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Buried Inside - Suspect Symmetry


Every time I listen to an album like this I feel the need to smoke a joint and completely pass out into a perpetual coma, which is hilarious considering I don't smoke weed at all. It helps to lessen the dosage of sleeping medication I need at nights. Best of all, it regulates my menstrual cycle so I'm not emotionally eratic all the time. I think this band is out of Ottawa or something. How you even pronounce these fucking town names in Canada is bewildering to me. It sounds like an extinct animal... and I bet the animals went extinct listening to Buried Inside because those were formerly the only active population in eastern and northern Ontario. I bet the provincial capital "Ottawa" was named after a bunch of extinct animals  with resemblance of moose hahaha. I bet the band used reindeers for transportation when going on tour to the seven other shit snow-stormy towns before getting Buried Inside of the snow. Yeah, I suppose that's where they got their name from too. Getting buried inside everywhere you play shows at. All hail the true north strong and free.

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