Buried Inside - Suspect Symmetry


Every time I listen to an album like this i feel the need to smoke a joint and completely pass out into a perpetual coma, which is hilarious considering i don't smoke weed at all. It helps to lessen the dosage of sleeping medication I need at nights. Best of all, it regulates my menstrual cycle so i'm not emotionally erratic all the time. I think this band is out of Ottawa or something. How you even pronounce these fucking town names in Canada is bewildering to me. It sounds like an extinct animal... And i bet the animals went extinct listening to buried inside because those were formerly the only active population in eastern and northern Ontario. I bet the provincial capital "Ottawa" was named after a bunch of extinct animals  with resemblance of moose hahaha. I bet the band used reindeers for transportation when going on tour to the seven other shit snow-stormy towns before getting buried inside of the snow. Yeah, i suppose that's where they got their name from too. Getting buried inside everywhere you play shows at. All hail the true north strong and free. Can these Canuck fucks get anymore unoriginal? Might as well be animals themselves. 


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