Vietnom - Death Is The Outcome

As you may terrifyingly read, the band’s called Vietnom and the album’s called “Death Is The Outcome”. What a way to make people comfortable around you and win fans you fucking idiots. When I think of these old school tough guys, I think of middle aged douchebag assholes at shows who sport army outfits like they’re camouflaging into a Brazilian jungle while spying for national security. It’s funny because those dickheads at shows probably have never been enlisted into an army for their entire lives and probably will run for their lives when a real ex-Vietcom threatens to fight them at a bar. After getting their ass kicked in the real world, they go back into their hardcore show bubbles and crowd kill as many innocent bystanders as possible to exert their pitifully repressed pain and anger. Yup. Those are the sorta people who listen to bands like this. Pathetic fucking losers. Oh but no disrespect to DMS of course, I'm sure they're tough as fuck. Don't kill me please, I'm skinny and quadriplegic.


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