announcement, weeks right after the scandal he released a new album on Bandcamp at a price of over $10 per purchase. Can you find a more serious egotistical narcissist in this world? Someone should be the enabler of his fucking demise. Fucking moron.

Being As An Ocean - Dear G-d

Of course white privilege doesn't exist, says the Jewish controlled media and every other race benefiting off the triumph of what the Europeans have built in their nationstates through the past 400 years. But when you step foot into very international eastern Asian countries you'll see a lot of white people here who actually have no intention of going back. The reason with that is because they feel so disenfranchised and undervalued in their own home countries that they really don't see a fucking future for themselves living there. With the homegrown terrorism in the UK everywhere you go in Beijing is practically another British guy teaching English and living there permanently because even despite of the authoritarian government and lack of language and cultural understanding their quality of life is still better than back in the west where the cesspool of multiculturalism has become a crisis (that nobody wants to talk about). They feel taken advantage of and victimized. Apartheid may have never been established in South Africa with the best intentions, but after crime going rampant post 1994, the world has never witnessed a white flight as fucking desperate as flies in an oven. Media refuses to address the fact that some civilizations and ethnicities are inherently incompatible with one another. And whites are always being blamed for fleeing due to ignorance. Well congrats. People wonder why brain drain happens to countries. Thank your Marxist policy makers for making your civilizations so incompatible with those who previously built it. Keep burning the bridges behind you and see where society goes in the not so distant future. Angela Merkel ain't the only white nigga doin' that.

Disgrace - True Enemy

On topic of true enemies, I doubt if the common public would ever know who they're actually suppose to be up against. Take Europe for example. This Muslim atrocity is single handedly destroying Europe and no source of mainstream media would ever tell you that. The leftist liberal garbage that's been force fed into your throat will always avert the fault to other things. "Oh, this is an isolated incident." "Oh, he's had a troubled childhood." "Oh, we besieged his family from the grandparents' generation." They will never point to the obvious principle that destroying lives of innocents is WRONG and it's attributed to an interpretation of their scripture shared amongst many Muslim practitioners of the world. The infiltration of this socialist commie mainstream garbage makes us divert our anger and frustration onto ourselves and feel guilty of our own instinctive thoughts about how things ought to be. In principle of Occam's Razor, sometimes the simplest explanation is the best one. If it seems a certain way it's because it is a certain way. These raghead mudslimes have been car bombing and turning each others' civilization into cesspools of death and destruction since the BC and nothing has changed. Nothing ever will change. It's so deeply embedded in their culture and genetics that it's as predictable as how many cups of water research mice drinks year. And of course Huffington Post and CNN will always try to tell you the situation is more complicated and to say anything otherwise will make you a bigot. While you're trying to change your thoughts you witness a complete decline of Europe from what was once a marvelous beautiful thriving world superpower. Wake the fuck up and smell the coffee. The REAL ENEMY in this context is not your odd uncle for having a certain perspective. The real enemy here is the shit you hear and see everyday convincing you to turn the other cheek. And that is the actual Disgrace we face this day and age.

Strikes - The Past, The Present, and the Future of Life

Since hardcore tries to pretend like it's this progressive worldwide phenomenon, it's only a matter of time before the internet takes the genre straight out of the west and into shitstain third world nation-states through really shitty and sold-out channels like that "Hardcore Worldwide" Youtube garbage (which people actually follow religiously like it's some serious business). Nothing could be sadder than some of the horrendous crap that are out in Indonesia right now and "Strikes" is definitely somewhere top of the ladder. A bunch of dark Hindu-oriental looking gook niggers with shitty spacers and neck tattoos playing music that sounds like Champion infused skate punk with cringey cliche titles like "PMA for life" or other obscurely related bullshit like that. Good job asshats, glad you found the internet but you're literally 20 years behind and I don't care if you claim it's just because it's now making a comeback. This isn't what I actually despise about Indonesia though. My actual issue with this goddamned backward Muslim country is the gross human rights violations it blatantly displays to other countries as if disrespect is intentional. I am not necessary a radical abolish-death-sentence type of guy because I get that it's common in the oriental and lesser civilized nations. And frankly some works of devil simply deserve to die. But to be dropping foreigners like flies under Raids because of a cheeky (and seriously failing) "War on Drugs" is an awfully sickening thing. God knows what sort of fabricated show trials the accused from foreign countries have to go through under their rigged system. I can only guess in a country that uses firing squad of ten executioners that their standards of rights and ethics are sub-par to none. Come on boys and girls. This fucking place is seriously the shit-stain of earth. Even Australian and UK administration has offered travel warnings and boycott advisory against going to junkyard islands like these because they have been continuously executing men and women not native to their land like it's nobody's business.

"Oh but I heard so much good things about Bali blah blah blah..."

No you haven't. Shut up before I put a death squad to your head, bitch. Bali is not some exotic resort that scam artist travelling agencies photoshop for you to believe. Wake the fuck up and smell the disease as it washes ashore. It's a fucking cesspool of environmental and human filth under a rigged Muslim big brother that watches over your shoulders and forces you to eat shit like the animals you're treated as. And once you land at the airport it's only a matter of time before their barbaric natives start following you around, hustling you to buy their fake watches and making cat-calls to your white women whom they won't take NO as an answer when past certain time in the evening.  That is the real Bali. This is the real fucking exotic Indonesia tourist resort and paradise they never told you about. Have fun supporting their terrible hardcore bands in the principle of "oh but we're not racists hehe".

Indonesia fucking sucks