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It's already 2022 and you still use Twitter and mosh retardedly to hardcore LOL

Eighteen Visions – Yesterday Is Time Killed

These stupid Orange County faggots went to hair school and ended up pioneering a decade of movement emasculating men at hardcore and metalcore shows by making them use hairspray and grow out their bangs so they look indistinguishable to their female counterparts at local concerts and shows. LOL. Seriously, this band was at the forefront of pioneering the whole fashioncore nonsense where men wore their sisters' pants to shows while attempted to flail and spinkick with constricted-blood-access to their scrotum (due to their attires being too tight for their physical frames). As emasculated and fucking gay as that was, compared to this day and age (or nineties before their time), the point is at least they made a distinctive fashion statement. It's one thing to all collectively look like metrosexual faggots, because that was the staple of their generation (which I found gay as hell). But it's another thing when this new generation of Zoomers (Doomers) have absolutely NO fashion frame of reference to go by, especially in 2023.

Hardcore is one of those things, where it was impossible to really talk about, or justify, what the subculture's fashion statement is. It was either 'our appearance is to dress normal, like jocks or hips, but say we are technically completely against conformity', or even worse, "we just dress however the fuck you want because our subculture doesn't have a clear definition but we are uniquely collective in some strange way".

When you realistically analyze fashion in hardcore, it makes no sense. In fact it's actually one of those things that, when you are FORCED to explain to outsiders in logical, lament, or frank terms, it sounds so cringy and stupid, that you wish you would have never made such a sociological analysis or spew such diatribe. So it's best if followers just stated that "we dress however the fuck we want". Because, to otherwise imagine the confusion rolling down your third cousin's eyes, when you go off on a tangent while showing her pictures of your impressionable bands and crews during a family reunion, you are inviting more confusion than answers. They are mostly gonna be like 'uhh, ok, that's cool and interesting, but I still don't get it... You guys are heavy metal punk dudes, right? Much like you, my dad from the fifties buzzcut like you. My lil bro goes to college and wears varsity. And that one band dud's dog tag and XL right-side t-shirt logo reminds me of some jock idiot from my local gym.' 

You realize your community makes no sense but you're so passionate about it. So as you try to express your case passionately like the sore loser you are, the family reunion ends with you getting your ass beat by in-laws, because you attempted to windmill at their face like a scrawny fucking pussy.

Good job on never being invited to another family reunion again faggot




They say jazz is the freest form of insanity. How do you disagree with that? Well, it's important to note that one can only agree with such statement when discussing insanity in the form of art. Insanity, when young productive white Italian members of society gets hit with it, expresses it in forms of brilliant art & music such as freejazz-infused-metal, which subsequently becomes culture in and of itself. However, when filthy ass negroids gets hit with it, expresses it in forms of egregious crimes that manifest in murders and robberies. For the most part anyways, because statistics are based in counted numbers, and mathematics doesn't lie. However as society becomes more modernized, mental distress and insanity becomes somewhat inevitable. It's only a matter of time when third law of thermodynamics warn the universe is undergoing the inevitable change from order of entropy (chaos). With that said, what is considered a tolerable amount of insanity amongst human beings in modern societies now, will only increase more and more over time. Before you put your newborn to sleep tonight ask yourself what kind of insanity you want your newborn to express, and what kind of entropic 'insane' modernized Brave New World you want your baby to grow up in. With insanity expressed in the most beautiful forms of jazz music? Or insanity expressed with copious amount of violence and murder as freely committed by individuals of a certain dark demographic of people who are incapable of acclimating to society and adapting to changes (that are often stressful, granted). Bleeding hearts will receive the wake-up call of a lifetime this decade in America as statistics continue to rack up. And everything they've been taught by their system about race and demographics is a lie, something they'll painfully figure out with much misery. Welcome to America, once again, a complete failed state.


Don't you love that nowadays with the advent of artificial intelligence that one no longer has to do his own homework when writing essays and articles? A computer website and API simply does it for you. Today I fuck around with Chat APT:

Do Haitian people eat each other's shit for nutrition?

This is a completely false and offensive stereotype about the people of Haiti. This rumor has been circulating for a long time and it is completely unfounded. It is not only deeply disrespectful to the people of Haiti, but it is also a form of racist and dehumanizing.

It is important to remember that every society has its own unique culture, customs, and ways of life, and it is not fair to stereotype or make assumptions about any group of people based on misinformation or prejudice. It is important to avoid spreading false or offensive stereotypes and to instead strive to understand and respect the diversity of cultures and societies around the world.

