Harm's Way - Reality Approaches

Download: Harm's Way - Reality Approaches (2009).zip
Harm's Way - Reality Approaches (2009).zip
Harm's Way - Reality Approaches (2009).zip

This 2009 hardcore record kicks so much fucking ass. Everything about it rules especially during an era where kids are just transitioning out of metalcore and deathcore. Everybody tells me how hardcore music is often looked down upon because it's too easy to play. But listen to how fucking good it sounds. Smooth as fuck and no jagged or disrhythmic chugga-chugga breakdowns. The lead singer has a chest piece that makes him look like an unsecured animal that will literally devour you if you look at him the wrong way. Amazing stage presence and sound. But unfortunately as with any like-minded bands, since they try to stray away from being Hot Topic worthy, they deliberately design their merch to suck ass. Thanks to the new influx of hardcore bands and the aesthetics they promote, all tough guys nowadays look like they're broke and dirty from the homeless shelter. Thanks a lot Harm's Way. Do a van flip for me.


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