Hopesfall - The Frailty of Words

Hands down everything about Hopesfall is beautiful. From the beginning to their musical career to almost the end. Except I stopped trailing the band's releases sometime within the midst of the last decade but it should be duly noted that this 1999 release is nothing short of breathtaking. It's got a 1990's feel of noise and screeching as it's got lovely interludes of melody. Reminds me of the days when summer was fading we were all waiting for autumn. The days when August Burns Red first released their EP on hxcmp3.com, a record that sounded nothing like they do now and was undoubtedly influenced by this album of Hopesfall's. The days when Keith Buckley was probably getting hammered every weekend and nailing stupid dumbass whores from high school who went to his shows. I can't believe how fucking old I am. I might as well retire from life and stop being a bitter, jaded, and cynical fat asshole. Because in this day and age the only way I can relieve my sexual tension is if I cut my spinal chord and suck my own dick. Growing that mop over my face and mass-adding people on Myspace doesn't work anymore ... Just ask Matty Hastings from MCMB? Hahahahaha. And speaking of which, I love lurking my old Myspace every now and then and see the pic comments from the female fan base I apparently had when I was maturing in puberty. Goddamn, what a huge fucking faggot I was. If it weren't all those stupid underaged bitties validating my sexuality with compliments, you would of easily assumed I was a gay clubbing wanker. (Not that there's an issue with gays of course, I am all for equality and libertarian values. But it's personally not my choice of beverage to chug a jar of semen every Friday night like those next faggots.)


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