Intervals - The Space Between

This is what happens when a bunch of suburban kids who take guitar lessons decide to take over Meshuggah influenced "djentcore" bullshit, and lay their composed tracks over jingly keyboard tunes that sound like Nightmare Before Christmas. I do concede it's somewhat talented but I don't like it. And seeing that I am the motherfucking king of the world, my opinions reign supreme. The high-scaled solos and sweeps are really annoying and I can't help but envision 200 metalheads push moshing at an Iced Earth show. And you wonder why this sort of band attract a lot of fights at hardcore shows, because all the filthy grease bag fans are up there trying to push around with no fucking clue what they're doing. Either you self proclaimed hardcore kids stop being such a pussy and knock them the fuck out, or tell your friends' bands to stop playing this sort of music. Some tracks sound like the an intro tune to Dungeons and Dragons if it would ever be a horrible horrible adult-rated cartoon show.


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