A Day To Remember - For Those Who Have Heart

November 21st of 1998 was when I grew my first pubes. That was quite A Day To Remember, because when I woke up fiddling my nuts I realized there was something more to what I was feeling. I thought I was going deformed or turning into a monster or some shit. It's quite interesting that I started developing pubic hair before this band started growing balls. And if you want to see more of these sort of estrogen-filled boys and girls just feel free to goto one of their shows. I swear to God they might as well rename themselves to A Daycare To Remember because that's what their tour functions as: a daycare center for bratty suburban kids on a night when the mother and father goes on Madisonavenue.com and arrange foursomes and six-somes with other couples to relief their sexual deprivation. No wonder why nine months after this band toured your town your mother unexpectedly turned up with a baby that grew to look nothing like your father hahahahah you unfortunate fucking faggot.


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