23:19 - Self Titled EP

Download: 23-19.zip 23-19.zip 23-19.zip

I'm not sure if this is a self titled or an EP but either way this four track (with only three tracks being actual music) release will blow your shit completely out of the toilet basin. They are obviously Australian because you can decipher the accent out of their screaming. It reminds me of Misery Signals with a more uppity pop sound minus the really fucking gay singing.  I don't know why they aren't together anymore. They look like a bunch of privileged suburban white boys whose parents obviously had enough money to afford lessons for them when they were younger. This is obviously the case with most contemporary metalcore I suppose. I wonder why the kids are so fucking pissed off then when their parents gave them everything. Calm your testosterone and go get a gym membership or something. Put your athletic Emmure shorts to good use for once. Good album nonetheless. They did more with three tracks than most of you losers would with twelve.


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