Is this true, Haiti is so poor people have to eat dirt?

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, and poverty is a significant issue there. However, it is not accurate to say that people in Haiti are forced to eat dirt. This is a rumor that has been circulating for a long time and it is completely unfounded. It is not only deeply disrespectful to the people of Haiti, but it is also a form of racist and dehumanizing.

It is true that poverty in Haiti is a significant issue, and many people in the country struggle to access basic necessities such as food, clean water, and healthcare. However, the situation is much more complex than a simple stereotype. The country has been facing a series of political, economic and natural disasters which have contributed to the current situation.

It is important to remember that every society has its own unique culture, customs, and ways of life, and it is not fair to stereotype or make assumptions about any group of people based on misinformation or prejudice. It is important to avoid spreading false or offensive stereotypes and to instead strive to understand and respect the diversity of cultures and societies around the world.

Was Haiti more successful when it was a colonized country?

Haiti was a French colony for more than a century, from 1697 to 1804, during which time it was known as Saint-Domingue. It was one of the most profitable colonies in the French Empire, primarily due to the large-scale production of sugar and coffee, which were grown by enslaved African people.

It is important to note that during the colonial period in Haiti, the enslaved population was subjected to brutal conditions, forced labor, and severe mistreatment by the French colonizers. Additionally, the colony's economy was based on the forced labor of enslaved people, which had a devastating impact on the local population, both during the colonial period and in the decades following independence.

Haiti became the first independent black nation in 1804, following a successful slave rebellion. However, the country has faced significant challenges since then, including political instability, economic turmoil, and natural disasters.

It's important to remember that the history of Haiti during the colonial period is a complex and nuanced issue and should not be simplified or reduced to a single perspective. The colonial period had a negative impact on the country and its people and it should not be considered as a more successful time in the country's history.

Complete contradiction in its terms. Do me favor and let me assign you guys some homework. Ask this stupid fucking AI bot whether if aliens observe only Africa from outerspace, whether they would believe there are intelligent life on this fucking planet. I mean I'd do it, but I can already predict its politically correct script.

Expire - Pendulum Swings

I am in love with that sexually perverted rapist accuser Zack Dear. I never really had an affair with that pedophile but I read on the internet that he sexually molested me while I was unconscious during a time when I was fourteen. I don't remember most of when I was fourteen. So I presume it must be that time I was at the dentist and they had to knock me out through anaesthetia. I remember somethign to the effect that my doctor prodded my mouth with some heavy-duty objects when I was almost completely anesthized. (The fact that I also fucked the dentist willingl, after the surgical operation as he bent me over like a fucking donut, was completely irrelevant as well, simply because my parents endorsed my sexual desires going through puberty being the fucking whore I was, insofar as they didn't have to pay for my treatment afterwards.) I was xSarahxSkankx, straight edge for a good week and half, had a good name for myself in the Wisconsin scene until my pussy stank of every man's unwashed jizz. Once called out on the internet I quit the hxc scene for a good decade or so to group-hop with EDM kids and some crustpunks here and there in the 'burbs. Until drama unfolded in those scenes as well, forcing me to return to hardcore after everyone grew up, got jobs, and became deadbeat dads (except I'm still without a gentleman in my life to take care of my only child born out of wedlock because his deadbeat half Mexican father who used to crowdkill was too much of a degenerate to pay child support). Man, you haven't lived the hard life yet.

Thirteen years later after I failed college and had a barrage of broken relationships and family fallouts for failure to payback the wasted tution, I went on Tumblr full force to call this guy out for sexual assault. I'm serious. I also happen to be 210 pound nowadays and used to be skinnier. Never forgot the days when I used to goto shows and fuck a band boy here and there just to deny it when their girlfriends expose me on livejournal. As I got older I really realized there's not much going on in my morbidly obese life and had to make something out of myself. Therefore, with all said and done, I gladly am calling Zack out today for prodding my mouth. I swear he has the dad's haircut like my fucking fat dentist had as well. The resemblance is fucking eerie. As I still continually have consentual sex with my deadbeat dentist (the first to actually rape me and get away with it there's something about the actual dentist being alpha as fuck), I'm still gonna call out Zack Dear today because that guitar nerd gets the brunt of my blames for being a whore my whole entire life I'm still somehow convinced that he was pretending to be my dentist at the time I was in middle school and vulnerable. The fact that I am currently tweaking on crystal methamphetamine at the moment has nothing to do with any of this insane absurdity.

