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It's 2018 and you still use Twitter and listen to hardcore LOL

Alpinist & Finisterre - Split


I love obscure no name screamo bands from foreign nations that are members of the European Union. Like who the fuck cares, really. Screamo sounds like a bunch of retarded children dissonantly banging on their drums as fast as they can as their guitarist jams their dicks up the cable input and violently penetrate the shit out of the instrument while their epileptic vocalist asks for the strobe light to be on during the whole entire process so he can react in a way that would make him require professional medical attention. Although that's not exactly how these two bands sound though. They're painfully melodic and catchy. If only they weren't from Nazi Germany and grandfathered by members of Hitler's Youth then perhaps I would read into their lyrics but for now it's all a foreign sounding bunch of crap that needs to be Americanized. Because America is the shit and if you don't assimilate into our global cultural hegemony then we're going to fucking bomb you.

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