No Warning - Suffer, Survive

This band's pretty good. While hardcore and metal bands are trying to revert back to the roots of fast paced circle-pit worthy punk, this band has always carried that style. The only problem is that circle pits fucking suck you fucking counter-clockwise running faggots. I hope you get dizzy and then some fat bastard in a Biohazard shirt trips you face flat on the fucking ground. The vocals could be better with most punk hardcore records as well. It's fine to sound raspy if that's your style but there's a difference when the quality sounds like it's recorded from a cheap ass ten dollar microphone stolen from a Korean kareokee place downtown. We get it, you're paying homage to Minor Threat. But that was the eighties. Welcome to the 2012. And if the world's ending this year then the least you can do is scream about it properly. But oh yeah, I forgot. You guys are technically hardcore punk so it ain't your style. Sorry about that, tough guys.


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