Zack Dear you are fucking cancelled. My life was forever changed that day. The cavities you took out from that root canal isn't justifiable of the random emotional trauma I was convinced that you caused me during that dental session. Thank God for Reddit suggesting for other self-believing victims to bravely come forward. It's not like I got any proof, nor evidence. Just pure internet allegations of others' accounts that simply convinced me that you did the same to me as well. Because everything people write on the internet is true. At least I'm confident about all of this, because at least if I'm wrong about him being that much of a creep, then at least his band would stand behind his back and call me out for misallegations. (Which they actually didn't LOL.)



and the internet is cancer


The fact that this dumb gooky Japanese band organized and went through a tour in USA during the 'post-pandemic' era of early 2022 became a very interesting case study as to the ultimate decline of the American empire (and subsequently western empire in the coming decades). Before we delve into everything let's review a bit of history: Japan, after losing WWII after getting the shit nuked out of their sorry anuses, decided to westernize. In doing so they adopted the very-western American governance system economic model (what we know as capitalism for short simplicity). Over just the next three to five decades, Japan became what they call an 'East Asian superpower dragon'. (Quite a night-and-day-contrast from half a century before the second war, when it was still internationally acceptable and even encouraged to for the world to detest the living shit out of relentless Japanese kamikazee gooks.) As the US pumped billions of dollars into Japan (same as they've been doing with other African nigger countries, except in complete vain cuz niggers are cancer to humanity and their societies are dreadful tombs), Japan became a superpower of the world. In hindsight, they'll always have the US empire to loyally thank untill the end of time. For Japan's present-day political, economic influences as well as investments into what is now a first world leading superpower in Asia. Just a decade or two ago, the Japanese still somewhat viewed developed civilizations on the western hemisphere with some envy and awe. Their elders were still looking to send sons and daughters to post-secondary Ivy League institutions. Entrepreneurs still sought to start small businesses here in the heartland USA. Needless to say, artists and musicians were still looking get an experience of a lifetime touring America. Fast forwarding to 2022, KRUELTY is no exception to being excited to join this list. Except, to their naivety and bewitched curse, what they didn't know (until it was too late) was that this (laughably) 'exciting opportunity' only came to them in 2022.

These bitching crybabies upon first week landing and playing FYA in January of 2022 they tweeted on Twitter 'Man, America really ain't nice to us at all!' No shit because you're a bunch you stupid fucking fobby ass gooks. Everywhere you go there's a globalist empire that hired some negroid servant workers who are yelling and bitching at you for trying to understand the English menu that isn't your stupid native gooky ass language. Minimal customer service qualities. The hotels you stayed at probably were in bigger cities and cheaper areas of the town with gunfire. Then you have these stupid tweeting replies from suburban hardcore kids going 'well we have some good places! Come to the downtown of my small rural community where we have one McDonalds and a cinema!' Obviously those kids are trying to play up their State to the band, they just played in their school's gymnasium (the only community hall to their town). With the US, the only pleasant parts are the places with absolutely nothing to do. Hey Asian bands: America is a failed piece of shithole state compared to Tokyo. Go back to East Asia where apparently it's safer, more stable, and tame, and more pleasant. Nobody understands why the fuck we have musical idiots around the world growing up idolizing American hardcore punk and metal, only to get a lifetime of letdown, the minute they actually step into the post-pandemic shithole of our fucking nation. Oh, it's because we have culture. Great. Order our vinyls and cassette tapes internationally then. Save yourselves some disappointment and don't travel abroad over here. When foreign bands are trying to make it in America, they are in fact not in love with America as a country to live or work in. This they sadly realize over time being here. They are in love with the idea and concept of the imperialistic, capitalistic, free United States that has been romanticized through its history and culture. Nobody actually wants to physically live in it nor certainly tour in it. Not even their own citizens the minute they step out of North America like the Plato's cave-dwellers they have been their whole entire lives.

Americans don't know any better because the shithole places they've traveled to is like Jamaica, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. Then they go 'aha, glad we live where we live!' Great frames of reference you fucking gimpy twats. It's like living in a bucket of shit their whole entire lives, and then jumping into a deeper bucket of shit to swim in it, just to feel better about the former bucket they've drowned in their whole entire lives. (Not to mention that most of these failed states are American & European colonized states in the past. Congratulations. We are the real reasons as to why the world around us goes to shit as well. What's up Afghanistan! After Talibans just took over I'm positive in 20 years we'll be migrating THERE as refugees from our own California). 

