August Burns Red - Demo

I wonder if any scene kids of today whose crazy over August Burns Red has ever heard of this release. The five tracks on this demo when they first started off on are so horrible you won't even fucking believe if it's in fact the same band. And one listen to ABR's "Zoar" on any Youtube channel evokes curiosity and doubt from people who say "shit, that's not really them, is it?!" Yes it is you fucking n00bs. But that's metalcore of 2002/2003 for ya faggots. Talentless crap that is somewhat catchy played by cute boys from the suburbs who just happened to luck out a year or two after. If you remember this demo when it first came out, you're old enough to be a fucking grandfather. And if you are, please take your spoiled little brats out to August Burns Red shows for a chance for you to personally punch them in the fucking face for selling out to this extent. What a bunch of ex-emo's. And make sure your skanky daughter(s) don't end up sucking their dicks at the back of their corporate touring van.


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