They say jazz is the freest form of insanity. How do you disagree with that? Well, it's important to note that one can only agree with such statement when discussing insanity in the form of art. Insanity, when young productive white Italian members of society gets hit with it, expresses it in forms of brilliant art & music such as freejazz-infused-metal, which subsequently becomes culture in and of itself. However, when filthy ass negroids gets hit with it, expresses it in forms of egregious crimes that manifest in murders and robberies. For the most part anyways, because statistics are based in counted numbers, and mathematics doesn't lie. However as society becomes more modernized, mental distress and insanity becomes somewhat inevitable. It's only a matter of time when third law of thermodynamics warn the universe is undergoing the inevitable change from order of entropy (chaos). With that said, what is considered a tolerable amount of insanity amongst human beings in modern societies now, will only increase more and more over time. Before you put your newborn to sleep tonight ask yourself what kind of insanity you want your newborn to express, and what kind of entropic 'insane' modernized Brave New World you want your baby to grow up in. With insanity expressed in the most beautiful forms of jazz music? Or insanity expressed with copious amount of violence and murder as freely committed by individuals of a certain dark demographic of people who are incapable of acclimating to society and adapting to changes (that are often stressful, granted). Bleeding hearts will receive the wake-up call of a lifetime this decade in America as statistics continue to rack up. And everything they've been taught by their system about race and demographics is a lie, something they'll painfully figure out with much misery. Welcome to America, once again, a complete failed state.


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