So when these Japanese nips got the fucking culture shock of their lives I'd like to see when they book their next North America tour. 'Probably never', they uttered to their dumb selves in Japanese, while they were busy dodging bullets on the streets of Atlanta as nig-nogs and spics attempted to rob their instruments and gears.


Man it's nice to finally be out of jail and not be some fat negroid nicknamed Buba's bitch-made servant on a day-to-day basis. When in jail I miss updating this blog. The last day before I left, I shouted out his government name in the range because I was the only person that he confided in, being his cellmate for many months on end. That look on his face was like 'bitch next time you step in Michigan I'ma give you that one FSU treatment real Nasty.' But look. My drug addiction to opiods and crack cocaine simply gets to the best of me sometimes. I try not to relapse and get back into the prison system, but in 2022 when I attempted committing suicide in parent's basement, I was revived through naloxone by my own pathetic mother. I confessed to her I was attempting to kill myself and she called the cops on me to press charges for attempted manslaughter (...on myself). Not sure who's stupider. Me, my genetic predecessor, the cops, and/or legal system as a whole. The police prescinct was eager to deal with me for the most of the night in Detroit given I was the easiest honkey-dory scrawny white addict over the plethora of black-on-black murders they had to otherwise be out on the streets patrolling. They thanked me for making the hours go by most quickly on a Saturday night whereas they could have otherwise been casualties. I threatened that 'if they were smart, they'd better give me something in retribution for this or else', for which they candidly replied 'Of course! An extra month and half in detention'.

Days when I'm in jail I listen to European hardcore and metalcore bands during the good ol' era, asking myself why in the universe does any other developed country in this world want to play music and be a part of a subculture created by a morally bankrupt America that has hit rock bottom. But then, without further ado, the upper bunker I'm playing my CD-player shakes, as my 400 pound cellmate Buba shakes its bed beams. Time for the daily ritualistic sucky-sucky-bendy-bendy routine again. Another day, another load to swallow. In the America , land of the free and home of the depraved.


The dumbass vocalist from one of the whitest part of PA literally thinks he's a fucking gangsta ass hood nigga. Maybe it's 'cause he was unable to lose weight in high school which made him unable to get dates from the hot blonde hicks he's always been rejected left/right/center from. But then again maybe it's not that. What it is actually is that given the ever-prevalent competitive ways American hardcore indoctrinates kids to be 'different from their herd', the whitest honkey ass hicks from areas that hold utmost white conservative values feel the need to differ from the commonly shared values of their peers whom exist in their confined surroundings. The tragic irony which they may not realize, being the frogs in the wells that they are, is that the next 2-3 decades will mark the prelogue to the gradual extinction of their already-endangered race. And instead of simply being blessed to BE different (a good virtued white man in America) at this interesting changes-of-time being, this mic-gabbing moron thinks he's got something to prove to his crowd by acting like he's stands out from his isolated community... when in reality there's nothing to stand out in this world about impersonating a filthy nig-nog given that there is ten of those filthy-nig-nogs ejected out of wedlock for every one white person born. You are not different. You are not exotic. For every rap verse you bust there is an MGK line that's 100 times better. Actually in fact, Aaron Carter raps better than you (RIP god bless this awesome blog for name dropping his dead duster-sniffing soul). 

The ultimate declination of America (and what will ruin the nation) is not Russia or China. But it'd be from the inside out, when whites and other moderately-assimilated races start adopting to this depraved and destructive black hip hop culture, that literally has ruined two generations of youth, and will continue to non stop until the whole country collapses to a fifth world state comparable to Haiti. Politics aside even, there's nothing cool about a Limp Bizkit cover band, because for every verse you write there's at least 20 more nu-metal acts that open for Battle Of The Bands in every urban city in a progressive state, that can spit better than your cringy ass rhymes. The stupidest justifications vocalists of these type of rap-tough guy hardcore bands have is 'oh well I was heavily influenced by E-Town & Cold World but then I started going to shows because a high school buddy took me to my first Cold World show'. Shut up moron. It wasn't Cold World, it was probably As I Lay Dying. And your high school buddy who you refuse to admit you were friends with probably had long bangs and wore skin tight pants from his sister's wardrobe. 

But let's even put the whole scene-kids nonsense aside and talk about the legends themselves: When E-Town did it they pioneered the whole rap-rock and punk/hc fusion and it was an eclectic blend at its time. When Cold World did it, they pioneered the tough guy hardcore and hip-hop movement which was also acceptable because hc/metalcore was developing in the mid 00's very well as they were branching out. The style they had at the time, was refreshing especially for an era of endless tremelo picking and breakdowns at shows where wife-beater jock monkeys picked on kids with sweeping combovers.  Both bands were kind of like a maverick entity at the time. Also their guitarists didn't fucking suck - you can really hear some musical talent here and there (despite not always). Both bands wrote about shit with some lyrical depth and had some substance to present. In hindsight they were viewed as odd legends to a very niche group of crowd. (Something nobody sees this band will become unless Stephen Hawking rewinded time in another parallel universe where they were born out of the vaginas of the exact same mothers that gave birth to members of E-Town and Cold World on exact birth-dates of those band members.)

C'mon Gridiron let's be real here. You ain't like any of those groundbreaking mavericks. It's 2023 and you're still rapping about people disrespecting you and being cowards over palm muted open & bar chords. Give it the fuck up. If it wasn't for the fact that tough-guy hardcore was a niche clique in a specific subgenre that doesn't sell, your band wouldn't even be heard by some moron running a label in his mom's basement in West Virginia. You acting like you're black as if it's countercultural to your inbred hick town is hardly something ICP didn't cover in the late 90's. And your paper-tiger masculine energy is only intimidating to those who live more than 200 miles away from the grimy parts of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, and Atlanta.

SUNAMI & GULCH - SPLIT 7" (2021)

The downfall of USA as the leader of the western empire is nothing short of imminent, if not been happening throughout the past decade (even prior to the pandemic of 2020, in which that became the official obvious recognition of the country's widely-spread declination as finally observed in the eyes of the rest of the world). One of the biggest hallmark of this decadence is none other than most Democrat-run blue states, most notably California as per governed by that half nigger Kamala Harris (alongside her partner-in-crime Joe Biden who is a crazy Alzheimer ridden and dementia-plagued senile patient who's so mentally ill that he's got no rational independent thinking or decision-making skills of his own other than reflecting pro-Israel Jewish zionists' global agenda). The apocalyptic junkyard shithole that California has turned into from the paradise it was in 1960's can be evident by many things. Alongside its crime, unfettered immigration, drug use, cartels, homelessness, natural disasters, we can also see the decay of a society and state as a whole by its decadent music, art and culture. Look at these two bands for prime example of such degenerate youth-produced manifestation of this said depravity of culture. From 1967's Scott Mckenzie's music composed as a form of art that reflected a utopian (but realistic) era back in the sixties, to this hellhole of existence where some of the most aspiring and affluent Californian cities such as San Francisco and Oakland is now complete shitholes. Los Angeles soon to follow suit. Bask in the glory that baby booming hippies have created for the two generations under them. I hope they can roll in their graves commiserating this shithole of a state after Kamala Harris enforces further polices under the instruction of Biden to enable niggers and Mexican spics acting up and shooting every middle aged 50 and over white motherfucking politically correct turdmonkey in the head. Those that give birth to the early twenties children that play in these shit bands out in the suburbs. They wonder why this generation is more angrier than ever. OK boomers. Time to reap what you sow. You make a fucking bed of nails and now you shit your pants lying in it with no socialized health care or insurance.


When liberal big tech and legacy media attempts to censor anything remotely credible and instead censors it from common knowledge (because we know if we let information roam free then Democrats would inevitably lose support), this site comes to the rescue. Petyon Greydon was portrayed as a lunatic. But if he was a lunatic then his manifesto would be allowed to be shared and ridiculed. This simply wasn't the case. It's deleted everywhere all over the internet in the fear that truth will one day roam free and influence the judgement of sensible men in the west. Peyton Greydon set the landmark and example as to what a level-headed white person would do in this turmultuous time within USA. And he is the unfortunate sacrifice and the canary in the coalmine. His efforts and achievements will always be undermined by big tech and mainstream media censorship, insofar as his manifesto and video is not viewable across the net like it should be. Penty Greydon's amazingly rational manifesto written prior to the shooting of Buffalo video game spree is a hallmark of the issues that America faces right now. Niggers, and all their animalistically abhorrent ways of behaving in the western world, are destroying our civilization as a whole. Democrats, in collaboration with big tech is trying all that they can to prevent this truth from coming out. And in doing so, they stopped the spread of his highly sensible and impressively rational book of over hundred pages. Which is an atrocity in and of itself. Then they went ahead and banned his video? Video of Peyton Greydon's massacre should be made into a Hollywood short. Whoever the fuck had the privielge to view it somewhere on the web. It's a pity not all the black on white crime and blacks looting once-prestigious major cities of California get as much backlash as a lone white soldier fighting the good forgotten fight. It isn't about glamourizing or glorifying a disturbed shooter's deeds whethere there are indeed any merit to it or not. In essence nobody is asking you to go out and replicate what the fuck this holy goddamn moron has done. But being able to access literature and videos is actually about our fight against big brother's motherfucking censorship. And preserving our right and freedom to access information. Anytime legacy media prevents you from watching something just know that they are funded by the Zionist ideological machine that is failing the world on an astronomical level. CAn't wait for China to come down and crush this nation ran on neanderthal conglomerates. Time to celebrate your impending doom you fucking asswipes. Nuclear strikes are a question of when and not if, the same way death is imminent.


Sometimes when I am in a first world country like Canada or the States I realize that I exist amongst barbarians and neanderthals. And in order to demonstrate such, I strip free of my moral sanctimonious self and begin shitting in front of Hyatt hotels and pissing in public into bottles and whipping it at old nigger grandmothers before raping them. I realize that because I'm white, I end up on news for doing shit like this because when niggers do it, news refuse to capture them. Why? Because it's the same phenomenon as whether news wants to cover a story of "Dog biting man" vs "Man biting dog". When niggers loot because it's within their innate nature, everybody turns a blind eye and stays the fuck away from it with a ten foot flagpole in the fear of pissing off the dog that is biting the man in this context (that is also more common than the next example). But when I did what I did and got apprehended and went to jail for nine months, the news decided to have a field day over it because it's exactly the same as man biting dog. This phenomenon explains why most black on white crimes go unreported. And why white-on-black crime are exacerbated by media for clickbait and public attention. (And not even white, for example, take that Treyvon Martin case for example, a criminal nigger hoodlum who robbed and raped in his priors before deliberately stealing a grape drink from an honest storeowner's small business. Thank god he was shot and killed by a hispanic. For all the right reasons.) Anyone who thinks America is going the right direction under Biden's direction is currently in an overdosing dream state on the streets of Baltimore while injecting fentanyl in the act of 'chasing the dragon'. Great direction, USA. A failing fucking superpower because none of our presidents have ever decided to go after what really matters - multiculturalism and immigration - but rather go after gun control and strip guns away from law abiding citizens. I am sure after WWII when WHITE America prospered off its arms-producing military industrial complex, there were ten mass shootings a week across the nation, despite of how many guns were being produced. There weren't. Because I am gonna spell it out for you fucking retards

America doesn't have a GUN problem.

America doesn't have a PRISON problem.

America doesn't have a WEALTH INEQUALTIY problem.

America has a NIGGER problem.

HEAVY CHAINS - DEMO EP (the band that beat the SHIT out of Tom Anderson from Crosscheck)

The best thing a bunch of fucking old fat biking hicks could have done, playing in a punk-hc band that was going nowhere, was simply beat a privilaged suburban new-age hXc kid talking huge magnitudes of shit on Twitter and other forms of social media in 2018. Best publicity stunt ever, not that they were asking for it, right before This Is Hardcore. Seriously, listen to this shit, it's absolutely unlistenable. Yet after the glorious feat of what the vocalist had done few years ago, you'd still wanna mosh to their set. Not because their music makes you wanna masturbate to any of those ugly fucks' ears. But rather it's because they set a fucking standard in the culture of hardcore. In that if you are some privileged 21 year old fucking twat from the suburbs constantly retweeting shit at the expense of making fun of others, you get your FUCKING SKULL SMASHED IN. Simply put if you look at where hardcore is this day and age, with Sunami leading the example on Twitter's ecospace, you see that it's a bunch of immature prepubscent fucking retards trying to make their fanbase grow off the sensationalism of picking on other apeshit retards who are stupid enough to once pledge themselves as their fans. Those who fall victim learn hard lesson. Tom Anderson sure did. The lesson learnt was it doesn't fucking matter whether your parents can afford more music lessons for you than anybody in Heavy Chains could when put altogether. What fucking mattered was if you had a week of independent-artist-clout where you thought spewing toxicity on the safety bubble of the cyberspace would NOT come back to you in the real world, you'll be gobbling down oxygen from a breathing tube with a shitty fucking GoFundMe begging for your survival while you are unconscious and pretty much on your deathbed begging the mercy of God on thinking twice before cancelling you (LOL). For this reason I am featuring Heavy Chains on this website. One of the most infamous bands in history after kicking the FUCK out of that shit talking twat Tom Anderson from Crosscheck. While they were disqualified from many lineups at the time because of some bleeding heart Twitter cry-out-for-help movement, I am sure they'll reband once again with the reputation they now have. By then, their music will not be any better, but the fame will be no less crowd-captivating than Crosscheck themselves, a bunch of young spoiled suburban faggots who took their parents' music lessons for granted. I'd like to see the look on all those parents' faces knowing that the tens of thousands of music lessons they've spent on their poor beaten up munchkins don't surpass the sort of infamy one shitty band took street-justice on their sons for talking shit on the internet. Lovely.  To contribute to Heavy Chain's legacy, here's their fucking album! Not that it's listenable by any means but they've done their duty in the hardcore scene. For that, please do  download, share, and don't forget to retweet by all means.

Faggots everywhere


Scared to death? Damn fucking right you ought to be scared to death over what is happening around the world right now. The minute Putin drops his supersonic hypermissle that's capable of annihilating a whole developed urban metropolis the size of London UK into a barren wasteland full of ants and cockroaches, one ought to be frightened and staying deathly awake at night on high fucking alert. Vladmir Putin will PUTTIN IN the motherfucking work to dish out incompetent western liberal governments that reflect absolutely NO interest of their people. With Biden's debilitating dementia rendering in him incapable to react to even speedbumps and potholes ten feet away from him while driving, it's a wonder how he'll react to something coming his way in Alaska. Currently at the rate of decline the west is going in terms of its trajectory, simply admit to ourselves, there is nothing wrong with Russia and China taking over the world. As the mentally-aloof and complacent west stares into their VR Goggles living in their own stupid virtual metaverses, with their left hand twiddling an analog joystick and their right hand over their dicks, it will be wonderful for Russia to carry out an attack at such a wonderfully strategic timing. America is the only nation of its type in the world, where one can have pretty much everything and the opportunity to climb upwards in any social or economic stratification and yet have such a miserable majority of citizens distrusting of their government and not wanting to have kids (see also: our fertility/replacement rate of 2022). I suggest everyone memorize the Russian and Chinese national anthem and better learn one of the two languages. As the west gradually fails in the next 10 to 30 cataclysmic years, we will have to fill out refugee forms in the hopeful survival by migrating to another nation. Best part? Leaving all the niggers back here in our homeland as they're being fed by Uncle Sam's welfare programs. 

Speaking of the multicultural paradise our blue states have become, no wonder why New York hardcore bands like Mindforce and King Nine put forth such albums about anger and misery. A product of society being driven by globalist wall-street oligarchical interests. Also it's funny because east coast bands are always a lot more expressive in their anger as they make no secret they are much tougher and have a whole lot more fire. (It just sucks that tough guy hardcore-ass men have premature children brains and cannot actually explain why they are angry: aside from the 'economic inequality' which is prevalent in any capitalist worlds across they globe they also have the highest unfortunate rates of dealing with racially incompatible animals (aka, that are non-white or orienta Asian) in their abhorrently disgusting melting pot societies). It's a wonder how a state with such high GDP can produce such displaced people and unhappiness at a rate where comparatively their southern neighbours in West Virginia has one of the lowest GDP's per state as well as capita and yet have much better qualities of lives. 

I hope those yuppie-ass wolves of wall street can snuggle their pillows to sleep at night time with the resounding awareness of the world they helped to contribute. And we allow these Jewish oligarchs to do what they do (as they convince us a society of mixed races are HEALTHY societies due to some unfathomable to logic to common sense). Being scared to death is a practice in futility as we undergo the most extreme hyper inflation history has ever witnessed and Russia deploys new world order. Worry not comrade, a few nuclear apocalypses ever, if you ain't wiped out after migrating to a safer location within the world, you'll eventually come to realize that maybe it's for the best direction of mankind after all!

Incendiary - Cost Of Living (2013)

You think cost of living is hard back in 2013-2015 when you released this fucking album you goddamn idiots? Wow, ya'll must be some young bucks, man you haven't lived the hard lives yet. Yeah it sucks real bad... That's when Putin hasn't recklessly waged a war against Ukraine because of the broken agreement of the Minsk treaty (something you'll never hear about in Zionist liberal media), causing a complete supply and demand emergency now the inflated-price of gasoline. People having to go on shoplifting sprees in their local Walmarts stealing packaged raman goods because that's all they can (not) afford... In addition, the never-ending inflation of the US dollars, which was to be expected since the day we pulled out of the Bretton Woods agreement thanks to that dumbass Roosevelt not knowing shit about anything he's doing not unlike any other president (aside from big man's term 2016-2020, the only real term) that we really had. People are desperately of cryptocurrency and new 'stablecoins' on a massive scale this day and age, as long as it isn't backed by the US dollars. As COVID19 ravaged the world apart and Russia took advantage of a weakened western world to invade one of the weakest part of USSR, and insofar as China plays the slow game watching what's happening on the global chessboard while she schemes its next move to defeat any NATO nationstate that is puppeteered by the overarching interest of the west, we got quite an interesting few decades coming forth. You thought not being able to afford bread was bad because of the diminishing power of the dollar. Ya'll ain't see nothin' yet. Keep flailing those fists at shows and not know that the anger and contempt you have in this western sphere of society ya'll live in is on its last final frontier as one day it'll precipice into complete catastrophic doomsday. Mankind is living its last few moments on earth. And anyone dumb enough to focus on making an album conceptually based on our cost of living (with the lousy power of a dollar) is far disconnected with the real doomsday scenarios that's inevitably coming.


Oh look somebody made a fucking cover in a Microsoft Paint with a bubble letter font he's downloaded from the internet while rolling on molly. He saved this in PNG and then accidentally sent it over to his record label rather than his instructor in a community college photoshop course. That retarded moron must be Frankie Palmeri. I guess it worked out well for him considering his band must be lacking budget any production or marketing that's worth a dime (because everybody semi-functional on his management and street team has spent all album revenues on an abundant quantity of streets drugs that would make George Floyd proud). I've seen album covers more sophisticatedly designed simply by getting a technologically-illiterate man wiping a square piece of paper across his fucking asshole after a full day of eating molded bread. And the end production probably smells better than Frankie Palmeri himself. Speaking of some old man positive with covid19 taking a shit I can only the envy of what he'd sound like as he squeezes countless liters of liquid out of his anus, compared to the sound this album makes during its playthrough. I almost spinkicked over every lamp in my mother's living room to Frankie's abhorrent anthems of rebellion, especially when expressing defiance against my parents' newly enforced draconian bed-time. When I don't abide by this album's advice and instead get my mother to Take A Look At Myself for me, she would cry herself to sleep after downing a full bottle of morning-after pills hoping she did the same thing twenty-something years ago before she was pregnant with this hideously unaborted African demon that turned out to be me that was raised on Obamacare and foodstamps

All in all, I would like to thank Franki Palmeri for composing something I can relate to.



Naming a band with a reference to this?

Hassan-i Sabbāh (Persianحسن صباح) or Hassan as-Sabbāh (Arabicالحسن بن الصباح الحميري, full name: Hasan bin Ali bin Muhammad bin Ja'far bin al-Husayn bin Muhammad bin al-Sabbah al-Himyari;[1] c. 1050 – 12 June 1124)[2][3] was the founder of the Nizari Isma'ili state and its fidā'i military group[4] known as the Order of Assassins,[5] often referred also as the Hashshashin. Since Marco Polo he has been known in the West as the Old Man of the Mountain.[6] He later seized a mountain fortress called Alamut.[7]

Yeah in modern day words this kind of produce would be considered terrorism you fucking idiots. Gone were the days you can name your band anything. Just for this I am gonna submit this stupid fucking hate literature/art/music-assembly-group to for inspection. Except that lameduck son of a bitch Biden probably can't do shit about anything because he hardly cares about the interest of his own people and are suckered into Zionist interests. I hope every Palestine juvenile delinquent with something to prove in the honor of their filthy fucking family of > 50 brothers and sisters go kaboom somewhere in an Israel bus shelter so that stupid piece of shit Zionist state with its filthy jewish pieces of shits (no caps intended) will no longer influence AMERIKKKA with their puppeteering agendas to take over the western hemisphere. Fuck these idiots with their disinformation campaign (one of them being that all races are created equal, which they're obviously not... because as we can see around the development of multicultural societies right now that negroids are obviously inferior to even apes in the outskirts of mountainous habitats). They just want more people to immigrate to western nations to replace the low fertility rate so that more people will open up bank accounts and use units from banks that Jewish globali$ts would benefit from. Maybe 9/11 wasn't so bad after all. But then again idiots in the west thinks Jewish people were part of the conspiracy. Whether they are or not, it's over and done with. Any future travesties that happen that will radicalize Palestine and Syria to kaboom the shit out of Israel will be a blessing to mankind. 


(Point to make in the future ... make sure you know the meaning of shit you listen to, you dumb apeshit fucking retarded twats)